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October Special Edition 2021

Leveraging Best-in-Class Cloud-Based Secure Mobile Communications Software for Enterprises: Movius


Cloud Computing has been implemented and accessed by almost 89 percent of the population in the world today. The cloud has been adopted in each and every industry and the benefits have been acquired by enterprises and individuals. Many organizations have opted for cloud services to store their critical data because they now know how secure cloud can be. A relatively new term which is Mobile Cloud Computing is on the rise and the implementation and popularity around it are rising. The very existence of mobile phones will drive the trend of mobile cloud computing. Nowadays almost every individual has a smartphone and knows how to use every feature of it. As smartphones are able to run multiple high-end applications, cloud-based applications are also available on the phone as it can connect to your cloud storage to store and retrieve data. Mobile cloud computing completely makes use of cloud computing to deliver applications to certain mobile devices.

Movius provides mobile unified communications for the world of work. Enterprises around the world use the company’s all-in-one mobility platform to connect with their customers in more convenient, cost-effective and compliant ways. The platform offers an easy way to extend and integrate voice, text, and messaging services into other systems, like CRM or collaboration tools. Movius has established partnerships with leading global organizations like Sprint, BlackBerry, Telstra, and Telefónica.

Best-in-Class Mobile Communication Product – MultiLine

MultiLine is an over-the-top (OTT) mobile communications service that can be deployed on a smartphone, desktop, or CRM system. The service allows users to call, text, or send WhatsApp messages on a secure, dedicated business line, all from one, easy-to-use interface. MultiLine includes everything an enterprise needs to protect company information, meet compliance requirements, manage phone numbers and users, and unlock the value in conversational data. It adds a full-featured business line to an employee’s phone for a BYOD program that combines control with cost takeout. Companies can manage MultiLine numbers as easily as e-mail addresses. It is the ideal solution for today’s hybrid work environment. The service runs on WiFi, data, and cellular networks, so employees stay connected and productive both at home and in the office. MultiLine works on any Android or Apple smartphone over any carrier network. Employees can keep the device they love with the service plan that works best for them.

Advantages of MultiLine Platform

Safeguard company data with robust security controls: MultiLine encrypts voice and text messages and stores only basic call information on the device. The MultiLine mobile app can be secured with popular EMM / MAM software and deleted from an employee’s phone in seconds, over the air.

Mobile recording for compliance and quality control: MultiLine offers optional recording for voice, text, and WhatsApp messages. Recording in the cloud ensures that every interaction is captured and eliminates the risks inherent in device- and network-based approaches. Recording is automatic, with no extra technology or user action needed.

Line of business managers can coach their teams: Control officers have an audit trail to demonstrate compliance and can search, view, and download mobile interactions. MultiLine helps companies comply with consumer protection and privacy laws by capturing customer consent and redacting sensitive information.

Insights about—and from—mobile interactions: MultiLine provides a rich set of metrics on voice, message, and data usage, viewable at the enterprise and user levels. In addition, analyzing mobile interactions with AI creates opportunities to strengthen compliance and automate and enhance customer engagement.

Easy Integration into tech stack and workflows: MultiLine fits seamlessly into the enterprise communications infrastructure, with its leading EMM, MAM, PBX, archival, and surveillance platforms. The service also extends the reach and value of mobile interactions by integrating with CRM, transcription, BI, and AI solutions.

Admin portal simplifies management: MultiLine makes life easier for the people who support mobile users and devices. Administrators can assign—and reclaim numbers—in seconds, activate features by user or department, and track MultiLine usage with real-time dashboards and reports.

The Leader Upfront

Ananth Siva is the Chief Executive Officer of Movius.

“Enterprises around the world use the company’s all-in-one mobility platform to connect with their customers in more convenient, cost-effective and compliant ways.”