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NUSO is a top-rated cloud communications SaaS provider, delivering full stack solutions exclusively through authorized channel partners and regulated carriers


“An emphasis on reliable, frictionless delivery of solutions and long-term customer service (beyond troubleshooting) allows the company to anticipate and address customer problems before they emerge.”

Previously a hardware-first telecom firm, NUSO transitioned into a software-first ‘as a service’ cloud communications company in 2019. Put simply, NUSO was founded in response to market demand for a seamless, full-stack cloud communications provider, replete with a carrier network and transparent, white-glove SMB-focused customer service.

In the years since its inception, NUSO has organically grown year-over-year at a breakneck speed, achieving profitability a full year ahead of expectations. The company has successfully executed and implemented multiple acquisitions to grow revenue and technology capabilities to better serve its customer base. NUSO has focused on selling through direct channel partners, reseller customers, and carrier customers, with hundreds throughout the U.S. and international markets.

Matt Siemens — CEO

The challenge of growth

Scaling up is always a significant roadblock for any organization. Finding the technical expertise needed to grow in a hyper-competitive market, while ensuring these highly skilled people are engaged in defining company goals, is a consideration for any high-growth company.

NUSO bypassed this challenge by developing a transparent, software-first approach to the way partners and customers interact with NUSO solutions. By giving partners access to the same Management Portals used by NUSO technicians, the company enables partners to service their customer base to the degree of their choosing.

In standard telecommunications onboarding, it’s not unusual to see multiple attempts before getting the proper provisioning a customer needs. The transparent approach embraced by NUSO enables the company and its partners to get it right the first time, increasing customer satisfaction, and ultimately, reducing churn.

Exceeding Expectations

The inability to travel and see customers during the pandemic was a significant roadblock to normal channel sales. For the telecom industry, Covid-19 opened the door to opportunity. Demonstrations of NUSO solutions became richer by leveraging their collaboration tools and unified communication solutions as part of the sales process. This proved to be precisely what many customers needed.

Because NUSO was able to efficiently and quickly deliver services throughout the pandemic, the company exceeded the growth of many market competitors. In 2020-2021, the average growth for unified communications by industry analysts was estimated at 18-23%. NUSO saw over 40% growth in both years, operating organically within the channel partner space.

Meeting customers where they are

NUSO deploys technology as driven by customer needs. An emphasis on reliable, frictionless delivery of solutions and long-term customer service (beyond troubleshooting) allows NUSO to anticipate and address customer problems before they emerge.

Whether it’s a retail client that has multiple locations, a call center that requires inbound consistency of service, or international service providers with tens of thousands of customers, NUSO’s focus remains the same - dependable unified communications and collaboration solutions that simply work - UCaaS, CCaaS, SIP Trunking, CPaaS, and carrier services.

Navigating a hybrid world

Rather than focusing on which deployment a customer might be looking for - private, public, or hybrid cloud - NUSO believes the telecommunications market has evolved past those earlier segmented models. Today, the value lies in extending cloud computing into the existing PSTN, eliminating barriers, and meeting customers wherever they are in their digital lifecycle.

If a customer is straddling a premise-based solution and a cloud-based solution, NUSO can meet them in the middle or at either end of the premise-cloud spectrum. The real question is what are the primary features they need.

The goal is flexibility and resiliency in voice, messaging, video, and a wealth of collaboration tools, regardless of their deployment. NUSO provides a selection of communication tools so that partners can assemble a unique solution tailored to their customers’ needs.

Tremendous growth for a healthcare company

One of NUSO’s original customers is a medical services company that provides and delivers medication throughout the United States. To say the medical services company requires a high degree of flexibility is an understatement. It became a NUSO customer after failing to find a SIP Trunking service provider that was able to deliver a reliable hybrid solution.

As a primary service organization for prescription fulfillment in the United States, it has seen explosive growth over the last four years, along with an equally challenging expansion of its communications capabilities. At one point, the medical services company required a 50% increase in its capacity virtually overnight, and NUSO was able to accommodate that challenge without friction.

Communications democratization             

NUSO’s mission is to democratize communications technology by meeting customers where they expect to be met - through frictionless delivery of service, collaboration, and access to technology deployments from a full stack of communications solutions. The goal is to deliver the same level of customer service and support regardless of whether a customer has five telephones or five thousand.

Additionally, protecting against technology abuse is part of that mission - the NUSO network strives to be free of robocalls. Reducing the number of nuisance contacts remains a top priority. NUSO empowers customers with “dials & levers” designed to let them choose the amount of spam they’re likely to receive in their telephone numbers. They can adjust the setting of their prevention and mitigation standards based on their needs.

On NUSO’s Horizon

Through collaboration and the enablement of adjacent technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, NUSO is expanding into additional international markets. NUSO will be providing telephone numbers and new, tightly integrated technology choices centered around customer experience, messaging, and contact center solutions.

Identifying the last real innovation required for the public switch telephone network, NUSO developed an inbound redundancy solution for local telephone numbers. Redundancy for outbound calls and toll-free inbound is expected, but if a local number is impacted by a local network event, it means that the call isn’t coming through. NUSO’s solution to this problem, NUSOflex, is engineered to anticipate and reroute around local, inbound voice service impairments.

NUSOflex extends the concept of cloud computing infrastructure to the PSTN environment by leveraging multiple PSTN onramps and virtual network components for dynamic meshed connectivity. The new solution is designed and tested by professional network monitoring teams and deploys the power of machine learning. Currently, business customers and NUSO's service provider partners are given access to the NUSOflex solution.

Matt Siemens | CEO

Matt Siemens is the CEO of NUSO and serves on its Board of Directors. Matt’s career spans over 25 years of managing growth-oriented, technology-focused teams. He leads the strategic vision and culture at NUSO to deliver value for its partners and customers by innovating advanced business communications technologies. Matt is active in industry forums and organizations and is committed to maximizing the company’s positive impact on the community.

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“NUSO’s mission is to democratize communications technology by meeting customers where they expect to be met - through frictionless delivery of service, collaboration, and access to technology deployments from a full stack of communications solutions.”