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Nikola Trajanov, Casual Group International Inc. CEO: ‘With the Simplicity and Advantages of Our Services and Application, We Plan to Go Through the Ceiling’


“be.CASUAL is the name of our application coming out in January 2020.”

Over the last years, a few companies came out with voucher systems, bonuses, and so on but the problems came really fast because, on a long term base, those concepts are not really economic friendly. This was the reason why Casual Group International Inc. (CGI) stepped in with a different approach and is all set to have the right key to success with that.

The company is very young and ambitious, incorporated just in 2017, and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nikola Trajanov, Casual Group International Inc. CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about the industry of bonus, voucher, and points collectors, why they’re built, what’s the point and how is CGI going to change in this matter.

Q. TSR: We want to thank you for taking the time with us today.

Trajanov: Thanks for inviting me; it’s my pleasure to be here.

Q. TSR: Explain to our readers what your company exactly does.

Trajanov: We are basically a service provider for our clients’ lifestyles. We offer free entries in clubs, events, provide discounts from shops, restaurants, hotels and other trendy places and companies. In short, our clients’ lifestyle is our mission.

Q. TSR: Ok, that sounds nice, but how exactly it works? And why should companies give discounts to your members?

Trajanov: That’s a simple thing, there’s almost no company that does not need more clients. So what we do is connecting our members with our partners. The advantage for our partners, in this case, is that we run the marketing for them, place their offers in our membership base, and do promote them…and all that for ‘free’. The only thing our partners give out is a discount for our members, usually as a basic discount between 10 to 25 percent. More interesting discounts or upgrades will motivate more members to visit a particular place such as restaurants, shops, fitness clubs, and so on.

Q. TSR: Understand, but aren’t there already companies on the market doing this? Example Groupon maybe the biggest company in this field?

Trajanov: Oh yes, sure, but let us check the Groupon deal. Is this really generating loyal customers to the companies or such platforms squeeze out situation for companies? Our researches say that the biggest part of the clients who buy a voucher at Groupon do not visit again at a deal’s place; maximum five percent of them do visit this location again. For this reason I don’t know if on a long term base it’s worth, for example, one restaurant to give out 50 percent discount and an additional of up to 35 percent from the difference as a commission to Groupon itself. The second bad point from my opinion is that the clients’ do not value the services they receive. In the end, there are two dissatisfied parties generated and in the long term, three.

Our situation is totally different; our partners give only discounts and upgrades when they receive. They honor loyal customers every time they come again to use their services and buy their products. We see ourselves as an Amazon platform. Our partners place their offers and members choose what’s in their interest and where they want to go.

Q. TSR: Ok, so you basically offer a loyalty program like big brands do, right?

Trajanov: Yes a kind of, with the big difference, that our loyalty program does not have any limits on what we offer. Our members create their own program on what they like and where they want to spend their time and their money. On the other side, there’s a big advantage for our partners, they do not have to be big to give out a loyalty program.… they just can be partners of be.CASUAL.

be.CASUAL is the name of our application coming out in January 2020.

Q. TSR: Who will be your clients and how are you going to recruit them?

Trajanov: Our clients have the age from 16 on up to no limit (laughs). For our young members, 16 and 17 years old, we have the Purple Edition which is totally for free, why? Because at this age most of our children start to manage their own money and we do deeply want to motivate them thinking twice where to spend and how to spend. Then we have the White Edition starting from the age of 18 which cost only 19$ a month. The recruitment will be driven mostly by social media but also by traditional marketing methods like radio and TV spots.

Q. TSR: That sounds nice. As a young company, how are you going to build up such a big project?

Trajanov: That’s a perfectly legitimate question. Yes, we are a young company in the US but we have a team with years of experience in this field. I, as CEO, have run Member Card systems for years in Switzerland and do exactly now what works and what does not. Switzerland is maybe one of the most difficult markets out there to run a business with loyalty programs or networking, so building up over 20,000 members in a few years with traditional sales methods like B2C or through call centers is something worth talking about. Experts from the social media field and IT will additionally boost our project.

Q. TSR: You told me in a previous talk that you’re planning to go public in a few months, what’s about that and what are your goals?

Trajanov: Yes. Every project needs funds to reach the stars. In fact, we are planning to run an S1 at the OTC market and are already into our final stage. As explained before, we have a wonderful project and a very big potential on the market and I am not only talking about the US Market but Internationally. We decided to operate in the US market because of its simplicity to reach over 300 million in only one language and without barriers. With the simplicity and advantages of our services and application, we plan to go through the ceiling. But for sure, without support from Investors, the way to go there can be a long one. In the end, I do deeply believe in our company and hope to get a lot of followers on our way of success.

Q. TSR: That’s a good final sentence Mr. Trajanov, thank you for sharing your Project with us and I already feel that your application will be a must-have!

Trajanov: Oh, I am pleased that I inspired you with be.CASUAL and thank you again for inviting me.

“There’s a big advantage for our partners, they do not have to be big to give out a loyalty program.… they just can be partners of be.CASUAL.”