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NexInfo: Delivering Innovative Solutions for Improved Business Performance


Every organization makes decisions with respect to the best systems to manage business operations.In the pursuance of acquiring more customers and other internal benchmarks, companies often find themselves in a complex application landscape. Over time, these complexities often result in a poorly planned architecture that keeps organizations from scaling efficiently over the long-term. This hampers flexibility, productivity, and ultimately impedes the company’s ability to grow. So how can companies achieve excellence in this complex landscape? By offering a blend of Business Process and Technology Consulting as an integrated package, NexInfo is showing clients how.

A leading business solutions firm that provides customized supply chain and product lifecycle management solutions and specializes in business process design, software implementations, managed services, staff augmentation and SaaS solutions, NexInfo has helped Fortune 1000 companies enhance their Supply Chain performance, secure Enterprise Data and achieve Compliance to Regulatory Requirements – among other significant improvements. Its methodologies ensure evaluation of the organization’s maturity level in terms of business process, organizational skills and data sufficiency. This helps NexInfo not only propose realistic and achievable future processes, but enables clients to successfully take their business to the next level of profitable growth.

Leading strategies for business growth

“As a consulting services company, our primary focus is on the quality of delivery. We always aim for standardization of processes and introduction of best practices across projects.” NexInfo employs a comprehensive client project strategy. It examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s vital process functions and delivers high quality services and solutions with competitive cost and project completion time, while improving the strategic value, cost savings, quality, and customer satisfaction – all with reduced cycle times.

Achieving business process improvements is essential for organizations due to constant changes in the business environment. The NexInfo team brings a much-needed degree of objectivity to the table when evaluating organizational processes and identifying opportunities for improvement. The team works directly with the client, inviting leaders from all impacted areas at leadership and management levels; reducing time and squandering of resources while creating a much more collaborative environment. NexInfo customizes the solutions specifically for its clients to maximize  results and ensure a competitive edge with faster time to launch. The company tailors each project to meet industry needs – allowing clients to differentiate their business ahead of their competition.

Oracle Platinum Partner

NexInfo has successfully built many products for clients in the Supply Chain Planning and Manufacturing space. It has also built plug-in enhancements and integrations for various software including Oracle EBS, Oracle JDE, Agile PLM, Oracle VCP, etc.

Working with a unique approach to develop business solutions

“NexInfo’s NexGen Methodology is what sets us apart from other business solutions consulting firms.”

Present-day organizations are seeking to bolster their opportunity for success by differentiating themselves in the market, increase value propositions to their customers, optimize the performance of their operations and leveraging their business partner relationships. Employing a NexGen Methodology while delivering turnkey Process Improvement, Best Practices Recommendations, and ROI and KPI targets, NexInfo establishes itself as a truly unique services/solutions provider. The methodology comprises of five vital processes: Evaluate, Educate, Architect, Validate, and Operate. It begins by designing an innovative solution after performing an in-depth business and system analysis with all key parties involved. In the next phase, NexInfo works with management teams to comprehend the process changes required to adopt  industry leading practices. In the Project Architecture phase, the workflow and systems design is outlined with the objective of mapping a design solution to a deployment roadmap. The solution definition addresses all aspects of an organization and process changes along with system configuration to support future models.

Step four addresses process and data confirmation, as well as production readiness. The final solution is approved after ensuring that the model works in synchronization with the defined future business processes and the system configuration. Once ready, the NexInfo team closes with transition evaluations and enablement of the production of software configurations in the final stage.

Meet the Leader Behind NexInfo, CEO Arun Cavale

Arun Cavale is the Managing Principal and CEO of NexInfo. With over 25 years of industry experience, Arun is a creative thought leader with expertise in Supply Chain and Product Lifecycle domains and has successfully led business transformations and improvement across multiple industries. His rich blend of experience in business process and technology lays the foundation for NexInfo’s core competency of improving business processes using leading edge technology. He typically engages with clients in Solution Development, Business Process Design and Program Management roles.

“We have delivered some transformational projects and helped many companies both large and small improve both their delivery performance and operations. I believe this is our contribution to the global IT platform and to society at large.”