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50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2020

OneLogin: A leader in Unified Access Management, enabling organizations to access the world


Any person that owns a business would always like to increase their productivity. It does not matter how good the business is thriving, it could always thrive more. If you want to fine-tune your company, then you should consider software development. Software development is an essential process that will help any company increase its productivity.

OneLogin is the identity platform for secure, scalable and smart experiences that connect people to technology. With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, customers can connect all of their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly.

Single Sign-on for workforce identity

Increase productivity while keeping data secure. With single sign-on users only have to enter one set of credentials to access their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. This foundational identity and access management (IAM) measure is a first step in building trusted experiences for your workforce, customers, and partners. OneLogin's policy-driven password security, multi-factor authentication, and context aware access management ensure that only authorized users get access to sensitive data. You can implement more demanding password policies such as required length, complexity and restrictions on password reuse, as well as session timeout and password reset self-service policy to heighten protection without impeding your users.

OneLogin Desktop is a new kind of endpoint management. Users can leverage the secure profiles of laptop and desktop computers enrolled with the OneLogin Cloud Directory. Once users have logged into their secure profiles with their OneLogin Cloud Directory credentials, they can directly access all their apps via the OneLogin SSO portal. In other words, once users are logged into their operating system, they don’t need to login again to access corporate apps, freeing up their time while strengthening security!

The company’s single sign-on authentication system lets you create any number of logins to the same type of application. If you have five WordPress sites or two Google Apps accounts, OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™ makes them available with one password, one click. If you have different staging and production environments, multiple login functionality is a real time-saver.

Eliminate cybercrime with Multi-Factor Authentication

Cybercrime is on the rise, again. When it comes to protecting your data, passwords are the weakest link. That’s why multi-factor authentication(MFA) has become the identity and access management (IAM) standard for preventing unauthorized access. Protect your organization’s mission-critical assets with policy-based OneLogin MFA. Offer flexible authentication factors including OneLogin Protect one-time-password (OTP) app, email, SMS, voice, WebAuthn for biometric factors, plus a range of third party options including Google Authenticator, Yubico, Duo Security, RSA SecurID, and more. Go beyond static MFA with SmartFactor Authentication, which uses machine learning to evaluate the risk and context of each login and adapt accordingly.

Vigilance AI for data security

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Vigilance AI analyzes large volumes of data from first- and third-party sources to identify anomalies and prevent threats across your users and applications.

Vigilance AI leverages User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities to build a profile oftypical user behavior and subsequently identify anomalies and prevent risk in real-time for advanced threat defense.

Why OneLogin?

OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning single sign-on and identity management platform. Its portfolio of solutions secure connections across all users, all devices and every application, helping enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios.

Brad Brooks, CEO & President

Brad Brooks is the chief executive officer and president of OneLogin. Brad brings more than 25 years of experience leading global technology companies on a path towards success. In his most recent role before joining OneLogin, Brad served as DocuSign’s chief marketing officer, where he helped the company grow to more than 200 million users across more than 150 countries. Prior to DocuSign, Brad served in various leadership roles with Juniper Networks ultimately becoming Juniper’s chief marketing officer. Before that, he led the Microsoft Windows brand and consumer business as corporate vice president. A tech industry visionary with a proven ability to energize partners and teams towards meeting and exceeding business objectives, Brad has a strong track record of results across multiple functional areas of business.

“We make it simpler and safer for organizations to access the apps and data they need anytime, everywhere.”