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30 Entrepreneurs Of The Year 2018

“Our mission is to help patients achieve maximum success in therapy with the help of our products.” Innoflaps


Our core goal is to deliver superior value products and services to our clients, parents, and society at large.

Innoflaps is a start-up which provides devices for speech, language & tinnitus problems to help the millions of people/children who are suffering from the problem of stammering, delay speech & language. An experienced team of SLPs and engineers developed home-based speech devices. Prior to this team has several years of clinical experience in speech therapy.

Innoflaps is the first in India to manufacture speech devices that aid the speech therapy process and can be used for home therapy. It has a strong team that has committed to works towards a common goal i.e. to reach to more and more people who have speech and language impairment and provide them with solutions so as to help them with speech proficiency. Innoflaps intend to achieve this through our technologically advanced devices and well-planned therapy sessions. We are researchers in the field of speech complexities and manufacturer of speech therapy products.

Innoflaps’ Mission 

Our mission is to help patients achieve maximum success in therapy with the help of our products. Innoflaps aims to ease the therapy process by supplementing home-based speech therapy devices. To achieve our mission, we work with a strong team of doctors and technological researchers and developers having experience of more than nine years in their respective fields. We work with zeal to find the best solution. An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the clients that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best. A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.

Why chose Innoflaps?

The highest standards of professionalism are followed by us and we are being recognized for doing so. Innoflaps brings innovative products to the market quickly, but differently from our peers. We are way ahead in terms of our product technology and efficiency and it costs half of what is available in the market. Innoflaps is a trusted brand in our field, many doctors and speech therapists advise/ recommend our product to their clients.

Devices for Speech, Language & Tinnitus Problems

TinnitusRelief – Brain Retrainer: Where there is no tinnitus cure. Innoflaps provides India’s first, the closest thing to tinnitus miracle. TinnitusRelief – Brain Retrainer is developed with the intention of simultaneously addressing the auditory, attentional, and emotional processes underlying the condition. It involves the use of a medical device for daily, at home administration of an acoustic treatment, together with a comprehensive education, counseling, and support program. The team of professionals has developed a non-invasive therapeutic device for Tinnitus. The solution is provided as a portable device with the full therapeutic material. Kindly go through the linked videos.

SpeakFluent: SpeakFluent is the solution for the people who are suffering from the Stammering problem. SpeakFluentTM Device‘s aim to give the best to you in term of fluency development. As we know stuttering can be an obstacle in your life to achieve better career growth, socialization, job opportunity etc and also there is no tool available for practicing or fluency development at home. To overcome this problem we have an innovative home-based SpeakFluent device for a patient with stuttering/stammering problem. SpeakFluentTM Device is a portable Anti-stammering device. 30 minutes daily use of SpeakFluent improves fluency faster than other solution.

The device provides with full therapeutic solutions & very easy to handle & boost confidence. As your speaking parameter is visible on the device which is helpful in self-monitoring. One of the delayed auditory features directly works on the brain motor area which leads sustained fluency lifetime. Recurrence chances are very less.

Speechifi: Speechifi is the solution for Delayed Speech & Language problem in children.  Speechifi – A digital speech trainer is a device in the innovation of Delayed Speech & Language in a child with Hearing Impairment, Autism, Down Syndrome & Developmental Delay. Speechifi is an assistive, portable device with the full therapeutic material.

Speechifi is a complete solution for the speedy development of your child’s speech & language at home. The speechifi device provides a full solution and gives systematic effective speech & language training to a child for the development of words, sentences, conversation, storytelling & narration without doing any lip reading. Child maximally uses listening skills.

Vocabulary Enhancing Kit: 360 specially design flash cards with a guidebook and recorded CD about working and implementation of flashcards.

Clientele Testimonies

“I have been using your products from last more than a year. Speechifi has really helped my autistic kids enrolled in an early intervention program. Now my therapists are finding it more easy to help them building vocabulary. The speechifi device gives them both visual and auditory clues. These children have poor visual and auditory processing. The best thing about your product is that it is more reliable and durable. Can you please add more products like articulatory tools. Z-Vibe sensory products as they are very expensive ordered online also. You have a huge scope if you add local speech and occupational therapy products on your list.”

- Vishal Mehra, Vani Speech and Hearing Clinic

“We have Speechifi, Group Therapy Solution since July 2015 and we are giving therapy to 12 students at a time. We have seen better results in students having speech and language disorder.
Thankful to Innoflaps for providing such a nice product.”

- Little Angels Sr. Sec. School

“I am running my clinic for the last several years. I have purchased both SpeakFluent and Speechifi and doing therapy with these devices. Good products which show me satisfying results in my patient and I will suggest another therapist go with the device.”

- Spandan Clinic

The Founding Duo:

Prashant Goyal: Co-founder, with 10 years of experience having worked at Samsung, Freescale, and Stryker as a product developer of medical devices, semiconductors, and consumer electronics.

Soniya Gupta: Co-founder, Audiologist & Speech therapist, has treated more than 500 patients in past seven years.

“We stand at a point where clinical experiences meet technology, which is to say that we are researchers in the field of speech complexities and manufacturer of speech products.”