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August Monthly Special 2022

NantHealth – Building Technology That Simplifies Healthcare


Healthcare systems around the world have embraced the vision of highly connected, digitally enhanced, patient-driven care. But today those systems are handling more data than ever before, which is pushing IT operations to their limit. Overcoming the key challenges — reliability, quality of service (QoS), security and scalability — requires evolving to a real-time healthcare model. By using the latest digital and cloud technologies, clinicians and patients can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively. A robust and intelligent private network infrastructure is crucial for transitioning to the new model. By seamlessly interconnecting hundreds of sites, devices and data sources, it enables healthcare systems to streamline their workflows — and gain anywhere, anytime access to data and knowledge that are crucial for improving patient care. Traditional networks and services lack the scalability and bandwidth to support modern healthcare and cloud applications. They are slow to provision and respond to moves and changes. As a result, many healthcare organizations are opting for private networks that can scale to support future data needs, provide the reliability and quality of service to support current and future medical applications as well as provide the security and control to support private/hybrid clouds.

NantHealth is a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, provides enterprise solutions that help businesses transform complex data into actionable insights. By offering efficient ways to move, interpret, and visualize complex and highly sensitive information, they enable customers in healthcare, life sciences, logistics, telecommunications and other industries to automate, understand and act on data while keeping it secure and scalable. Their product portfolio comprises the latest technology in payer-provider collaboration platforms for real-time coverage decision support (Eviti and NaviNet), and data solutions that provide multi-data analysis, reporting and professional services offerings (Quadris).

Data Solutions for Life Sciences Organizations

NantHealth Eviti® Advisor: Physicians struggle to manage overwhelming amounts of information around the risks, benefits, and trade-offs of cancer treatments and therapies that originate from consistently evolving cancer research. Among a multitude of treatments and, at times, antiquated information, providers must drastically narrow down the field, quickly and effectively. Often, physicians struggle to manage overwhelming amounts of information around the risks, benefits, and trade-offs of different treatment options. Time is of the essence in the world of health care—so when faced with an array of information, providers must quickly single out the best treatment option. Eviti Advisor empowers clinicians to make personalized treatment decisions by offering a comprehensive library of unbiased, clinically-proven options. NantHealth has no financial interest in the drugs or prescriptions for regimens that are displayed as treatment options in Eviti. They are filtered and displayed solely on the criteria entered by the clinician.

NantHealth NaviNet® AllPayer: NaviNet AllPayer Advantage gives providers a fast and intuitive solution to access nearly all health plans in their area with a single login. Anchored by national health plans, NaviNet Open offers a rich, multi-payer experience that lets providers perform benefit and claim-related inquiries quickly and easily. NaviNet AllPayer Advantage builds on this multi-payer experience, expanding access to health plans that your organization interacts with every day. Get a clear view into standard eligibility and benefit information for 1,000+ commercial and government plans, all accessible through the user-friendly NaviNet Open portal.  Find the information you need right away without jumping between portals or spending time on the phone and unlock operational savings. Integrate systems even further by utilizing NaviNet AllPayer APIs.

Quadris: Quadris leverages advanced NLP models to continually improve the quality and accuracy of targeted data. Other data extraction methods ingest every statistic and line-item available, regardless of relevance and accuracy, requiring vast time and resources for manual sifting. In contrast, Quadris enables rapid access to essential data in support of specific and predefined business and patient-related needs. For use by organizations seeking to streamline manual clinical record review, tools that enable image-based document navigation or augment their prior authorization process with autocorrection of records. With Medicare Access, unnecessary phone calls to Medicare IVR and tedious data re-entry are in your past. Provider offices on NaviNet can link directly to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to get the answers they need. Medicare Access is an easy-to-use online solution that delivers robust and detailed benefits information in real-time for Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D coverage—including remaining deductibles. Medicare Access enables you to perform real-time transactions and searches, eliminating frustrating phone calls, and unproductive wait times.

The Leader Upfront

Patrick Soon-Shiong, MBBCH, MSC, FRCS (C) is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of NantHealth. A physician, surgeon and scientist, Dr. Soon-Shiong has pioneered novel therapies for both diabetes and cancer, published more than 100 scientific papers, and has received over 95 patents on groundbreaking advancements spanning a myriad of fields.

"Our NantHealth core values are truly homegrown, developed by representatives across our business, before being reviewed and enhanced following feedback from our entire population."