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December Special Edition 2021

A multi-disciplinary Enterprise Solution Company, catering to over 3000 customers across diverse sectors: eresource


Companies from the construction and construction-related industry must be able to prove themselves in a competitive and challenging market environment in which the use of material resources and a high degree of flexibility in project management are very important. Intense national and international competition, increasing administrative requirements, and high pressure to innovate require contractors to have the support of advanced business solutions that are able to simplify complex and unique construction processes. ERP software offers a variety of integrated solutions that support all aspects of the construction business, from planning, project control, to cost and revenue estimation. The following are six main benefits of ERP software in the construction industry. Established in 2006, eresource is a leading ERP Software Solution Provider in India with over 368 professionals and consultants and State-of-the-art Development centre in Mumbai, India, eresource is one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies with its ERP solution offering On-the-Cloud On Premises and also cell phone compatible ERP systems. Competition in Project Industries has forced companies to prove themselves in Challenging market environment. Data has turned out to be the most strategic asset, to help identify opportunities for improvement in Project & Site Activities, Budget Control, Sub Contracting works and more. eresource gives visibility of Information enabling you to take on-time decision. eresource Tendering and BOQ Management make life easier for the Project department. The most important factor in the Tendering phase is the provision to update/add BOQ items. Material Take Off is the amount of material required for an activity to take place, along with the detailed description of materials like grade, size, form, etc. Material takes off helps to keep the record of on-site material purchase list. Eresource allows user to handle this take off with an ease. Project planning and scheduling is an essential part of project and this can take many days or weeks to do manually and any human or other error can make very big differences.

Nfra gives an in-build tool to set up a project calendar before start of planning. It creates break down activities with dates and progress of tasks. Resources from the BOQ can be tagged against each Work Break Down Activity. The Running Account Bill, as the name suggests it runs on a pro-rata basis and is a cumulative Bill. When it comes to Running Account Bill, there are two methodologies viz; % Completion on Tender (wherein the % of BOQ to be claimed need to be mentioned against each BOQ) and Total % on BOQ (Total % on BOQ means, the invoice would be percentage on the GROSS amount). Eresource Makes Progressive Invoice looks very easy. it’s important to know whether a project is on budget, if the project is profitable and it also gives your insight what progressive invoice is booked and bill-to-to. eresource automates the Project Accounting function. Project accounting Module enables you to tracks all of the financial details of a project such as Project budgets, Project estimates, Project Costing, Progressive Invoice, Procurement and everything in between. Project Accounting is an important function of eresource Nfra.

Benefits of eresource Nfra ERP for Project-based industries

eresource Nfra ERP deals smartly with core functional areas such as Project Monitoring and Control, Sales Management, Tendering, Bill of Quantities, Purchase and Supplier Management, Onsite Engineers Portal, Material Management, Labor and Contractors Management, Accounts Management and Human Resource Management.  The system helps capture and monitor all activities right from pre-execution stage to post execution. In a Contracting business where every step depends on the one before, Contractor/subcontractor management and project collaboration are absolute necessities. Contractor management ERP software must be able to coordinate project teams with accountability, but without duplicating data entry. This should be done without sacrificing real-time project data or security requirements, while maintaining a high level of subcontract processing.

With the introduction of an exclusive ERP Software for Contracting, eresource Nfra, construction firms have found a reliable and cost-effective ERP system for their business. Earlier usage of different software for Project planning, Project Estimation, Scheduling, Risk Management and other activities related to construction have become obsolete. eresource Nfra has roofed up all activities under one system by having perfect modules which takes care of all operational activities for a construction industry. The benefits what eresource Nfra has brought to construction industry is beyond any comparison. Today eresource Nfra has been used by major construction firms worldwide with its prime market being India, all countries in the Gulf region that includes UAE and Qatar as well majority of African countries. eresource Nfra ERP system gets constantly updated with new features that makes all your operations and quick and easy.

Sudheer Soman Nair, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

“eresource Nfra for Projects Based Industry is an effective solution for the complex projects and challenges that Project Contracting companies face. The system allows you to work more transparently and project costs are estimated in a more accurate method.”