30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2021

By combining artificial intelligence, robotics, and automated cerebral ultrasound, NovaSignal is revolutionizing how real-time blood flow data is utilized for brain health


To gain a better understanding of the role of haemodynamic forces during the development of the cardiovascular system, a series of studies have been reported recently that describe flow fields in the vasculature of model systems. Such data sets, in particular those reporting networks at multiple stages, mark a transition in the focus from single blood vessels to large parts of vascular networks. It becomes possible to investigate the behavior of a blood vessel in the context of its surroundings, rather than as an isolated entity. In this study, a framework is presented that facilitates the analysis of such data sets. The blood vessel data is represented as a graph, with each node connected by a vessel segment with known properties. Using this framework the pressure distribution and other parameters of interest can then be estimated. NovaSignal Corp. is a medical technology company whose mission is to save lives by unlocking the hidden power of blood flow data. The company’s FDA-cleared Lucid™ Robotic System combines non-invasive ultrasound, robotics, and artificial intelligence to assess real-time cerebral blood flow. Through the use of cloud computing and data analytics services, NovaSignal will support physicians in their clinical decision making, leading to better patient outcomes.

NovaSignal was founded in 2013 with the sole mission of providing greater access to critical data needed by physicians to improve the lives of their patients. Co-Founder Dr. Robert Hamilton was pursuing his Ph.D. in the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA and it was here that he developed NovaSignal’s core technology that is in use by physicians across the world today. Robert worked daily in the neurocritical care unit, and conducted international research in Haiti, China, and Malawi where access to medical technology was limited. It was these combined experiences that inspired him to start NovaSignal, and after he was introduced to MBA students Dan Hanchey and Leo Petrossian the NovaSignal story began!

The NovaGuide™ Intelligent Ultrasound

By combining artificial intelligence, robotics, and automated cerebral ultrasound, the NovaGuide is revolutionizing how brain health data is harnessed and utilized. The NovaGuide Intelligent Ultrasound has new and enhanced features to make your cases more efficient. Five degrees of freedom combined with AI enables autonomous signal capture and extended monitoring. Artificial intelligence quickly locates major blood vessels and assesses blood flow velocity. The autonomous nature of the system allows for contactless patient monitoring, enabling you to maintain infectious disease protocols. Integrating the NovaGuide gives clinicians a chance to look inside the brain at blood flow patterns in real time and rapidly identify physiological changes associated with neurological disorders, enabling efficient diagnosis and triage for treatment.

The Lucid™ TCD 2.0

Portable, next-generation ultrasound is combined with intuitive design to create a modern interface with a responsive touchscreen. With twice the resolution of traditional ultrasound, the Lucid TCD 2.0 displays unparalleled visualization in color. Add and edit comments on snapshots, easily recalculate blood flow velocities and PI with sliders. Compact design, lightweight, and battery operation mode provide maximum portability. Add the NovaBot™ Automated Headset to turn your Lucid TCD 2.0 into the fully autonomous NovaGuide.


Rapid, accurate information is crucial for patients suffering from a brain injury. The NovaGuideTM Intelligent Ultrasound is modernizing the approach to accessing consistent, real-time assessments of blood flow in the brain. Quick, straightforward setup allows for patient monitoring even in the absence of a highly specialized technician. Shown to be 99.7% accurate to an expert sonologist. Artificial intelligence is used to automatically find the main cerebral artery, quickly assess blood flow velocity, and count emboli. The fully autonomous NovaGuide allows for improved patient management and efficiencies when managing complex cases. The idea for NovaSignal started in a village in Malawi, where co-founder Robert Hamilton was using transcranial Doppler ultrasound to help diagnose pediatric malaria. NovaSignal systems are used in cerebral malaria clinics in Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  NovaSignal recently donated eight LucidTM TCD systems to help Nationwide Children’s Hospital develop malaria and sickle cell centers of excellence throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Meet the leader behind the success of NovaSignal

Diane Bryant is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NovaSignal. She brings to the company more than three decades of executive leadership experience in enterprise information technology solutions along with strong technical acumen, strategic expertise and client focus. Prior to joining NovaSignal, she served as the Chief Operating Officer of Google Cloud. Under her leadership initiatives focused on expanding the scale and reach of the business through machine learning capabilities resulted in acceleration of customer adoption and further development of next generation solutions.

“Our proprietary dataset is composed of millions of heartbeats and is expanding every day. Through the use of cloud computing and data analytics, NovaSignal supports physicians in their clinical decision making to help improve patient outcomes.”