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Nimbus Data – Developing Advanced Flash Memory Solutions That Power Data-Driven Innovation


The way we store and manage data is constantly changing. Optical media like CD-ROMs were state of the art just a few years ago. Now they’re so close to becoming obsolete that most new PCs don’t come with any optical drives.   Tech evangelists insist that all data will eventually be stored on the cloud, but that doesn’t suit every user, especially business and enterprise.   Right now, the majority of the world’s data are stored on physical drives, those old-style hard disc drives (HDD) that contain several thin discs onto which data are written. In recent years, though, flash storage and solid state drives (SSD) have become much more popular. Unlike HDDs, flash storage has no moving parts, and all operations are performed silently and electronically.

Nimbus Data is a leader in scalable and high-performance flash memory solutions for cloud infrastructure, AI, digital content, HPC, virtualization, databases, and much more. Its solutions include the AFX storage operating system, ExaFlash® all-flash arrays, ExaDrive® solid state drives, and the Tectonic future-proof storage experience.

Leveraging Industry-Leading Flash Memory Products

ExaFlash® all-flash arrays: They are scalable and high-performance storage systems for cloud infrastructure, AI, digital content, HPC, virtualization, databases, and more. By supporting SAN, NAS, NVMe-oF, and Amazon S3 protocols simultaneously, ExaFlash offers a future-proof infrastructure to meet evolving storage requirements. Precision QoS controls, unrivaled in the industry, optimize inline data services, such as deduplication, compression, checksums, and encryption, to match diverse workload requirements. With a patented stateless and federated architecture, ExaFlash is fundamentally more reliable, higher performance, and more scalable than conventional array designs. Backed by Tectonic, ExaFlash delivers an open, customer-first storage platform guaranteed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

ExaDrive® solid state drives: Artificial intelligence, scientific research, cloud computing, and ever-richer digital content demand massive storage capacity and exceptional performance. At the same time, organizations are grappling with growing power, space, and cooling costs. Compounding the problem is the massive amount of data being generated at the edge, creating new challenges in data transport and migration. As the world’s highest capacity and highest density SSD, ExaDrive is purpose-built to meet these challenges. ExaDrive offers capacity, energy efficiency, and endurance unrivaled in the market, thanks to an innovative, patent-pending architecture. ExaDrive is available in capacities ranging from 16 TB to 100 TB, using either SATA or dual-port SAS interfaces, with both TLC and QLC flash models.

ExaDrive SSDs offer a unique balance of capacity, performance, energy efficiency, and value. With its 3.5” form factor, ExaDrive SSDs are plug-and-play compatible with SATA and SAS-based servers and JBODs, enabling you to upgrade from HDDs to SSDs quickly and affordably. ExaDrive SSDs offer more capacity, better performance, reliability, and lower power consumption, than nearline HDDs. While NVMe SSDs are faster, they use substantially more power, offer less capacity, and have higher OpEx costs. ExaDrive strikes the ideal balance between nearline HDDs and NVMe SSDs, offering an ideal storage solution for the rapid growth in unstructured data.

Tectonic – A New Way Forward for Enterprise Storage: More than ever, a powerful data storage infrastructure is a strategic advantage. Yet existing enterprise storage arrays remain proprietary, complex, and expensive. For decades, enterprise storage vendors have unfairly burdened their customers with inflated capacity costs, escalating support fees, costly hardware refreshes, and an often tedious sales process. This status quo must change. Nimbus Data Tectonic represents a complete rethinking of the entire enterprise storage experience, from initial customer engagement to support and operations. Tectonic puts freedom, transparency, and sustainability at the forefront. Harnessing Nimbus Data’s technology and operational strengths, Tectonic offers enterprise storage customers superior service, greater agility, and significantly lower total costs.

Thomas Isakovich | Founder and CEO

Thomas started Nimbus Data to rewrite the rules of data storage for the modern age by combining powerful yet easy-to-use software, next-generation flash memory technology, and a revolutionary customer experience and business model. Thomas personally provided 80% of the capital to fund Nimbus Data, bypassing venture capital and boot-strapping the business to over 600 installations at over 200 customers in 12 countries. Fascinated with data storage at an early age, Thomas designed and sold his first storage array 25 years ago as a teenager. After stints at IBM’s Almaden Research Center and Oracle’s Network Computer division, Thomas founded TrueSAN Networks out of his dorm room at Stanford University, ultimately taking a leave of absence to build the company into a leading storage management software provider. Thomas later returned to Stanford, graduating in the top 10% of his class and earning a B.A. with Honors. Thomas is a published author, has several patents, and is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and storage technology at universities and industry events. When not working, he can be found hiking the trails or surfing the waves of southern California.

“ExaFlash arrays and ExaDrive offer superior versatility than competing solutions. The robust multiprotocol capability, precision QoS controls, and open architecture set them apart.”