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Neuven: To Consolidate and Simplify Contingent Workforce Management


The ever-changing workforce landscape presents many challenges, and traditional recruitment processes can create additional complexities for any organization. Thus, neutral vendors like Neuven exist to consolidate and simplify contingent workforce management; delivering transparency, efficiency, and compliance in a fast-paced, competitive employment sector.

Neuven’s neutral vendor service centralizes the management of agency suppliers to ensure that the client has full visibility of contingent workforce provision.

Q. What makes Neuven the best Recruitment agency?

Neuven helps to consolidate a recruitment agency relationship into one managed service to realize cost savings of up to 20%. Neuven’s technology platform Venneu® underpins neutral vendor solutions by bringing together all temporary recruitment activity and compliance information of the user into one central platform.

By working with Neuven, one can continue to work with the trusted recruitment agencies and access a selection of their 3500 recruitment agency partners; handpicked to ensure that they consistently meet fulfillment targets and have the ability to tap into a broad range of skillsets across multiple industries in all geographical locations. They have end-to-candidate tracking and management processes. They help in compliance document uploads, agency Worker Regulations (AWR) tracking, and hours tracking in line with the Working Time Directive. They help in providing real-time management reporting.

With the help of Neuven one can reduce reliance on agency staff and standardize the management and directly engaged workforce to realize cost savings of up to 10%. Venloc® has been designed to help to regain control over users’ temporary worker or locum relationships by standardizing their rates and terms and managing this workforce through one central platform. This platform simplifies workforce management for hiring managers. This is a web-based platform and app for candidates. This organization helps to plan temporary needs against permanent staffing levels up to 12 months in advance. It also has automated compliance checks with document storage capability, disclosure Barring Service checks, qualification and accreditation checks, etc.

Neuven has been at the forefront of Compliance and Public Sector engagement for over a decade now and is the UK’s most successful neutral and independent consultancy. They provide their experience, knowledge, and guidance to some of the UK’s largest Public and Private Sector organizations. Neuven supports these organizations by ensuring their supply chains and employees are fully vetted and compliant to the highest possible standards, supporting large and small businesses via our Bid Management Service to engage with the Government through their Framework applications and contracts helping hundreds of clients in accessing £millions in Government contracts across Recruitment, Technology, Corporate Solutions, and Construction and finally in providing Training Solutions to improve and enhance their businesses and capabilities.

Their Bid management team supports the company’s valued clients across a variety of sectors aligned to Public Sector objectives including People, Corporate Solutions, DDAT (Digital Design & Technology), and Buildings & Infrastructure. They offer a full-lifecycle service providing end-to-end consultancy and delivery including early visibility and tender preparedness, tender submission, and post-award advice, guidance & training to maximize the investment made.

Neuven is the largest and most successful UK provider of independent compliance audits. They have worked for over 10 years with organizations in numerous industries from Healthcare to Manufacturing to ensure the people employed are compliant and qualified to do so. Neuven has established extensive links in both government and the private sector to allow to deliver unsurpassed service, identifying fraud, modern slavery, and criminal activity to safeguard patients and businesses from individuals and organizations who wish to compromise these requirements. Neuven’s approach to auditing is to collectively improve standards across the client’s supply chain and clarify and improve the collective approach to compliance. 

Neuven provides Training solutions and support across Compliance, Framework Optimization, and Public Sector Procurement. Neuven works with large and small organizations providing both off-the-shelf and bespoke training solutions to enhance and improve the standards and understanding of legislation and practice around compliance and to assist and support businesses in their Public Sector engagements.

Neuven believes that helping organizations realize operational excellence, will deliver performance differentiation that sets them apart from their competition. To facilitate this, the services and technology platforms of Neuven have been designed to consolidate workforce logistics, improve compliance and deliver significant cost savings.

Meet the Leader

John Simmonds is the CEO of Neuven and has extensive experience at a senior level within the UK staffing sector having held a board-level role at one of the UK’s largest staffing providers, followed by Managing Director and CEO positions within the sector for the past 18 years. Since 2010, John has led a team that has built Neuven from an embryonic state into a leading vendor-neutral provider with an established and respected audit and compliance division. John is committed to continuing the remarkable growth of the company, whilst staying true to the principles and values that have underpinned the success of Neuven to date.

“Building transparency, efficiency and compliance into contingent workplace management.”