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Spring Special Edition 2022

NDB – Innovating and Creating New Energy Solutions That Will Be Sustainable and Damage-Free for the Environment


For the past several decades, scientists have been experimenting with the potential benefits that nanomaterials, particularly carbon nanotubes, could offer semiconductors. As researchers develop methods to further reduce the size of semiconductor materials, dramatic improvements in the physical and chemical properties of these materials continue to arise. When the size of semiconductor materials is reduced to nanoscale, their physical and chemical properties change drastically, resulting in unique properties due to their large surface area or quantum size effect. Currently, semiconductor nanomaterials and devices are still in the research stage, but they are promising for applications in many fields, such as solar cells, nanoscale electronic devices, light-emitting nano devices, laser technology, waveguide, chemicals and biosensors.

NDB is one such Silicon Valley-based nanotechnology company primarily established for the development and manufacturing of semiconductor chipsets, battery solutions, and energy propulsion systems. As an energy company, NDB is aware of its responsibilities. This applies to its policies, relationships with suppliers, and effect on society in general. They constantly adapt innovations and technology according to the market’s needs. Therefore, NDB aims towards providing energy to all sorts of devices and mechanisms. The company continuously monitors the markets with its deep domain expertise to reduce the technical risks. When required, they employ new business models to improve and succeed when new innovative technologies are needed.

Designing State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Solutions for a Sustainable Future

NDB Cell: NDB is one of the earliest adopters and developers of atomic voltaic cells for mid and high-power applications. The self-charging battery produces stable power by converting the energy released from radioactive decay into usable energy throughout its lifetime, which generally is many years. Nuclear batteries have been around for some time, but they are limited to low-power applications due to their efficiency. NDB optimizes this technology for high-power applications. The company proposes to reuse nuclear fuel by recycling it to extract radioisotopes. Isotopes from recycled nuclear waste or a reactor release a high level of energy particles that can be transformed into usable energy.

NDB Chantico: It is a high-efficiency radioisotope thermoelectric generator converting the heat energy generated by the decay of a radioisotope into electricity. New design improvements, advanced thermoelectric conversion mechanisms and advanced materials that are stretching the efficiency boundaries. It comprises of a sustainable design targeting spent nuclear fuel elements or minor actinides and burning nuclear waste. Components are built and assembled in the factory, ready for customer use.

NDB Voltaic Cell: NDB combines an emitter, NDB T1 transducer, and a collector that forms an Ohmic and Schottky contact. Different dopants enhance the structure. The energetic radiations released from radioactive decay scatter and deposit energy into the transducing elements. The isotope, together with the host, generates electricity on its own. Several single units are attached to create a stack arrangement. These make a positive and negative contact surface similar to a standard battery system. NDB aims at converting power from more than one type of radiation and therefore has a broad spectrum of radioisotopes to power its nuclear voltaic cell. It can achieve this feat by using a unique and flexible design structure compatible with its prospective radioisotopes. NDB technology will overcome the world’s energy source problems by safely generating electricity from nuclear waste or radioisotopes for years, ranging up to the hundreds. This makes NDB’s technology system the best market and environmentally friendly battery system.

The Formidable Leader

Dr. Nima Golsharifi serves as the Chief Executive Officer of NDB. He is also a serial entrepreneur, inventor, investor, creating value by approaching problems from an interdisciplinary perspective using new technologies, believing the best innovations often come from combining ideas from different (and often disparate) fields. He is continuously looking for a way to transfer his industrial, financial and academic knowledge alongside leadership skills to add value, grow companies by employing fresh ideas and strong multi-disciplinary scientific and industrial experience, alongside deep theoretical knowledge, technical background, and a large network of academics and business individuals from around the world.

Dr. Golsharifi is a Former Ph.D. Researcher in Nanotechnology and holds a M.Sc. in Nanotechnology, M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering specialized in energy storage devices, diamond electronics, thin-film devices, and organic semiconductors.

“As a next-generation energy company, our goal is to contribute effectively to a better tomorrow with our success for innovation which allows us to create unmatched energy solutions.”