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Optimize your IT infrastructure using Intelligent Design Tools from Burstorm


" Founded in 2009, Burstorm provides a platform to model, design and benchmark new and existing infrastructure with price-performance information from 100s of providers and 1000s of products.”

The “cloud” has now become one of the most strategic issues inside any company. Companies will win or lose based on strategies they evaluate, options they examine and decisions they make. The problem is extremely complex. There are thousands of servers within any enterprise, consisting of multiple compute, storage and network options and now, cloud service offerings. Comparisons are difficult to make, and the consequences of bad choices may set you back for years. Today’s Infrastructure Architects can no longer rely on paper, pencil and PowerPoint to design Compute, Storage, Data Center and Network Resources.

Burstorm is a cloud technology platform company enabling enterprises, service providers and systems integrators to model, design, benchmark and optimize cloud infrastructure. Combining an easy-to-use drag-and-drop modeling application with a continuously updated catalog of service provider assets, the Burstorm platform helps organizations to more quickly and accurately assess and select the optimal computing storage, networking and data center solutions for their digital transformation to the cloud.

Burstorm – A History of Industry Firsts
The company was started in 2009 as a technology broker working with CIOs and IT Leaders to find and source network, datacenter and managed services infrastructure solutions. Recognizing the complexity of cloud computing, Burstorm began development of a software application to automate the design process. Initially, it was created to enable Burstorm’s internal cloud architects to model and design more effectively. After seeing the benefits of accelerated, accurate and collaborative design capabilities, Burstorm officially launched the first general release of the application in 2014.

In early May 2015, Burstorm and Rice University worked closely to create the industry’s first comprehensive, continuous price-performance benchmark report. The Rice-Burstorm test (RB-A) collaboration continually measures the top cloud services over time and around the world in order to detect trends and anomalies by type and location.

In February 2016, the company announced the ability for organizations to compare their private benchmark test results against the market. CIOs and Digital Leaders can easily answer the question, “How do we stack up?” based on unbiased facts and data.

Today, Enterprise IT leaders, Systems Integrators, Consultants, VARs, Service Providers and Channel Partners leverage the Burstorm platform to continually make well informed and strategic infrastructure decisions, and to accelerate the adoption of cloud services.

The Burstorm Platform
The Burstorm platform combines a cloud infrastructure modeling application with a catalog of service provider assets that is continuously updated with price-performance benchmarking information.

It offers the following:

  • Visual model of compute, storage, network and datacenter infrastructure
  • Product Catalog of service provider assets with hundreds of vendors and over 40,000 products
  • Benchmarking with accurate price, performance and price-performance data
  • Summary of your current IT state
  • Model and design application to build based on location, performance, price and security
  • Real-time collaboration with colleagues, customers and IT teams across the globe

A Happy Client Speaks
“I think Burstorm’s benchmark is incredibly valuable. I’ve looked at this problem many times over the years and it is very difficult to make buying decisions on cloud services without this context.” – Dave Hansen, VP/GM Dell

Case Study
RMS is the world’s largest provider of modeling software to help customers mitigate financial risk for catastrophic events such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

When RMS made the decision to move from traditional on­-premise software to a SaaS solution they wanted to understand the options and economic implications for using various (cloud) infrastructure models to support the new application. Using Burstorm’s platform and data, RMS was able to:

  • Design infrastructure and quickly identify 12 solutions from multiple service providers.
  • Gain market intelligence 1000% + price variance between highest and lowest options.
  • Expand design possibilities, i.e., Visualize data center locations showing Iceland as a potential midpoint and strategic option.
  • Display costs for each design component enabling re-­engineering of high cost components during the design phase of project ­ potential 40% cost reduction.

“Our platform helps organizations to more quickly and accurately assess and select the optimal compute, storage, networking  and data center solutions for their digital transformation to the cloud.”

Knowing the Management Team

Randon Abbey, Founder and CEO – Brandon founded Burstorm because he saw the shift to cloud computing and knew there must be a better way to provide enterprise clients with the right solutions. While he’s skilled in the art of the sale he’s been focused on developing the underlying software technology which will provide customers with the benefits of seeing many different cloud services while lowering the cost of sales for the cloud service providers. During his career he has worked with some of the largest technology companies in the world such as Google, Cisco, Ebay, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others implementing both their national and multi-national compute, storage, data center and network infrastructure deployments.

Edward Wustenhoff, Co-Founder and CTO – Edward co-founded Burstorm because he believes that although the variables around determining the right cloud services for our customers are many and complex, they are finite and solvable. He is responsible for all internal and external technology aspects of Burstorm. With over twenty years of IT management, technology and services experience, Edward brings depth and experience to the team. Prior to joining Burstorm, he worked at Applied Materials, Sun Microsystems, Netflix and Complete Genomics leading large scale infrastructure designs and deployments of compute, storage, data center and network infrastructure.