10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2017

One stop for all your healthcare IT needs: RXNT


All childhood make-believe games are incomplete without doctor games, which transition into adulthood, our days are incomplete without watching fictional doctors breaking impossible cases and saving lives. In between all the drama and tears, we sometimes tend to forget the pivotal role technology plays in healthcare. A modern doctor would be handicapped if he was devoid of healthcare technology and one such thriving innovative company is RxNT.

The organization offers revolutionary medical Practice Management, Electronic Health Record, and Electronic Prescribing solutions for today’s ambulatory practices. For over 17 years, the corporation has continually developed healthcare IT solutions, gathering the best insight in software development to forge a tightly integrated suite of products. The company has evolved into a full service, ambulatory care, cloud-based solutions provider. It is privately-held with no venture capitalist involvement.

Talk with the legend: Randy Boldyga, CEO

Can you tell us about how your company is positioned in the recent Market scenario?

We deliver ambulatory healthcare solutions that help healthcare organizations achieve better clinical, financial and operational results. We sell our solutions to physicians, governments, health systems, retail clinics, and post-acute organizations, such as home health and hospice agencies. We help our clients improve the quality and efficiency of health care with our EHR, e-Prescribing and PM solutions. Our solutions have a great user interface, robust functionality and are very cost competitive. We also offer very comprehensive customer training and support.

Can you provide brief information about your service/Product offerings and how they benefit your clients?

Our solutions offer clients the ability to focus on quality patient care rather than a complicated electronic system. Our e-Prescribing solution enables physicians to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies, making the physicians more efficient and the prescriptions more secure, helping decrease the amount of drug abuse and doctor shopping. Our EHR solution enables health care practices to be more efficient by electronically recording patient encounters, ordering labs and receiving results, scheduling, setting reminders and communicating with patients via a secure portal and providing and receiving referrals. Because all our solutions are cloud-based, our clients can use our system from anywhere they have a computer or mobile device and Internet access. All of our solutions can be fully integrated or utilized as stand-alone products, making implementation of our solutions much more flexible for our clients.

What is the target area of your clientele? Any specific sector you want to highlight?

Our clientele is across the board in the ambulatory health care market, including primary care, family care, internal medicine, orthopedics, oncology, hospice, psychiatry, and cardiology. 

What is it in you that makes you differentiates you from others in the domain?

We focus on what we can do to better our customer’s experience and use of our product. We maintain a simple and easy to use system that still delivers a high quality product at an affordable price. Also in addition to our products, we offer unlimited training and support at no additional cost.

What are the challenges faced by you and your company?

Our challenges are not unlike many other rapidly growing companies; maintaining quality products and exceeding client expectations are always a challenge during hyper-growth phases. We believe we can achieve this by seeking-out the best and brightest that are committed to excellence.

What are your present and future focus areas?

As always, RxNT strives to live up to our core values, which are to deliver a high quality product and service at an affordable price. Presently, we are focusing on keeping our solutions simple and easy-to-use. Being privately-owned allows us to manage our business tightly and quickly react to changing demands in the market. The future of RxNT is a bright one. We think healthcare IT software will continue to evolve and our goal is to evolve ahead of the curve, yet remain a user-friendly and cost effective product while listening to feedback from our providers.

Client’s testimonies speaks for itself

“From the beginning, all the staff at RxNT has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they all replied to their emails in a timely fashion, explained in great details all the program, requirements and functions and went above and beyond to set up the system. I must say, for someone who has avoided going tech on the psychiatry field, this company has made it a breeze.”

– Alejandra | Greenwich Psych, PA

“This product was very easy to learn. It has scheduling, e-prescribing, rx history, encounters and vital tracking all on easy to view tabs. It really does have everything to help a practice run smoothly.”

– Kari | Family Practice Walk-In


A Glimpse of the triumphant

Randy Boldyga is the Founder and has been the President and CEO since the company’s inception in 1999. Prior to starting RxNT, Boldyga served in various executive positions, including Chief Information Officer, SVP of The Columbia Bank in Howard County, MD and Chief Information Officer at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Medical Center. Boldyga currently serves as a Board of Director for Anne Arundel Development Corporation.

"We provide cloud-based healthcare IT solutions that are used by health care organizations throughout the U.S. in almost every state."