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November Monthly Special 2022

The Netflix of Personal Development from Industry Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Motivation and Success

Most of us have found ourselves in the depths of despair, unable to accomplish even the smallest goals we set for ourselves. These are times when we desperately crave for motivation to power through our day or even crush our goals and feel good about ourselves. Motivation plays an important role in helping us lead happier and more fulfilled lives. It enables us to go closer to the future we envision for ourselves. Learning about motivation is valuable because it helps us understand where motivation comes from, why it changes, what increases and decreases it, what aspects of it can and cannot be changed, and helps us answer the question of why some types of motivation are more beneficial than others. Motivation reflects something unique about each one of us and allows us to gain valued outcomes like improved performance, enhanced wellbeing, personal growth, or a sense of purpose. Motivation is a pathway to change our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Motivation and Success is a unique company that’s founded on a mission to build the number one space and community for Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and people who want self-improvement to be able to go to so they can become the best version of Blake Schultz Photography themselves. Motivation and Success is a television network, and publishing company that could teach knowledge to the current generation as well as generations to come to level up in life and business. The company focuses on including uplifting and motivational content through its magazine, so that it can open up young individuals to information that is not conventionally covered in their educational material. They achieve this through their magazine, book publishing and Steaming TV Network. Their work enables Individuals and teams to cultivate a growth mindset and achieve success in life.

Importance of Motivation

As important as motivation is in one’s life, it is notorious for being short-lived and almost not a bankable emotion. Often, discipline and the consistency it brings are identified as the true contributor of success. This is what the CEO of Motivation and Success, Dennis M. Postema, had to tell TSR about this grappling question, ‘Motivation is like bathing so we suggest it daily,’ as I believe Zig Ziglar said. It is truly only the ignition to getting the fire started you must then follow up with using our courses as well as our host’s courses to improve every area of your life. I think many times I mistakenly think DISCIPLINE is that unspoken truth that if you don’t have that you will not even try to seek the motivation to keep going. I definitely think that daily discipline is the difference between about the top 2% of high performers in the world vs everyone else. So I would have to agree that systems that create positive habits and discipline is the number one fundamental of Success.

Role of a Life Coach

Working with a life or personal development coach can help you to define your values, discover ways of integrating them into your personal and professional life, as well as equipping you with the tools to keep track of how well you are incorporating your values into your life. The right life coach can help one clarify their goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. By creating these strategies, life coaches target your unique skills and gifts. Life coaches help their clients almost bloom into a more confident and nuanced version of themselves. Dennis emphasizes on the importance of exploring one’s personality with the help of a life coach. Here are his takeaways, “If you struggle in any area of your life you will pay for it in some manner either through time and mistakes or by paying someone who is an expert in that area to get you to the next level. I currently have 2 coaches because I am constantly seeking knowledge to get to the next level. So if you want another zero added to your income this year you probably need a coach. If you struggle with pleasure over your purpose you probably need a coach to keep you accountable each and every week. Mentors and coaches are 95% of the reason for my success at such an early stage in my career. The sooner people learn thisthe more successful they will become. But also utilize thing like our TV Network, books, YouTube and magazines, you can get enough knowledge to get you to the point where a coach is affordable. We live in the information age and so much can be learned if you’re disciplined enough to go out and get it!” He further told TSR about the contributions Motivation and Success has introduced to the Life Coach Industry, “Our app is free to subscribers and streaming on Roku and Amazon devices of our app (Apple TV coming Soon) so that anyone can get on the TV at home or wherever they may be and learn how to start a business and/or solve any personal or business problems they may be having. Having it in one spot without all the noise and junk entertainment to pull our attention away is what we hope begins to make an enormous dent to improve our society.”


Women in Business

The business landscape is changing. COVID-19 pandemic aside, attitudes towards ‘traditional’ ways of doing business is changing. Women are playing a large role in shaping this future of business. Women are better educated and more active in the labor force than ever, and are increasingly working in managerial roles. Yet despite these gains, their representation in top positions in business still lags behind that of men. According to Dennis, “Women are 100% badasses in the entrepreneur space. They seriously have taken over and taught us so much of what was missing in the business world and the personal development space. I learn daily from women in our industry!”

To those starting out

The Life Coach industry is eyed by many and there are many individuals who wish to become a Life Coach professionally. They look forward to changing the lives of many and making a mark in this industry. Here are Dennis’s golden words to the aspiring Life Coaches, “I would tell them what I learned from my mentor. Find someone who is in the position you want to be in, do exactly what they do, and shut up and listen. You will have to live outside your comfort zone but it’s the only way to obtain an AMAZING life. Success has left us all the clues we need, we just need to be smart enough to follow them and not try to reinvent the wheel. Also, don’t overthink it. Sometimes you need to run before you can walk just chase it. Money and success love speed!”

Memorable moments and future plans

Every entrepreneurial journey is filled with roses as much as they are with thorns, each accomplishment is step closer to the dream and each failure a lesson to learn from. Dennis reminisces the memorable moments in his career, “I have been blessed with some great accolades, but it would have to be one of two. 1. Becoming a number one International Bestselling Author for the first time or 2. The first time I was interviewed on a TV show that aired on a Sunday it truly sparked my interest in teaching the masses at a higher level.”

Motivation and success is a company that is continually revamping itself and always going against the grain. They are always on the quest to launch innovative services and products. The TSR got the insider news regarding their new launches and their future plans. Here is what Dennis had to say, “Our personal training app is launching at our sister company 2Inspire Nutrition because often times including my own journey entrepreneurs and thought leaders forget to take care of their own health and realize it after a hospitalization visit or obesity or other vices that are stress related. So I am hoping to bring that to the forefront of our thoughts as we attack each day! We really want to be the go to place for all things personal development and business leadership and entrepreneurship as we help to brand and bring audiences to the next generation of leaders, coaches, authors and influencers”

Meet the Leader behind the success of Motivation and Success

Dennis M. Postema, Founder & CEO of Motivation and Success is a person who has proved his mettle in the Life Coach Industry for many years. His accomplishments include, him being an 18 Time International Best-Selling Author, Certified Personal Trainer, Life, Business, & Health Coach. TV Host, Producer, Podcaster and Publisher Founder/CEO of multiple million-dollar companies. Celebrity/Influencer Manager and a Registered Financial Consultant.

“Women are 100% badasses in the entrepreneur space. They seriously have taken over and taught us so much of what was missing in the business world and the personal development space. I learn daily from women in our industry!”

“Motivation & Success is a unique company that is founded on a mission to build the number one space and community for entrepreneurs, leaders, and people who strive to be the best version of themselves.”