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Reimagining Health Engagement through Conversational AI and Meaningful Health Education Experiences: mPulse Mobile


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining immense traction throughout healthcare, including in healthcare communication and education in the form of Conversational AI chatbots. Conversational AI chatbots can automate human-like conversations with users and analyze the conversations in real time to respond in a meaningful way. These chatbots are bringing healthcare in-line with other consumer segments, including retail, banking, and marketing, to provide the type of experience consumers now expect.

When it comes to Conversational AI solutions in healthcare, mPulse Mobile stands out as the leader. mPulse Mobile helps its customers build and maintain relationships with their members and patients through meaningful conversations and valuable educational experiences conducted through their preferred channels, engaging them wherever they are along their health journey.

In conversation with Chris Nicholson, Co-Founder & CEO of mPulse Mobile

Q. mPulse Mobile is the leader in Conversational AI solutions for the healthcare industry. Walk us through the measures that you had to take to achieve this position?

By combining technology and behavioral data science, mPulse is able to deliver automated, tailored conversations, touchpoints, and educational experiences to consumers through their preferred channels, such as SMS, IVR, email, RCS, and more. mPulse Mobile’s Conversational AI capabilities interpret consumer responses and choose the best next message or content to continue the conversation. The more conversations conducted with each consumer, the better mPulse learns their preferences about topics, channels, language, active time of day, etc., and adjusts future outreach accordingly. Automation allows us to deliver this interactive engagement at scale, so our healthcare partners can easily reach whole populations with tailored experiences.

Q. mPulse Mobile combines behavioral science, analytics, and industry expertise that help healthcare organizations activate their consumers to adopt healthy behaviors. How uniquely do you address customer organizations’ pain points utilizing this?

mPulse’s ability to effectively “listen” to what consumers are saying is a key advantage in the healthcare consumer engagement space. Our technology and behavioral data science teams work together to understand consumer responses. This proves to create much more engaging and meaningful interactions with healthcare consumers that drive outcomes beyond what one-way messaging can accomplish. mPulse’s solutions do more than improve the quality of the consumer experience; they measurably improve outcomes and enable healthcare organizations to collect meaningful information from their populations cost-effectively and at scale.

Member experience is one good example of how we drive outcomes on the Medicare side. This impacts Star Ratings that we can directly impact through solutions that support CAHPS initiatives and medication adherence programs, which shows how we help drive key healthcare consumer actions that can improve their health and achieve business goals. Helping consumers manage their own health, refill important prescriptions, access information without needing to make a phone call, use appropriate resources, or even just show up prepared for an appointment are all examples of improving outcomes while saving money.

Q. Would you like to elaborate on areas where mPulse Mobile is innovating?

mPulse’s Streaming Health Education and Fotonovela solutions are a new model for effectively engaging healthcare consumers. We think meaningful content that feels familiar to consumers, such as videos, podcasts, fotonovelas, and digital learning experiences, is one of the best ways to create deep engagement and drive meaningful change.

Q. Let’s talk about your team. What’s the most essential trait a team member should possess, and why?

Empathy and a desire to help go a long way. Diverse perspectives and opinions are important, as our goal is to impact every population we can. We all still feel a lot like a startup, so the ability to roll up your sleeves and problem solve remains crucial to us.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

We continually build new solutions to address our customer’s needs. Our most recent announcement was our acquisition of The Big Know. The acquisition combines mPulse’s proven ability to reach and engage vital member populations with The Big Know’s learning expertise and rich media health education experiences, enabling health innovators to deliver personalized conversational experiences in preferred member channels and streaming content formats.

Q. About your plans, where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

mPulse plans to continue their focus on adding empathy to technology, with a specific focus on health equity. Look for them to roll out their smart speaker integration shortly, making it even easier for consumers to engage in their health.

Meet the leader behind the success of mPulse Mobile

Chris Nicholson is the Co-Founder & CEO of mPulse Mobile. Chris has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and digital technology from working in Fortune 100 companies to dynamic startups. As CEO, he leads the company vision of creating a new approach to healthcare communications.

“Our solutions do more than just improve the quality of the member experience -- they measurably improve outcomes and enable healthcare organizations to collect meaningful information from their populations, cost-effectively and at scale.”