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February Edition 2024

Live Retirement with Confidence: Oxford Advisory Group 

In the highly fast-paced world we live in, financial advisors play a crucial role in helping individuals and businesses manage their financial affairs. Financial advisors possess specialized knowledge in areas such as investment strategies, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management. Their expertise will help clients navigate complex financial decisions. Similarly, a certified retirement financial advisor is a professional who has obtained a certification demonstrating expertise in retirement planning and financial advising specifically tailored to retirement-related matters. Certified retirement financial advisors are equipped to provide comprehensive retirement planning services. They will clients assess their current financial standing, set retirement goals, and help create a personalized plan to achieve those goals swiftly. This can include strategies for saving, investing, and managing income during retirement.

Globally, there are various entities delivering excellent retirement financial advisory services, but Oxford Advisory Group stands out from the rest. The Founders, Christopher and Samuel Dixon, brothers, have gone through tough personal experiences with family members having poor advice that led to detrimental financial consequences in retirement. Primarily because of tax complications. The brothers have spent their careers focusing on tax-efficient planning to help others avoid these types of situations. They have a goal now to help as many families as possible with some of the most overlooked items in retirement planning. Oxford focuses on tax-focused retirement planning, high-net-worth family services, retirement income, and related hurdles such as RMD planning.

Staying ahead of the curve dynamically

Oxford Advisory Group's approach to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape is a testament to their commitment to innovation and adaptability. The team has recognized that in the dynamic field of financial services, staying relevant and effective requires constant evolution. To achieve this, Oxford has developed a custom suite of tools, resources, and products specifically crafted to meet the unique needs of their clientele. This suite is not static; it's continuously updated with the latest planning software, estate management tools, and tax-focused calculations, reflecting the ever-changing regulations in these areas. Oxford's diligence in maintaining cutting-edge resources is a crucial factor in its ability to provide top-notch service. This commitment to innovation is further evident in Oxford's approach to communication and community engagement. The company has an in-house marketing and communications team dedicated to deciphering vital information for the communities Oxford serves. This strategy is not just about outreach; it's about creating a feedback loop with the thousands of families Oxford advises annually, ensuring that the firm's services remain relevant and responsive to their needs.

Under its current leadership, Oxford Advisory Group has achieved remarkable milestones, underscoring its growing influence and success in the financial services sector. Orlando’s Best Financial Services award was granted in 2023 through an OB proprietary selection method including voting by residents of Florida and Inc 5000 Best was granted in 2023 through an Inc 5000 proprietary selection method, highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence and employee satisfaction. Oxford's expertise is widely acknowledged, with its insights sought after by prestigious publications like NASDAQ, MSN, Newsbreak, and Benzinga. Oxford’s expansion efforts in Florida have been particularly noteworthy, allowing it to extend the service base significantly year over year. This growth isn't just in numbers; it's also about depth, as witnessed by the addition of advanced financial tools to its arsenal, provided by some of America's largest banking institutions. These tools place Oxford at a distinct advantage, offering planning capabilities that few competitors can match. Moreover, Oxford’s partnerships with prominent Florida organizations like Florida State University and Advent Health speak volumes about its reputation and the trust it has built over the years. These partnerships not only enhance Oxford's credibility but also provide the company with unique opportunities to expand its service offerings and community involvement.

Oxford Advisory Group's approach to fostering innovation and adaptability, coupled with its significant achievements under current leadership, showcases a forward-thinking organization deeply committed to excellence in financial services. Oxford’s ability to evolve, expand, and engage with the community sets it apart in a competitive industry landscape.

Path ahead for Oxford Advisory Group

In 2024, Oxford is all set to launch a revolutionary new service in the realm of estate planning. This innovative technology partner is designed to tackle the multifaceted aspects of estate planning, an area that is constantly evolving. The program leverages massive technology resources, enabling families to create, update, and maintain their comprehensive legacy plans on a single, tech-driven platform. What sets Oxford apart is its unique approach, which combines the focus on taxation with estate planning technology. This synergy allows Oxford to gain a holistic view of legacy plans, a perspective often missed by other professionals in the field.

Looking towards the future, Oxford is anticipating an exciting phase of growth and evolution, both for the company and its clientele. As the tax landscape braces for potential disruption due to the upcoming elections, Oxford is proactively refining its resources. The company’s main motto is to assist families in navigating away from the highly volatile tax bucket where many have stored their retirement funds. With imminent changes on the horizon, the opportunity for proactive tax planning is becoming increasingly critical. The year 2024 is expected to be a pivotal one, with significant discussions anticipated around retirement changes. The technology investments that Oxford has made and the solutions it has developed and integrated are geared to empower clients to stay ahead of these anticipated changes. This proactive approach will enable Oxford’s clients to effectively adapt to the evolving financial landscape.


Meet the leaders behind the success of Oxford Advisory Group

Christopher Dixon is a Managing Partner of Oxford Advisory Group. He is a Registered Financial Consultant focused on helping retirees develop retirement strategies designed to meet their long-term financial goals. Christopher is a speaker at the firm’s informational seminars on Taxes in Retirement. Christopher also invented the Pre/Post Mixer Bottle, a nationally known sports bottle. Christopher got his start in the industry as a founding member of Oxford Advisory Group. He holds insurance licenses in Florida and South Carolina and has a Bachelor of Science from Utah State University. He graduated with Political Science Honors. In his spare time, Christopher likes spending time with his wife, Makenzie, his son, Jackson, and daughter, Adelaide. He enjoys college football, boating on Lake Butler and playing golf. In addition, he’s an active member of his church and teaches Sunday school.

As a Managing Partner of Oxford Advisory Group, Samuel J. Dixon is focused on retirement planning, IRA legacy planning and investments for retirees, executives and small-business owners. He routinely offers educational classes on taxes in retirement and developing a steady and reliable retirement plan. Samuel, with his expertise as a RFC, also contributes articles that are featured in financial publications such as Kiplinger Financial, Newsmax, and The Street. Samuel has passed the Series 65 securities exam and also holds his insurance licenses in Florida and South Carolina. Samuel graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University with a degree in risk management and insurance with a focus in financial planning and wealth management. Samuel and his wife, Katie, are raising their three children, Clark, Callan, and Elowen. Samuel also enjoys coaching Clark in sports. He teaches youth at his church and enjoys boating on Lake Butler with his family. 

“We help individuals and families pursue their ideal retirements.”