Spring Special Edition 2022

NanoLayr – Leader in High-Performance Functional Textiles using Advanced Nanofibre Technology

Interdisciplinary nanotechnology is on the rise, and many believe it will bring about an industrial revolution. Nanotechnology (NT) is the study of materials with a length of 1 to 100 nanometers. Materials properties drastically change when their dimensions are shrunk to nanometer scale. Nanotechnology is now being explored by the nanotechnology in textile industry as well. In other words, we can define nanotechnology in textile industry as the process of gaining an understanding of, manipulating, and controlling matter at the above-mentioned length in order to manipulate the physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials (atoms, molecules, and bulk matter) in order to create new materials, devices, structures, and systems that are better. For example, it is used to develop desired textile properties like high tensile strength, a unique surface structure and soft hand, durability, water resistance, fire retardancy, antimicrobial properties, and so on and so forth.

NanoLayr is a New Zealand-owned and operated textile company, offering industrial scale, nanofibre production services along with co-development and commercialization of nanofibre products. Using the process of electrospinning, and only the finest materials, the company can create custom-made fibres, delivering revolutionary products to multiple markets including filtration, cosmetics and healthcare, textiles, composites, and electronics.

Nanolayr: Manufacturing Nanofibre on a Huge Scale

NanoLayr manufactures quality functional nanofibre textiles on a huge scale. Having perfected the nanofibre manufacturing solution, NanoLayr can supply any size business and put the product into existing production lines. Push the boundaries of your product’s performance by adding a Layr. For the world’s most advanced air filter or mask, or longer life, higher performing composites, or revolutionary skincare, or the world’s quietest automobiles or office spaces, the Layr nanofibre platforms are ready and waiting. A NanoLayr product could just be the secret ingredient in your next commercial success. The company uses its proprietary Sonic Electrospinning machines create quality nanofibre products at great speed, and allow us to easily tweak or customize each production run to suit client needs. Electrospinning is a process of taking a liquid formula, adding high voltage and turning it into nanoscopic strands of fibre which are collected as a layer on a rolled media. NanoLayr has taken electrospinning to another level, having designed their own commercial manufacturing method - their proprietary Sonic Electrospinning Technology™.

NanoLayr’s manufacturing process is a unique combination of innovation, science and experience. They pack more performance into every square inch of product. A single kilogram of raw material can produce enough nanofibre strands that, when placed end on end, can reach from Earth to Venus. NanoLayr firmly believes its sonic electrospinning technology can lead the world in the production of nanofibre with minimal waste.

Nanofibre, Ready to Roll

NanoLayr’s Nanofibre is easily incorporated into manufacturing steps. Supplied as rolled goods that are easy to handle and which can be produced at varying roll widths and lengths to suit your needs. All their products are designed and manufactured to be durable for easy shipping, meaning no matter where you are in the world; there are no hurdles to a LAYR product becoming part of your current product lines.

Nanolayr’s Environmental Responsibility

NanoLayr is constantly assessing how they can reduce the environmental impact further, be it using more environmentally friendly materials or innovating to develop products that can help make a positive change and enhance the quality of life of others. The company is always looking for future innovation and the continued manufacture of nanofibre solutions that provide a competitive edge for its customers as well as benefiting society.

Ray Connor | CEO

Ray brings over 15 years of senior commercial experience in leading a range of NZ export-focused technology businesses towards high-growth outcomes through both disruptive commercial models and strategy planning. He sets clear definitions of success and translates these into tangible commercially-focused outcomes by leading businesses towards strategic objectives. Ray have a proven track record of leading of award-winning and fast-growing businesses across his career to date and was part of the executive management team awarded the Fastest Growing Exporter in the Deloitte/Unlimited Fast 50 following 2700% growth over 3 years (IBEX Group) to a T/O of $75M annually.

Ray monitors industry structure to ensure NanoLayr offer remains relevant and align with the mission, vision and positioning. The company has over 400% growth over 2020 alone.

“With our proprietary 'sonic' electrospinning technology, we are certainly capable of producing quality nanofibre products on a massive scale, and supplying any size business, anywhere in the world.”