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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2020

With its revolutionary and highly customizable platform, Notable Labs is changing the Face of Hematological Cancer Research


One of the most innovative cancer treatment approaches is Precision Oncology because it ensures that your treatment is designed and targeted specifically for your unique cancer type. The individual genetics of the patient will be used in this science to identify the mutating genes that cause cancer to grow. This information will then be used to create a treatment protocol, just for that patient on the basis of the mutation. Targeted therapy can be chosen for patients, only when the precision oncology specialists can identify which gene mutations are driving cancer. Better results can be achieved through targeted therapy, and it is well-known for producing great results with lesser side effects than the standard chemotherapy.

For many hematological cancer patients and their physicians, the search for effective treatment options can be a long, frustrating process. Hematological cancer patients deserve more than the current one-size-fits-all approach to the standard of care. Notable Labs is redefining treatment by taking a functional approach to precision oncology in blood cancers. The company was founded in 2014, and it is based in Foster City, California. Notable’s testing platform combines machine learning, automation and high-throughput screening directly on patient samples to predict responses to potential therapies, and ultimately determine which therapies will be most effective for specific cancers. Notable’s functional precision medicine platform will advance drug development and enable pharmaceutical companies to get new therapies to patients faster.

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Initially, the personalized treatment option in healthcare was developed to aid the field of oncology. Two decades ago, targeted therapy was suggested for treating HER-2 positive breast cancer. Since then, healthcare professionals have understood the impact of precision medicines in the treatment of cancer. Notable Labs has developed a functional precision medicine platform that blends high-throughput flow cytometry with advanced automation and a streamlined analysis pipeline. The company’s platform is fully customizable and built to scale across multiple disease types with testing thousands of samples a year via agile automation, innovative software, and machine learning. Notable combines this data produced by its flow-cytometry platform with valuable patient clinical characteristics for patient stratification allowing a more precise treatment for patients with hematological cancers. At Notable Labs, they are using cutting-edge cancer research technology to advance new therapies from target identification in drug discovery to validation of clinical study to successful clinical development.

Platform Capabilities

  • Notable Lab’s ex vivo testing services combines machine learning, automation, and high-throughput flow cytometry to predict responses to potential approved or investigational therapies, and ultimately determine which drugs or drug combinations will be most effective for specific types of cancers.
  • Notable Lab’s end to end integrated technology platform spans through preclinical research developing and characterizing new therapies; to drug target identification and validation with efficacy testing and toxicity profiling; to confidently moving through clinical development with biomarker identification and patient stratification. Led by its team of expert engineers and scientists, Notable’s clinical lab services and capabilities are fully customizable, so your specific research needs are met.
  • At Notable, they leverage their platform to identify the best patient population with the best drug combinations, with the highest of scientific excellence, to facilitate successful clinical development outcomes.

The company’s focus

Notable wants to change the way clinicians and prescribers select treatments for the millions of individuals suffering from hematological cancers. The company recognizes the need for more personalized approaches. Notable leverages its steady supply of fresh patient samples, machine learning, automation, and software to optimize drug sensitivity assays across a range of drug treatment classes. Whether your focus is on chemotherapy, drug target identification, differentiating agents or cancer immunotherapy research, Notable’s expert team of scientists and engineers will work to “tune in” each assay for each specific drug class or even for a specific drug. Notable partners with Biotech and Pharma to help drive their preclinical drug development programs and to confidently transition their program into clinical development with patient stratification and biomarker development.

Meet the leaders behind the success of Notable Labs

Laurie Heilmann is the CEO of Notable Labs. She brings more than 30 years of executive leadership experience to Notable and has a proven track record transforming life science startups into established global brands. She joins Notable from CrownBio, where she served as President of Global Life Science and Diagnostic Solutions and led the strategic development and commercialization of products and services to treat oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases. Her efforts helped transform the company into a prominent global player in the pre-clinical oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease markets. Prior to CrownBio, Laurie held leadership roles at Strong-Bridge Consulting, Image Metrix-American College of Radiology and the Ockham Development Group.

Our work is centered around identifying the right patient population to enhance selection for potential clinical trials, effective drug combinations, and biomarkers to enable pharmaceutical companies to get new therapies to patients faster.”