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“Our Solutions Capture and Process Content to Simplify your Workday” KnowledgeLake Inc

thesiliconreview-bernie-schweiss-ceo-knowledgelake-inc-17“In an ever-changing technological landscape, our success is defined by our ability to innovate and deliver intelligent document capture and processing solutions.”

One of the biggest challenges enterprises face is managing the constant accumulation of information such as business forms, reports, letters, memos, policy statements and contracts. Organizations are searching for document processing and management solutions to amplify productivity, eliminate paper, and streamline business operations. KnowledgeLake’s team of experts can help.

KnowledgeLake at a Glance

KnowledgeLake, based in St. Louis Mo, provides software solutions and consulting that optimize an organization’s Microsoft SharePoint investment to deliver a robust and scalable enterprise content management (ECM) experience. Equity funded by PFU Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujisu Ltd., KnowledgeLake works in tandem with Fujitsu, the dominant global leader in document scanning and imaging, to confidently guide organizations through the digital transformation age.

KnowledgeLake took root in 1999, when a group of EMC-focused entrepreneurs observed that most organizations weren’t properly addressing their business content and workflow needs. Determined to assist organizations in navigating the deep waters of document processing, the group made a pivotal decision which became the backbone for all of KnowledgeLake offerings. Their vision propelled KnowledgeLake to become the first company to break into the SharePoint ECM space.

In 2003, KnowledgeLake released a cost-effective, integrated, scalable, document processing solution built on the SharePoint (2003) platform, providing imaging and capture solutions for a number of different verticals – from government to universities and financial institutions.

Today KnowledgeLake is a dynamic company with more than two million licensed users in 35 countries. With Microsoft competencies in Cloud Platform, Collaboration & Content, and Application Development, KnowledgeLake illustrates its long-standing commitment to serving Microsoft customers.

Conferring with Bernie Schweiss, CEO

What led to the inception of the company?

KnowledgeLake’s founder and now chairman, Ron Cameron, is an entrepreneur first and foremost. Ron wanted to shake up an industry and start something new and big. He and his team saw great potential in Microsoft’s SharePoint. They took a big risk in developing solutions for a virtually unknown platform in its infancy.

What kind of product did you release first?

KnowledgeLake Capture (launched under a different name) was a high-volume, production-level document capture solution designed to reduce the time and costs associated with storing, searching and distributing paper documents. Tightly integrated with SharePoint, it enabled users to easily scan and index documents then store them in a SharePoint repository.

What were the influencing factors that shaped KnowledgeLake’s road map?

As the SharePoint marketplace shifted, we’ve adjusted. Microsoft and the tech community’s overall consumption of the cloud has shaped our roadmap. The consolidation of the ECM industry companies was another factor.

Do you have any new products ready to be rolled out into the market?

This year we’ve already released two versions of our new cloud ECM platform, KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional. This software is a game changer for KnowledgeLake, our clients, and those who struggle with processing documents as part of their business processes. We’ll soon release new native mobile apps, support for additional content repositories and ERP connectors.

Discuss the future prospects of KnowledgeLake.

Our goal is to continually grow our solutions and capabilities, to better serve our clients as technology, business systems and business objectives evolve. We continually focus on client service while innovating in the areas of advanced document imaging, automation, and cloud and SaaS-based document capture and processing platforms.

Testimonies say it all

“The KnowledgeLake solution gives our business decision makers the ability to rapidly find information, which in turn expedites decision making. The new ECM solution is a core component of a more competitive business.”

- David Peterson, Enterprise collaboration manager, Trek Bicycle

“With the rapid access to documents provided by KnowledgeLake, we can actually spend time and resources on improving and making our processes better than what they were before.”

- Tye Eyden, collaboration analyst, New Belgium Brewery (NBB)

“The great thing about KnowledgeLake is that the software provides both excellent out-of-the box functionality and tools for our internal developers such as the KnowledgeLake software development kit, which enables creation of the custom functions that many of our projects require.”

- Denise Hirschbeck, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Technology, Washington University

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Meet KnowledgeLake’s CEO

Bernie Schweiss, President and CEO : Schweiss oversees KnowledgeLake’s overall strategic growth, ensuring the company provides clients innovative document solutions on-premises and in the cloud. Schweiss owned and operated his own company for over 15 years before embarking on a career in enterprise technology sales with Epson and Microsoft, joining KnowledgeLake in 2012. Active within the community, Schweiss serves as Chairman of the Governing Board at Boys Hope Girls Hope.

“We are committed to helping companies transform their business and optimize their Microsoft investment – whether on-premises or in the cloud.”