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Nous Infosystems - Envisioning customer-centric digital transformation to re-define business


Digital transformation is often viewed as an implementation of digital technologies into all areas of the business to build modern and sustainable solutions. With the world transiting into digital, companies must adapt themselves for the future. One of the companies that help businesses in digital transformation is Nous Infosystems. Incorporated in 1996 with the mission of providing Global Quality Software Solutions to clients around the world, the company also offers other services, including Application Development & Maintenance, Enterprise Application Integration, Product Engineering, Business Intelligence, Independent Testing, and Infrastructure Management Services. Recognized as one of the "Fastest Growing SMEs" in the Silicon Valley of India by Software Technology Parks of India, Nous has facilities spread across the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, UAE, and India.

As a strategic partner and a niche global IT services provider, the company is committed to customers' long-term success. Their technology expertise has helped them deliver innovative solutions in key verticals such as Banking, Financial Services (BFS), Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, and Logistics. The company's dedicated Centre of Competency (CoCs) for Mobility, Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics, Cloud, Enterprise Portals, UI/UX, Social Engagement, Microsoft Technologies, and Open Source deliver tangible business value to the customers.

Custom Application Services

In today's dynamic market ecosystem, the demand for customer business applications is increasing. Most of the time, the packaged off-the-shelf solutions available in the market may not address the critical business needs of an organization effectively. To address the growing business needs and stay competitive, organizations need global technology partners with proven track records, deep technology, and rich industry domain experience to provide custom application services.

As an Enterprise Application Development Company, Nous Infosystems drive enterprises to success by delivering cutting-edge custom applications. They work closely with their customers to develop cost-effective, customized applications that bring unparalleled value to the business. The company has technical experts skilled in various technologies and mission-critical software platforms, including Java/J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Portals, and Messaging & Integration. They combine deep technology expertise and domain knowledge to architect smarter and innovative Custom Application Services to meet business needs.

Nous Infosystems provides an end-to-end portfolio of Application Development services by leveraging the Technology Centre of Competency to recommend best-fit solutions. It employs Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across various industry domains, technology platforms, and tools. It also has a highly skilled talent pool, reusable assets, and in-house developed frameworks to accelerate application development.

Application Maintenance Services

With businesses constantly evolving, organizations must drive changes to the application environment while maintaining existing mission-critical IT applications and infrastructure. Nous' tailor-made application maintenance and support services aim to reduce system outages and improve the performance and efficiency of the application portfolios. Their mature project management processes and application maintenance services optimize cost and ensure high service levels.

Nous' application maintenance services provide a flexible approach to suit business needs. It improves application quality and consistent service levels to perform Root Cause Analysis and resolve complex recurring issues. It also suggests improvements to the system, thereby minimizing the possibility of imminent business-critical issues.

Application Integration Services

Enterprise ecosystems comprise many disparate technologies, applications, and packaged software products originating from various vendors. Multiple IT systems can create unnecessary complexities and redundancies within the IT landscape, preventing the automation of even the simplest of processes.

Nous' Application Integration Services provide efficient and cost-effective methodologies to assimilate heterogeneous enterprise IT landscape, eliminating the need for radical changes to the existing IT infrastructure and data structures. This translates into more manageable and streamlined organizational processes, thereby increasing the system's stability, scalability, and performance.

Enterprise applications that integrate APIs offer improved functionality than those that work in isolation. With deep expertise in custom API development and integration, they enable businesses to build APIs that fit their enterprise system requirements perfectly. The company leverages MuleSoft's modern integration platform to develop API-based integration frameworks and application networks, helping businesses change their pace of innovation. Their comprehensive MuleSoft services include Consulting, Development & Integration, Support & Maintenance, and Automated API Testing.

Application Modernization Services

Legacy applications provide business-critical functions within the enterprise application landscape but often incur huge maintenance and running costs. Legacy systems pose several challenges, including risks associated with running on potentially unsupported hardware and software, inflexible and closed architectures hindering web-enablement and integration with contemporary platforms, scarce talent pool, and higher SLA time for customers due to non-real-time architecture options.

Nous' Application Modernization Services help organizations transform time-tested legacy applications to newer technologies and architecture to deliver greater business value. By leveraging the latest technology stack, they help organizations move individual legacy applications or entire legacy application portfolio to modern platforms that deliver rich functionality and flexibility. The company takes a strategic approach to mitigate project and operational risks with its legacy modernization services.

About the CEO

Ajith J. Pillai is the CEO of Nous Infosystems. The mantra of 'Make a difference' has always been his driving force behind all his entrepreneurial ventures, including Nous Infosystems. Nous has grown into a global organization with deep competencies in product engineering, digital transformation, cloud computing, business intelligence, testing, and remote infrastructure management.

Ajith is also a firm believer in intrapreneurship. Today, it is not only a part of the Nous DNA, but it has also enabled many Nouseans to do the extraordinary by leveraging the Nous ecosystem. He has extended the Nous software development platform to external entrepreneurs as an economical launchpad for their product ideas. Ajith also enjoys mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs in the initial part of their journey and helping them achieve their dreams. Making quality education affordable for all is his passion, and Sahaj Charitable Trust is a step in that direction.

"Nous' mission is to provide quality software services for both – the overseas and domestic markets. Our endeavor is to provide innovative solutions at the most competitive prices and world-class quality."