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A single source facility providing excellent services to cater the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, Cell biology, Immunology, Health care and Drug development: NextGen Life Sciences


Research infrastructures are resources, services, and facilities that are used by the research community to promote innovation and conduct research. They are well known for facilitating research efforts within national settings and in global collaborations across borders. Research infrastructures are incredibly needed for pursuing scientific knowledge in a world where science and research have become more complex and sophisticated, for which collaboration is the key. The role played by research in recent times shows that the demand for infrastructure is rapidly evolving and has become a part of a connected ecosystem. This has led to the creation of a unique resource for interdisciplinary analysis and advanced research of scientific problems. Globally there are various companies delivering excellent research infrastructure and services, but NextGen Life Sciences stands out from the rest. NextGen Life Sciences was established in 2014 to become a frontrunner in the distribution of innovative biological products and services for the Life science research and diagnostic market while also providing complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Next Generation Sequencing Services, Bioinformatics, and customized solutions to Scientists and Researchers. The company wants to deliver the right products of scientific needs in the minimum possible time at the doorstep to facilitate research findings to improve human health and the environment. The company is poised to become a one-stop solution to cater to the research needs of scientists in the Field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Drug Development, and more. In order to cater to the untapped opportunities in the industry, Dr. Nagma Abbasi established NextGen Life Sciences with an aim to bridge the gap between the needs and pains of researchers of the life sciences/ biotech industry and assist the scientists in gaining insight into the recent innovations and technologies, assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter. Henceforth, with its augmented spectrum of products and solutions, NextGen is empowering the mounting realm of complex analytical challenges. Being a scientist herself, Dr. Abbasi was aware of scientists’ pain points in the biotechnology, life sciences, and healthcare industry. Having this experience was beneficial for curating the services of NextGen and turning it into a successful establishment.

Challenges Conquered

NextGen has reached this zenith of success through facing every challenge that came its way head-on. In the initial days of NextGen Life Sciences, Dr. Nagma had to wade through tough waters of uncertainties and manage capital investments, assembling a quality team, building a customer base, and forming good relationships. Never the one to fall behind, Dr. Nagma worked to transform hurdles into opportunities and plowed through to tap into the unbridled potential of the biotech industry. “Today, with the hard work and determination of my team and me, we deliver the best of services and solutions which are smart and futuristic, and NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has become the most preferred brand for clients,” states Dr. Nagma. The key achievement for NextGen has been consistent growth for the last six years in terms of revenue and profitability. The company has been successful in attaining customer trust in a short period by providing excellent services in the industry.

Among the list of notable obstacles that NextGen faced is, of course, the pandemic. The research institutes shut down during the lockdown, and the Life Science Research aspect of NextGen suffered its consequences. Dr. Nagma and her team, however, soon started working on new opportunities. They started working with clients recommended by the ICMR for Covid testing and VTM manufacturers. With most businesses temporarily shut down, their deliveries and payments got stuck. The team got personally involved, applying for e-pass and moving products themselves from airports to client sites. Even though they had a tough time recovering money from the market, they kept on assisting the clients to the best of their abilities. Belonging to the healthcare industry and being able to provide services in times of dire need helped them gain the confidence of their customers. They went above and beyond to help their customers as well, giving credit as required and delivering much-needed products within given timelines. NextGen’s devotion to its customers and its leader’s never-back-down approach helped it regain its foothold and move forward with its plan for the future. The company is currently looking forward to processing futuristic innovations in Biotechnology like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in clinical laboratories, NGS Data analysis, and interpretation of unknown genetic variants. With its presence in North India, it is planning to expand its network in West and South India as well. NextGen is enthusiastic about the new technology and its application-CRISPR. CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. NextGen Life Sciences is keen on transforming the modus operandi of research and the future need for scientific discoveries and innovations. “Our company’s mission is to discover, delineate, and deliver high-quality products and excellent services that enable millions of lives to live a healthy and better life,” says Dr. Nagma.

Creating new strategies

The NextGen group bridges the gap in understanding the needs and pains of the researchers of the Life Sciences / Biotech industry. It helps scientists gain insight into the recent innovations and technologies, assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter. At first, it tries to get insight into the customer requirements by exchanging ideas, then understands the complete workflow and expects results, which helps us suggest our customers best possible customized solutions. The methods of measuring success are not conventional. The company measures success on different scales like Conversations with clients, ROI, Conversion rate, Customer satisfaction, and others with parameters like referrals from existing clients, Growth, Profit from the revenue, sales target, and a lot more organization benefit factors. Arriving at the right prospects for sales and growth rate was instead a daunting task; the efforts of the dedicated and hardworking team paid off well to serve Research Institutes, Pharma R&Ds, Hospitals, and Diagnostic labs. The company prides itself on its capabilities to develop the most-suited, innovative solutions for its clients based on the market needs. They maintain long-lasting relationships with their customers through their superior quality deliverables and unmatched product inventories. Owing to Dr. Nagma’s expertise in the field, the company understands the scientific needs of its clients and brings to the table the best possible customized solutions in allocated budgets.

The company offers products for Cell Analysis, Cell Culture & Transfection, Cloning, DNA & RNA Purification, Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, RNAi, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Cancer Research, Stem Cell Research, drug discovery and development, plant sciences, Epigenetics and services for Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing. NextGen is associated with some of the leading multinational brands as a distributor of Innovative technologies for distribution, manufacturing, and Research and Development. It works closely with the imagecustomers and aims to gain recognition, success, and growth with a focus on scientists’ research needs. The team at NextGen follows three principles: value, service, and support. The company’s ultimate focus is to provide high-quality and innovative products and services at competitive prices in a timely fashion to its customers. The company offers premium services for Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, NGS Data Analysis Services pertaining to the whole Genome, Exome, Transcriptome, and small RNA Sequencing.

Meet the leader behind the success of NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Nagma Abbasi, Founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. She is leading the development and execution of long-term strategies with the vivid vision of expanding the organization’s footprints across the globe. She attended IMT Ghaziabad, A.M.U.,Aligarh, and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi for her studies in Business Administration, Doctoral studies in Molecular Genetics, and Post-Doc studies in Molecular Biology. Her career spans over a decade working with Esteemed Research Institutes and leading multinational companies in the life sciences/biotech industry across various verticals including product management, customer segmentation, brand management, and strategic marketing. Having been taught to become an independent woman since the beginning, Dr. Nagma never held back when working to transform her dreams into reality.

“We commit ourselves to scientiļ¬c rigor, unassailable ethics, and access to medical innovations for all. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We are many, working as one, across functions, across companies, and the world.”