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Opsani: Autonomous Cloud Optimization Using AI and ML


Cloud computing has been growing rapidly amidst the current pandemic. As everyone is rushing to migrate their applications, operations and databases to the cloud, the age-old challenge of optimization has become relevant once again and more complex than ever before. The flexibility of the cloud and cloud-native code, combined with the rapidity of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), has modern enterprises questioning exactly what to optimize and how to optimize it--and finding the answer is easier said than done.

Today, cloud and mobile apps run round the clock. But they often run with less performance and at more cost than they should. This problem comes down to the not-so-simple task of cloud optimization. Failure to optimize application performance and cost means that enterprises end up spending more than they need to, yet optimization is near impossible in today’s “always on” environment where code constantly changes. To solve this issue, Opsani uses its AI algorithms to stop apps from wasting money by introducing the concept of continuous to cloud optimization.

Founded in 2014, the idea for Opsani came to the Founder and CEO, Ross Schibler, in a flash of insight that a contemporary solution was required for a contemporary challenge like optimization of complex cloud infrastructures.

Opsani’s Cloud Optimization (CO) uses AI and ML to continuously examine millions of combinations of configurations. It finds the optimal combination of resources and parameter settings. The company’s cloud optimization tweaks and perfects settings that are usually considered way too complex to consider optimizing. The CO tunes the infrastructure precisely for the workload and goals of application.

The company’s CO has helped many companies optimize their cloud operations. A major fintech leader providing SaaS financial management solutions implemented Opsani Cloud Optimization to optimize their cloud operations. They were juggling more than 1,300 virtual machines across AWS, Java, Wavefront, and Spinnaker. After implementing Opsani’s CO, the fintech leader saw a 67% cost reduction and saved millions within the first quarter of use.

Helping the Global Leader in Family History and Consumer Genomics

The global leader in family history and consumer genomics, Ancestry has been helping people all over the world understand and harness the information in their DNA. The company has over 3 million paying subscribers across its core Ancestry websites with an extensive collection of over 20 billion records and has more than 15 million people in the Ancestry DNA network.

To augment growth, it moved its operations to the cloud to scale along with its growing customer base. It also implemented CI/CD processes to facilitate rapid feature rollout. But with the fast growth in its user base and products, the company needed optimal performance, efficiency, and customer experience with its cloud applications while taking care of their spending. Ancestry chose to integrate Opsani’s advanced ML tools for automated cloud optimization into its CI/CD pipeline. By doing this Ancestry was able to ensure lowest possible cloud cost and high application performance. The company could now predict and deploy the most optimal cloud application runtime settings.

“As the company continues to grow and invest in new products, our efficiency and performance are more important than ever. Opsani will allow us to manage costs, maintain optimal performance of our cloud resources and gain visibility in an increasingly complex environment,” says Russ Barnett, Chief Architect of Ancestry. Opsani’s cloud optimization brought in impressive results as Ancestry observed an average cloud cost reduction of over 50%. It also experienced up to 230% increase in performance efficiency gains.

Cloud Optimization Pioneer

The company led by Ross Schibler is pioneering the new science of cloud optimization while helping transform DevOps and trimming millions from enterprise cloud bills. The company’s customers have seen 40-70% decrease in cloud costs overnight. Its innovative solution is affecting bottom-line savings to transform top-line boosts and at the same time helping enterprises experience a 2x performance increase.

The Leader

Ross Schibler, Founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Ross has previously founded two high tech system companies and driven them to successful outcomes. Prior to Opsani, he founded Topspin Communications and saw its success through to its acquisition by Cisco. He founded Rapid City Communications in 1996. The company was acquired by Nortel. He has also served as the VP of Systems Architecture of Violin Memory. He has also worked as a Software Director for NetExpress and ATM Systems.

He earned his B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Bristol.

Customers Speak

“Opsani lowered our costs by more than 70% and significantly reduced our release time-to-production because of the platform’s autonomous optimization operations.”

– Tuan Le, Group Development Manager at Intuit

“Opsani will allow us to manage costs, maintain optimal performance of our cloud resources and gain visibility in an increasingly complex environment.”

– Russ Barnett, Chief Architect, Ancestry

“Opsani rightsizes instances vertically and the fleet horizontally in response to varying load profiles, autonomously delivering the performance that you need and trimming your operating costs.”