50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

“Our mission is to empower communities of color by giving them a voice and communicating to them in ways that respects their diversity and culture.”: Imprenta Communications Group

thesiliconreview-ronald-w-wong-ceo-imprenta-communications-group-2017“Diversity is about all of us and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together” Jacqueline Woodson 

In order to lead a peaceful and harmonious life, all the socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism, inequity of services experienced by the diverse communities should be ruled out. To educate the culturally and linguistically isolated communities and giving voice to their problems falls within the objectives of any organization aimed at eliminating such disparities. Imprenta Communications Group is one such organization whose mission is to empower the communities of color by giving them a voice and communicating to them in ways that respect their diversity and understands their culture.

Embracing and celebrating the diversity

It is said that “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity”. This falls in the primary objective of the California based award-winning public affairs, campaign and ethnic marketing firm which specialize in reaching diverse audiences.  The idea of Imprenta which was founded in 2001 was put forward by its CEO, Ronald W. Wong whose commitment to the communities of color and passion for public affairs was a fuel and source of inspiration for many others. With a mission to bring a change in the disparities in ethnic diversity, Imprenta Communications Group specializes in Ethnic Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, and Political Campaigns. With a campaign goal of increasing PG&E’s reach into Hispanic and Asian Pacific American communities; it was responsible for a $10 million media buy across print, digital and broadcast channels in multiple languages. Imprenta led a team to develop and implement a community relations and advertising campaign composed of television spots, print ads, digital ads and direct mail pieces to reach communities of color. 

The Guiding Light

With a vision to give voice to the unheard and the silenced, Imprenta’s mission is to develop strategies and technologies to communicate with the isolated communities of color by respecting their culture and differences. From its initial phase, Imprenta has succeeded to a large extent by blending the traditional communication methods with the digital technologies that keeps captivating society at a larger scale. Keeping pace with the global markets and technologies were never an easy job. But with a clear vision to spread light to the undiscovered and unheard, Imprenta continues to deliver high quality work, to access more people who have not been yet reached through the mainstream communication.

To be a roaring success

Employees and customers define the success of any firm. To be a huge success the firm should listen to its employees and adhere to its vision and mission. This is where Imprenta has achieved a milestone. It offers an employee- friendly environment which calls for inquisitive minds, open dialogue and productive discourse. Two-way communication is a must factor and the company gives constant updates on the progress of the work to all its employees. In this way employees find it easy to know their role in each stage of its growth.

Critical Thinking is the key to all decisions

It offers room for growth to all its employees. Critical thinking is the key to all major decisions. With regular feedback from its employees, Imprenta offers a best platform to guide its staff to their best potential. It helps them to improve their skills and performance through learning new technologies and adhering to the latest tools. Employees thrive when they aspire to learn and to do the things they love. Imprenta is the best platform for this. It helps the leadership to evaluate the critical thinking of its employees and then in the later phase implement it in the work environment. 

Leads the way in multi-ethnic marketing

Recent demographic changes indicate the increasing importance of ethnic minority consumers in American society. A review of practices of marketing towards ethnic minorities reveals several perspectives: traditional marketing, separated marketing, integrated marketing and multicultural Marketing. So only those companies which are in tune with the changing dynamics of a multi ethnic global market will thrive. Imprenta with all its diversity supports multi-ethnic marketing. As newer technologies take over the market, it employs proprietary technology in the digital ad buying space to maximize the return on investment for its clients.

The Inclusive Leader

Ronald W. Wong, CEO: Wong is a respected and renowned business, political and community leader. He is a successful business owner who has been involved in ensuring that diverse underrepresented communities have a seat at the table. He is a leader who has lent his considerable leadership skills to building successful organizations. As President and CEO of Imprenta Communications Group, Inc. an award-wining public affairs, campaign and ethnic marketing firm, Wong oversees a multi-million dollar business. He develops and implements marketing, community outreach, and communications strategies for the firm’s most prominent clients. He has more than 30 years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and prominent elected officials on public relations, political, and communications strategies.  Prior to founding Imprenta, Wong served on the staff of some of the country’s most prominent elected officials including California Governor Gray Davis, Speaker of the Legislature Willie Brown, State Senator Art Torres, L.A. County Supervisor Ed Edelman, and as a political appointee in President Clinton’s Administration at the U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Services (CRS).

“We want to continue to deliver high quality work, to access more people who have not been reached through mainstream communication, to build our capacity, and to continue to win.”