Spring Special Edition 2022

Nanolumi – Advanced Luminescent Materials Company Bringing out the Purest, Brightest, and Widest Range of Colors in Energy-Efficient Displays


Nanoparticles have recently emerged as an important group of materials used in numerous disciplines within the life sciences, ranging from basic biophysical research to clinical therapeutics. Luminescent nanoparticles make excellent optical bioprobes significantly extending the capabilities of alternative fluorophores such as organic dyes and genetically engineered fluorescent proteins. Especially the perovskite nanoparticles have a great potential for using in optoelectronic devices such as Solar Cells and Light Emitting Diodes within their tunable optic and structural properties. Their advantages include excellent photostability, tunable and narrow spectra, controllable size, resilience to environmental conditions such as pH and temperature, combined with a large surface for anchoring targeting biomolecules.

Nanolumi is one such advanced luminescent materials company leveraging the power of chemistry to optimize light efficiently. The company focuses on providing high quality perovskite products that enable the purest, brightest and widest range of colors in LCD, MiniLED and OLED displays while maintaining high energy efficiency. They've successfully overcome previous major limitations of perovskites related to stability and scalability, and its IP-protected technology allows the company to produce highly reliable perovskite nanocrystals for premium displays. Nanolumi’s solutions are developed based on a clear understanding of the opportunities and most urgent challenges faced by the industry, as well as by establishing strategic partnerships that minimize product development time and designing products mindfully to ensure they are cost competitive, scalable and compatible with existing supply chains.

Chameleon® G: Offering Purest, Brightest and Widest Range of Colors for LCD Displays

It is the industry’s first perovskite colour enhancement film and cadmium-free narrow green emitter for energy-efficient displays that showcase the purest, brightest and widest range of colors. Chameleon® G Film enable LCD displays with better colour performance and brightness than OLED displays, while maintaining the cost structure of LCD displays. It is industry’s first green perovskite colour enhancement film offering unprecedented colour performance of up to 90% Rec. 2020, 100% Adobe RGB, 100% DCI-P3. Chameleon G Film replaces the diffuser sheet. No change is required in the existing manufacturing process making implementation straightforward and non-disruptive.

Chameleon® G Film is a drop-in solution that easily replaces the diffuser sheet; No change is required to the existing manufacturing process of all leading LCD display manufacturers allowing for a straightforward, non-disruptive adoption and technology upgrade with no additional capital investments. The colour performance of perovskite nanocrystals are determined by managing chemical composition and is not sensitive or dependent on individual particle size like conventional (metal chalcogenide) quantum dots, thus the core technology is designed for fast colour tuning with scalability in mind. They achieve superior throughput synthesis and high yields of defect-tolerant perovskite nanocrystals with Nanolumi’s proprietary continuous flow reactor system, and Chameleon® G Film is produced through a cost competitive, roll-to-roll manufacturing process.

Quantum Dots (QD) Technology

Quantum dots are light-emitting semiconductor nanocrystals with the ability to absorb high energy light of one wavelength and efficiently convert it to low energy light of other specific wavelengths to create more distinct reds, greens and blues on LCD displays. The wavelength of the light – or the colour – that quantum dots emit is dependent on the particle size. The smallest quantum dot emits blue light and the largest emits red. The peak emissions of quantum dots can be tuned to within 1 nm giving excellent control over the colour spectrum output of displays.

While quantum dots are heavily dependent on varying particle size for colour performance, perovskite nanocrystals can be easily tuned across the entire visible spectrum simply by varying the halide element and overall chemical composition. The lower level of precision required for colour tuning allows it to be mass produced in high volumes with high yields, and is thus more cost effective than conventional (metal chalcogenide) quantum dot technology. Nanolumi designed Chameleon Film using a proprietary method that produces reliable, high quality, high performance perovskite nanocrystals.

The Ardent Visionary at the Helm of Nanolumi

Jax Lee is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Nanolumi. He has over 10 years of technical and business experience in nanotechnology, displays, touch sensors and solar technologies.

Prior to founding NanoLumi, Jax was the Director of Business Development at Cima NanoTech, an advanced material company with over 100 patents for self-assembling nanoparticles, dispersion formulation and the manufacturing of highly conductive transparent conductors. During his 6 years at Cima, Jax led the commercialization of SANTE® Technology, bringing it from the lab to pilot runs to mass production for real-world applications like large format projected capacitive touch screens. By successfully negotiating and establishing a joint venture partnership with Foxconn to manufacture large touch modules, Jax accelerated Cima’s business and kickstarted a series of joint development programs with international material companies.

Jax brings his tenacity for work into his personal life, successfully climbing to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m) in 2013 and Huayna Potosi, Bolivia (6088m) in 2017.

“Nanolumi aims to be a lab-to-market leader for advanced luminescent materials by focusing on market-led innovations.”