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August Edition 2020

North Highland – Bringing a leading and revolutionary transformation in consultancy sector through innovative offerings


Management consultancy firms work to provide solutions to the client's changing business needs. The scope of engagement is highly variable and can include core strategy development, large scale implementation, process optimization, change management, and new technology introduction. Most consulting firms emphasize producing white papers and internally produce research on relevant changes occurring in the business sphere and general economy. Management consultancy firms are required to contribute to the growth of an organization.

North Highland is one such leading change and transformation consulting firm recognized for its deep expertise collaborative and action-oriented approach. The firm invests in its client's success and is powered by the belief that everything begins and ends with people. It brings together the brightest minds to create positive change and transform businesses through customer, workforce, and operational lenses. It is regularly named the best place to work; North Highland is an employee-owned firm with over 5,000 consultants worldwide and 70+ offices worldwide. The firm is a member of Cordence Worldwide, a global management consulting alliance.

Revolutionary solutions and services furnished by North Highland

Accelerated Service Design: To drive customer-centric transformation, leaders must change how work gets done through an intentional focus on defining and aligning on a shared vision and transformation roadmap that leverages capabilities across the organization. North Highland solutions take a people-centric approach to innovating how businesses get the necessary work to create transformative experiences. It uncovers and diagnoses challenges in the larger organizational context, rather than through a single point of view. As a result, it creates and orchestrates experiences that are more relevant and impactful for customers and employees by orienting solutions around human needs. The firm partners with clients to apply empathy mapping to visualize customer and employee attitudes, needs, and behaviors. Grounded in an understanding of user needs helps clients build a shared understanding of where your organization is going, and what success looks like.

Agile Transformation: A successful transformation is about more than the adoption of a framework, or the scaling of an existing approach. It requires the careful coordination of multiple components that drive a different set of behaviors across the organization. Many businesses struggle to nurture their culture, secure leadership alignment, and adopt a continuous improvement mindset that drives value across their organization. North Highland starts by identifying your current level of agility, working well, and developing areas. The company's approach helps set the standard for "your way" of delivering agile. They sustainably improve agile ways of working through a blended approach of formal training, on-the-job training, and communities of practice. Their experienced coaches, agile team facilitators, product owners, and transformation experts are committed to delivering a tailor-made transformation for your business based on your culture and desired outcomes. The firm's approach is founded on core agile principles to maximize value, continuously realigning as they work through the transformation.

Change in Economics: Understanding the opportunity and value of change can be challenging. Many organizations suffer from misaligned expectations, ineffective prioritization, and an underappreciated opportunity surrounding change and transformation. Addressing these challenges starts with how you value difference and transformation initiatives. The firm develops the unifying vision and guiding objectives that establish the case for change and transformation. To set the stage for adoption, they identify the groups impacted by the change and partner with leadership to align on critical value measures. Anchored in a detailed business case, the company crafts the roadmap for change and transformation, outlining the sequence of initiatives that will maximize the value of your transformation. Its roadmaps include both initiative pilot and sequence recommendations, laying the foundation for continuous change and improvement.

Experience Design: It senses, anticipates, and solves human needs in simple, uncomplicated ways and fosters deep, authentic connections between brands and the employees, customers, and communities surrounding them. Through experience design agency Sparks Grove North Highland can apply design thinking to plan, make, and execute experiences across the entire experience chain. The firm uses insight, foresight, strategy, design, and development to transform businesses into more people-centered, purpose-driven organizations. The company's futurists look at what lies ahead to create possible scenarios for change. Through organizational futures, interesting POVs and artifacts, and UX/CX/EX visioning, they inspire clients to imagine long-term possibilities for experiences to inform present-day strategy better.

Meet the Visionary Leader

Dan Reardon is the Chairman and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of North Highland. Before being named CEO, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer and as a Vice President heading the company's process, strategy, and enterprise customer relationship management. Mr. Dan has more than 25 years of experience in strategic planning, merger integration, organizational change, and operations management.

"We empower organizations to make informed decisions through a deep understanding of the people they serve. We use today's opportunities to transform the future of work."