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OpsRamp – Simplify and transform IT operations with the world's first service-centric AIOps solution


Digital transformation has accelerated modern business expectations for service performance and availability, agility, and speed. IT operations management (ITOM) and IT service management (ITSM) must be more coordinated and unified than ever. Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) leverages a broad set of technology approaches, including machine learning, network science, combinatorial optimization, and other computational approaches for solving everyday IT operational problems at scale. Enterprises can address a wide variety of IT management activities using AIOps, including intelligent alerting, alert correlation, alert escalation, auto-remediation, root-cause analysis, and capacity optimization. Modern enterprises face the challenges of maintaining always-on digital services built on modern (multi-cloud, microservices, and containers) and legacy (physical and virtual) architectures. A typical IT operations team uses more than ten different monitoring tools to support and maintain digital services.

OpsRamp is a modern SaaS platform company working to upend the old way of discovering, monitoring, managing, and automating IT infrastructure with tomorrow's innovations like artificial intelligence, cloud capabilities, and more. The firm is building the best team of innovators, thinkers, and doers in technology to realize the future of digital operations and bring it to life. It's truly the dawn of a new era for a significant market, and the firm is in the center of it. The company offers open APIs, and an ecosystem of pre-built integrations help you unify lines of business, point tools, infrastructure, and workflows, together. Modern infrastructure monitoring enables you to understand how your system performs, including business service health, topology, availability, and more.

Revolutionary services furnished by OpsRamp

AIOps for Proactive IT Operations: OpsRamp's artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) solution, OpsQ, is the world's first service-centric AIOps platform with intelligent event management, robust alert correlation, and rapid remediation. With the OpsQ event management engine, it's easier to respond to digital disruptions during high-consequence situations. OpsQ helps you clinically examine incidents, establish a tight feedback loop between different teams, and deliver a quick resolution. OpsQ helps you better manage infrastructure complexity by predicting performance issues and enabling self-correcting actions for repetitive incidents. With its service-centric AIOps platform, you don't need to worry about the chaotic incident response with proactive insights for application and IT infrastructure issues. Eliminate up to 95% of the human time spent on IT event management with AIOps. Dramatically reduce the volume of alerts with computational intelligence and automatically route incidents to appropriate teams for faster resolution.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Monitoring: OpsRamp provides hundreds of out-of-the-box IT infrastructure monitoring templates that capture behavioral and performance metrics for applications, servers, networks, storage, and database instances across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Combined with powerful AIOps capabilities, modern IT operations management teams can leverage both native monitors (pre-built instrumentation for managing IT infrastructure) and custom monitors (user-defined instrumentation for specialized workloads) for proactive IT operations management as a service and responsive troubleshooting.

Cloud Monitoring: The OpsRamp platform combines real-time discovery, unified infrastructure monitoring, intelligent incident management, and service-centric AIOps to help enterprises control the chaos of cloud-native services and hybrid IT infrastructure. At the same time, they continue to manage legacy workloads. Analyze cloud spending patterns across business units, cloud providers, and IT services. Receive timely alerts when cloud spending exceeds forecasted thresholds. Keep track of the moving parts of your hybrid IT estate with service-aware topology maps. Troubleshoot issues with confidence using real-time dependencies for hybrid services. Meet dynamic application demands by embracing scale. Handle auto-scaling workloads in a policy-driven manner with API-based discovery profiles and operational dashboards. Discover, monitor, diagnose, alert, and remediate issues across Kubernetes clusters and serverless functions along with all other resources.

Intelligent Incident Management: It integrates with your existing monitoring and ITSM tools to help proactively address issues, reduce constant firefighting, and restore services fast. Now it's easier to quickly identify, investigate, and fix an IT outage before it impacts it. Intelligent Incident Management from OpsRamp means faster, more automated event response and resolution throughout the entire incident management lifecycle. OpsRamp correlates events generated from third-party tools and exponentially reduces your urgent alerts. Route incidents based on business impact and urgency, so you don't burn precious hours on signals that don't matter.

Varma Kunaparaju, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer

"We're on a mission to simplify and transform IT operations with modern digital infrastructure from discovery to remediation."