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Moxie Envisions a World Where Everyone Has Access to Safe, Sustainable Cannabis


Moxie was established in 2015 with a vision for a world where the access to sustainable cannabis was safe. The company was the very first recipient of cannabis business license in the State of California for a Commercial Cannabis Business. Moxie began its journey by introducing the cannabis industry’s best extracts. In 2016, the company began its multi-state presence by expanding to Michigan and Nevada. Over the years, the company has carefully curated portfolio of superior quality cannabis products. With unwavering dedication to a great process, Moxie now has a vast portfolio that showcases its passion for product and truly offers something, for everyone.

Today, Moxie’s products are distributed in California, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania and there is a very strong Moxie brand awareness in every legal cannabis market. The company has developed a strong state and local municipal relationships, having been awarded the first and second State licenses in California and one of first twelve licenses in Pennsylvania.

The company works through a network of farmers through intimate relationships to source cannabis for its various branded offerings. Moxie also owns some of its own indoor and outdoor cultivation operations to make cannabis products it offers truly sustainable. Moxie really believes that there is a world where it can exist as a carbon negative cannabis company and the company strives every day to reach that goal.

The Stigma and Beyond

Laws are fast changing and cannabis is becoming legal fast all over the world. This has helped in diminishing the stigmas surrounding cannabis. But assuming that the stigmas around cannabis have disappeared is still far-fetched. But the cannabis industry is growing expeditiously and seeing the light of day. “The more the industry grows up and comes into the light of day, the more normal the interactions Moxie has with its consumers. Getting to interact online and at events that aren’t centered in the specific environment of a cannabis-only environment offers opportunities consumers have never had. It opens the door to those who might not have been open to the use of cannabis in the past,” said Jordan Lams, CEO of Moxie.

From being a banned substance to becoming a billion-dollar industry, cannabis has come a long way. The legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes has paved the way for its boom in the market. Flowhub predicts that at the current rate of growth, the cannabis industry will be a $100 billion industry in the U.S. alone by 2030. Moreover, this industry is also expected to bring on a lot of jobs with a higher than average salary. The median salary in the marijuana industry was $58,511 in 2019. This was $5,648, or 10.7% higher than the U.S. median salary of $52,863 according to Glassdoor in 2019. Marijuana Business Factbook declared that the cannabis industry will generate an additional 250,000 full-time jobs between 2020 and 2024.

Life is all about balance. Too much of anything can be problematic. And this holds true for cannabis too. The medical benefits of cannabis have been undeniable and proven many times over. It continues to be of great benefit to patients who suffer from chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, mental disorders, muscle spasms, eating orders, and seizures. “By educating the consumers on what they are ingesting and supporting further research into the effects of cannabis, both good and bad – we can build an industry of consumers empowered by information,” said the Moxie CEO.

Moxie is an incredible company with a great positive attitude that believes in moving forward by not dwelling on what happened in the past. “The journey of understanding is as important as the end result of the product and Moxie’s core focus is to be the guide for users throughout that process,” added Jordan Lams.

The Future

With strong statistics in its favor, the cannabis industry at large will continue to consolidate and create economies of scale. This will eventually result in lower cost product, but not necessarily higher quality. But at Moxie there is an onus placed on both the price and the quality. “At Moxie we are working to ensure that as the industry grows up, consumers are given alternatives across the spectrum of price and quality,” mentioned Jordan Lams, CEO of Moxie.

Moxie’s products and services can be found on numerous digital platforms such as Instagram, Google, and on and And activations are also coming back as COVID-19 restrictions ease up. Customers can find Moxie at events like KushStock and the Cinespia movie screenings in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The company is also launching its first micro-dose brand targeted at the new consumer. Female Gen-Zers are the fastest growing segment of the cannabis marketplace and the products they are looking for are skewing away from the traditions of the incumbent cannabis culture. “We are merging our expertise in the production of the highest quality cannabis products available to modalities that don’t require an expert user to understand. Pairing that with a new and unique brand name and story, we are very excited about this launch,” revealed the Moxie CEO.

The Expert

Jordan Lams, CEO

He started in the cannabis industry 14 years ago after the loss of his sister to Leukemia. After working to pass sensible regulation and legislation around the Company, he was the recipient of the FIRST cannabis business license ever issued in the State of California for a Commercial Cannabis Business. Moxie has received over 100 accolades from competitions and publications all around the globe, including Jordan’s receipt of High Times 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis two-years running, Top 100 Cannabis Leaders 2018 from Entrepreneur Magazine, and Top 100 Magazine’s Top 100 Business Leaders for 2021.

“Moxie really believes that there is a world where it can exist as a carbon negative cannabis company and the company strives every day to reach that goal.”