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“Our specialties are advanced metering, network communications, smart grid, home area networking, smart metering, gas meters, thermal energy measurement and control”: Itron

thesiliconreview-philip-mezey-ceo-itron-17“We provide comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyze energy and water.”

Itron is founded by a small group of innovative engineers intent on finding more efficient ways to read matters in Hauser Lake, Idaho. Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. 


Make Connections

But the electricity, gas and water meters and modules in Itron's OpenWay Riva IoT solution are more than just smart meters, sensors or communications modules. OpenWay Riva embeds the equivalent computing power of a smart phone or desktop computer in every device, enabling real-time analysis of high-resolution data at the edge of the network.

This eliminates latency and avoids any loss of data resolution during transfer over the network. OpenWay Riva also provides a robust distributed computing platform architected using open standards to run “apps” on meters and other edge devices, thereby unleashing a growing ecosystem of new providers to innovate on the platform—metering simply becomes one of the apps that these devices run.

OpenWay Riva’s distributed computing platform also enables an increasingly diverse ecosystem of grid devices, sensors and assets—ranging from smart meters to IoT sensors, all able to utilize peer-to-peer communications to share data and collaborate in real time to solve problems at the edge of the network as conditions change. That means a smart meter or grid sensor can talk directly to a distribution automation controller, to an inverter on a solar panel or to a remote valve control on a gas or water pipeline. This type of self-directed device interaction has always been central to the vision of a smart distribution grid but never possible until now.

Cloud-Based Services

In today's ever-changing utility, you have plenty to worry about, from customer service and engagement to regulatory pressures and evolving business models. Ensuring your systems are always available, up-to-date and performing at their best shouldn't be one of those worries. 

With cloud services from Itron, you get a scalable solution with unparalleled security, our deep systems expertise and a dedicated team that will manage your back-end infrastructure with updates, fixes and new features as soon as they are available. Never worry about network issues, system patches or server and hardware upgrades again. 

We'll develop our latest and greatest applications and deploy them continuously, keeping your environment secure and on the cutting edge all in the cloud.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work within our own operations to minimize our impact on the environment and to help conserve the very same resources protected by Itron’s services and products. From on-site waste reduction and composting to workplace safety and employee wellness programs, we are diligent in our efforts to reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase conservation of the resources we use to develop and deliver our leading technology and a dedicated team that will manage your back-end infrastructure with updates.

We take pride in our history of contributing to the extraordinary efforts of many local organizations through our corporate giving and in-kind support. Our corporate philanthropy efforts are aligned with Itron’s mission and focus on the resourceful use of energy and water.

At Itron, we believe that the health of our company is related to the health of the regions where we choose to do business. As an employer with considerable impact on many of our local economies — including those American cities where our manufacturing is based — we have a distinct role to play in keeping our communities vibrant, well-educated and safe. 

The way we manage energy and water will define this century. And to make sure we do it right, Itron has partnered with Dr. Michael Webber to improve energy and water literacy, encourage conservation and resourcefulness, and inspire the next generation of innovators with our Resourcefulness App. d on the cutting edge—all in the cloud.

Outcomes as a Service: Achieving Results

Your business is complex, with new technology, customer demands and evolving business models changing the utility landscape like never before. But achieving results doesn’t have to be complex, too. With Itron Total Outcomes, we run an outcomes as a service model and partner with you to understand your challenges and then deliver results. Period. Itron will design, implement, run and maintain a complete solution to deliver the outcomes you need. 

Manifested performance

Revenue Cycle Services

Efficiently deploy meters, create accurate bills and manage cash flow, answer customer inquiries about energy and water use, and identify and prevent theft of energy and water.

Conservation, Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Enable consumers to effectively manage their use of energy and water, and help utilities deliver energy and water efficiently. 

System Integrity + Asset Management

Identify assets and networks/pipelines at risk of failure, and find leaks and faults that could lead to injury or financial losses.

Renewables Integration

Reduce risk while integrating distributed energy resources, and create new revenue streams.

Smart Cities + IoT

Leverage communications networks for new sensing and measurement purposes.

Itron’s Resourcefulness Index

Itron is pleased to release this edition of its annual Itron Resourcefulness Index. This report offers a unique perspective on the state of the utility industry and global resourcefulness. It is one of the first to examine both executive and consumer attitudes within the utility industry, surveying more than 900 informed consumers and 900 utility executives in 16 countries in every region of the world.

Welcome the dignitary: Philip Mezey, President and CEO

With roots in the San Francisco bay area, a passion for how efficiency can improve economic vitality, and deep insights into the power of technology, software and services, he is uniquely positioned to lead Itron on our mission of creating a more resourceful world.

Philip Mezey was appointed president and chief executive officer and named to Itron's board of directors on January 1, 2013

“We'll have your solution up and running so you can make the most of your investment.”