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An expert offering world-class Online Reputation Management Services by utilizing the latest technology and processes: NetReputation


In the fast-paced world we live in, brand reputation management plays an integral part in a brand or company’s success. As we know that consumer behavior is changing swiftly, and the conversation about your brand is happening online, we should understand that this is the right time to take control. By having a positive image online, brands can now drive growth, inspire customer loyalty, and improve confidence. However, negative portrayal of brands can result in losing potential prospects and existing customers. An audit of online reputation will tell you what customers are thinking about you on social media and press. This audit can give you insights that will help in creating a proper brand reputation management strategy.

Globally there are various companies delivering excellent services in the brand management segment, but NetReputation stands out from the rest. NetReputation offers personalized, proven digital solutions to address each client’s online reputation and branding needs. Whether it’s improving a brand’s online reviews or elevating their overall online reputation, the company takes each project and pursue it seriously. “Client success is our success” is the company’s main motto. Behind every project is a dedicated team of over 20 professionals, including reputation analysts, SEO strategists, technology experts, and content writers, actively working on each campaign to unlock each client’s full potential.

In conversation with Adam Petrilli Founder and CEO of NetReputation

Q. What motivated you to develop a dedicated platform for managing/maintaining brand reputation?

I wanted to give businesses and entrepreneurs an effective way not only to protect themselves online but to provide the services and support to really realize their full potential. Running a business or managing a brand is hard enough. And when you throw in online reviews, viral news coverage, and the unrelenting threatscape of the internet into the mix, keeping your business above water and being able to defend your brand’s good name can sometimes seem impossible. That’s what really motivated me. I saw an opportunity to take that online burden off the business leader’s hands and provide the tools and support they need to focus on what really matters: running their business. We’ve built a really good model here, one that helps individuals and businesses regain control over their own online narrative and connect with customers without taking their eyes off of the prize. Our ORM and branding solutions help enable the visibility, credibility, and authority brands need to manage online crises and realize the customer loyalty and bottom-line growth that opens up even more opportunities down the road.

Q. No doubt, negative comments or reviews can damage the reputation of a business. And it is the one reason that is responsible for the ranking decline in the search engines. How do you help businesses eradicate negative publicity?

We utilize a comprehensive and proven process to eliminate bad news and reviews for every client. First, our proprietary technology digs deep to identify every negative mention, review, article, consumer complaint, and search result across the web. Then, we carefully examine each mention to determine where removal is possible and initiate the removal process using established techniques for each unique platform. Once an item is removed, we contact Google and other search engines to ensure the negative link is de-indexed and removed from search results for good. When removal isn’t an option, we combine positive, optimized content creation with cutting-edge SEO, local SEO, and profile building techniques to bury negative results, replacing harmful items with positive, professional content and business listings that put the business in control of the online conversation. We build powerful review management strategies that elevate their online review presence for companies with low ratings and bad reviews that don’t seem to budge.

Q. Online reputation management is a costly process. How affordable are your services?

Our industry-leading reputation services are among the most competitive and affordable in the ORM field, bar none. We work closely with each individual, entrepreneur, and business to build and deliver comprehensive reputation management solutions that fit their needs and budget. And because our primary focus is to provide the best ORM services at the best value possible, we’re always seeking ways to streamline our processes, removal methods, and technology to save time, reduce costs and maximize results without compromising on quality.

Q. One of the major concerns for businesses in using online reputation management is less focus given to privacy. How do you overcome this?

Around here, nothing is as important as confidentiality. All NetReputation services and communications are 100% confidential, without exception. We work tirelessly to protect our clients and provide effective reputation solutions that instill confidence and long-term peace of mind. Our team takes steps to protect client privacy and information not only during each campaign, but well beyond the end of each working relationship. In addition, we never publish or post any information on brands or business leaders without their explicit approval. This includes sensitive personal information that should never see the light of day. Our goal is and has always been to protect client privacy from start to finish. There’s simply no other way to earn trust or grow as a business. We wouldn’t have an industry-leading reputation without this focus.

Q. How would you describe your leadership style? And which supporting skills do you think are most important when it comes to leadership?

As the CEO/Founder of NetReputation, my roles and responsibilities within the company are deeply rooted. I believe that effective leadership mixed with a trusted, experienced reputation team is a great recipe for success. Throughout our daily meetings and commitment to collaboration, we work to improve our organization’s overall performance and assist the individuals who help it grow. I’m incredibly grateful for my team, their dedication and their hard work. Even with the challenges of the pandemic, we were recognized as one of the top reputation management firms of 2020. We couldn’t have done that without the team we have now.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

Net Reputation provides online reputation management services such as search result removal, suppression, protection, and reputation monitoring to repair your negative online results. These days, a positive web presence is essential to any business or individual’s success and growth. We take the time to understand each client’s individual needs and work to provide proven solutions. In addition to the wide variety of services we offer, we noticed new opportunities as our Google Knowledge Panel solution. Because Google’s everyone’s #1 resource to make a first impression, our clients want to make sure their information is up-to-date and correctly represents them. Our team of reputation experts will take industry-best practices to improve our customers’ Google Knowledge Panel and have it optimized - meaning that their information will show for targeted and relevant searches.

Meet the leader behind the success of NetReputation

Adam Petrilli
is the results-driven Founder and CEO at NetReputation, which has empowered online success for individuals and businesses since 2014. From the beginning, Petrilli and his award-winning reputation team have sought out the latest technologies and most effective methods for removing threats, improving search results and building online brands that thrive on the web.

“Our proven methods help create and restore positive online reputations for individuals and businesses throughout the web.”