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NexWave: Providing Quality Talent, to Finest Organization, to Deliver Best Services

Recognition is like a small drop of oil in the machinery of business. It just makes things run a little smoother. — Obert Tanner

Finding right talent is one of the most critical and challenging task that any organization has to face in todays highly aggressive and ever-changing market. Hiring the right candidate can make the difference between success and failure of any organization’s mission vital projects.

Finding, hiring and On-boarding professionals with top skills and talents comes with numerous pain points for employers. You need an expert partner who can navigate you through the complexities involved and demands of ‘Right-Sourcing’. You need the right staffing firm to make sure you get the right people on board.

Nexwave provides highly skilled talent for business organizations on a Contract OR Contract-Hire basis in sectors such as IT, BFSI and Payroll services. Hiring can be done on need basis for these highly skilled professionals to complete mission-critical projects and solve their vital recruiting challenges.

Companies choose Nexwave for staffing solutions because of our commitment to understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. Professional consultants come to Nexwave because of our ability to provide the best match between their skills and our clients’ needs.

Scaling new heights
“Few things are more important to companies than the employees you hire,” said Nexwave Founder and MD, Aparna. “The same holds true for candidates on their quest for employment. Staffing agencies have proven to successfully connect companies with permanent and temporary employees. Since the end of the recession, the staffing and recruiting industry has created more jobs than any other single industry in the country, yet so many companies and job candidates don’t take advantage of this expertise and resource. Our hope is that both companies and talent use the staffing companies that can either secure the talent or employment opportunity they need.”

Aparna added, “Every day, our dedicated team of 120+ staffing professionals from our dedicated delivery centres from Hyderabad & Bangalore go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the most highly skilled consultants and the best possible service. The motto of Nexwave in terms of quality is to enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships with them in order to bring in a great success in its every venture. We truly understand client requirements, provide customized solutions and always maintain high standards in everything.’ This quest is what have enabled us to provide our services to more than 1,40,000 employees & 100+ corporates within 8 years since our inception, which is the main reason for our multitudes of growth.

Aparna added, “When it comes to a new or existing technology project, finding the best candidates for the job can be a difficult, time-consuming and costly process. Many companies turn to workforce staffing solutions companies to help them find the best candidates for their job. When you turn to an IT staffing Solutions Company for help in hiring experts for your long-term project, you can reduce up to 70% of the cost. You will also find the most talented and experienced employees faster than any other hiring process.

When using Nexwave’s IT staffing solutions first, they do not require a long contractual relationship: employers can register to use their services as needed, and cease at any time. Second, they have a fast turnaround, providing workers quickly sometimes within 48 hours. We arrange all administrative details associated with hires – such as payroll processing, statutory compliances like PF, ESI, PT, various labour laws etc., – internally, eliminating the hassle for the client. Lastly, they allow clients to permanently hire their workers, if they so wish, after few days with small conversion fee.

If you are looking for a candidate for a short or long-term project, simply provide Nexwave’s workforce staffing solutions team with the type of candidate you are looking for, including skills, expertise, experience, and any other attributes you are seeking. They will then be able to provide you with a shortlist of their best candidates. These candidates will either be part of their in-house resource pool of more than 2,50,000 active/passive job seekers OR from Nexwave’s new candidate screening process.

Once you have a shortlist of candidates, you will be able to determine the best person for the job. You can conduct interviews or ask Nexwave for any recommendations. Their IT staffing team is happy to help you throughout the hiring process. They understand how much your time is worth and it is important to them that they reduce the time it takes to hire a new candidate while providing you with the most professional candidates.

The Roadmap Ahead
The Indian IT-BPM industry will increase its net hiring by approximately 6 percent over last year, with a renewed focus on niche technology skills over building capacity, according to NASSCOM. The IT body which recently shared the findings of an HR survey states that the industry is now focusing more on lateral hiring as there is a higher demand for digital or SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) skill-sets in the industry.

Aparna added “We recently have made huge investments into niche skills technology categories, like SMAC, SAP HANA, Hybris, Azure, Security, AWS & Mobile Developers and have built Managed Services competencies in these technologies. The talent in these technology categories is very rare and is not available at all for companies from the marketplace. Either companies have to imbibe these skills through their internal trainings which require lot of overheads in terms of time, energy, un-billable & more importantly money OR they come to Nexwave and make use of available resources with us. This saves a lot of time for companies since these skills are readily available with us.”

We would like to thank Silicon Review for shortlisting us for 20 Fastest Growing IT Services companies. This means our clients and candidates benefit from working with consultants who are technical specialists and have the skills to provide an outstanding level of service which is professional, responsive, efficient, reliable and trustworthy.

“When you want the best professionals working for you, look to Nexwave”