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Mushroom Networks – Designing devices that are smart, adaptive, and blazingly fast for future


SD-WAN is an innovative way to orchestrate application delivery, accelerate application performance and unify network connectivity often across hybrid WAN, LAN/WLAN, and cloud networks. SD-WAN make managing networks simple, cost-effective, and reliable. It also provides operational and performance benefits and huge cost savings as compared to traditional WAN infrastructure. The right SD-WAN can improve network management, decrease time to market, and increase business agility. Fully featured SD-WAN solutions should be able to identify, classify, and optimize more than a thousand applications over any network without you having to think about it. Quality of Service (QoS) that is easy to implement can ensure that both inbound and outbound traffic is appropriately prioritized by business criticality.

Mushroom Networksis a San Diego, California-based company with the mission to provide innovative networking solutions to set networks on autopilot. The company's products and services are focused on a range of networking solutions for small/medium-sized businesses in various industries. Mushroom Networks' products are based on the unique and patented and patent-pending Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and Broadband Bonding® technology developed by their engineering team through extensive research and development. With smarter networking devices that can take care of problems arising from uncontrolled conditions such as cross-traffic, ISP problems, etc., the network experience for users and other stakeholders can be significantly improved.

High-end products offered by Mushroom Networks

Truffle: Truffle is a Broadband Bonding™ appliance that combines and intelligently manages up to 16 Internet modes of transport (such as MPLS, T1, DSL, Cable, fiber, satellite or 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G) from any of your service providers. Truffle is a proactive router that can monitor, detect, and adapt against the fluctuations in your ISP performance as well as your changing traffic profile. This means Truffle will solve the network problems automatically and will avoid interruptions to your Internet services and applications. Truffle provides the ultimate way to add additional bandwidth to your network when you need it. Simply plug in additional broadband lines to increase your network capacity cost-effectively. Relying on a single service provider will limit network SLA to that single service provider. You can get the best of both worlds by aggregating service providers to build your own, best-in-class bandwidth, leveraging cable modems bandwidth, DSL's dedicated last-mile transport, and low latency of MPLS all packaged together.

Portabella: Portabella is a Broadband Bonding™ appliance that combines and intelligently manages 2, 4, or 8 cellular sim connections from any of your service providers. Portabella can stripe a single session over the available paths and therefore create a single fast pipe. Portabella supports a bonding tunnel that is optimized for live video transmission (Streamer add-on). Streamer applies a special coding before transmitting partial streams and therefore any network problems such as packet loss, latency, or jitter can be shielded from the video application.

Streamer PRO: Streamer PRO is a 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G bonding device that can broadcast live streaming video directly from your camera to a video server / CDN (Content Delivery Network) or directly to your studio. Since the video is streamed over the aggregated 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G cards with auto error correction, your video stream can support high-quality video and will have unmatched professional level reliability. Webcasters can simply plug in the video feed from their camera (SDI, S-video, composite) or video switcher, add the USB modem cellular aircards to the Streamer PRO, and broadcast live streaming video to their choice of CDN/video server.

Broadband Bonding Service: Mushroom CPE devices (such as Truffle and Portabella) have the built-in ability to bond https downlink traffic without requiring a peering device or service. The optional Broadband Bonding Service (BBS) adds the application-centric overlay tunnels by the Mushroom CPE to the Mushroom Relay Servers in the cloud. This enables tunnels with packet granularity bonding for any protocol or application such as video, VOIP, uploads chatty applications, and so on.

The driving force behind the success of Mushroom Networks

Dr. Jay Cahit Akin is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Mushroom Networks. Before founding Mushroom Networks, the industry-leading SD-WAN company, Dr. Jay Akin was a venture partner at ITU Ventures for 7 years, the venture capital arm of Brownstein Schnel Holdings which has invested in over 50 companies. Previously, Dr. Akin has worked as a senior marketing consultant at Princeton Brand Econometrics – a boutique marketing consultancy firm on Wall Street – New York. Dr. Akin has managed the Adaptive Systems Laboratory within Qualcomm Institute, a $12 million project which spun off 2 venture-backed startup companies.

Dr. Akin received his Ph.D. and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Dr. Akin has worked on technical and research aspects of communications for over 20 years including several patents and many publications. Dr. Akin was a nominee for the Most Admired CEO award by San Diego Business Journal. Dr. Akin is a recipient of the NATO Graduate Study Scholarship award and was a national team member for the International Mathematics Olympiad in 1993.

"We built our Software-Defined WAN from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do."