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September Edition 2022

Paladini Law – Helping New Jersey Individuals and Businesses with Their IRS and State Tax Problems


Individuals, entrepreneurs, and business enterprises need to abide by all the legislation surrounding the amount of taxes to be paid by them. All of them must maintain a record of their income and revenues. For the sake of transparency, this data must be produced before the respective authorities within a stipulated period and taxes must be paid accordingly. But, legislative measures surrounding rates of taxation, at the local, national and international levels, are ever-changing. Keeping a track of such measures is nothing less than Herculean labor because such changes occur quite swiftly. Things tend to become complicated especially for businesses that operate at the international level. Also, the need to maintain clarity and transparency about filing records of tax returns only complicates the matter. Tax law, despite being a grueling task, is of tremendous importance. It will allow a business venture to thrive and prosper in the long run.

Paladini Law is a New Jersey tax law firm, which is on a mission to help fix tax problems so that their clients' can sleep through the night again. Stop living in fear that the IRS will take all the money from your bank account, shut down your business, or worse. At Paladini Law, they know how stressful having a tax problem can be. Their job is to bear that burden for the clients, so they can focus on their business and family. And fixing tax problem is just the beginning – they will also make sure it never happens again.

Resolving Issues with the IRS and Taxation in Quick Time

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Audits: No one ever wants to receive the dreaded IRS audit letter in the mail. Even if you do your best to do things by the book, the audit process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and result in an adjustment to your tax return. Generally, the IRS will open one tax year for audit. If there are many adjustments to that year, they will open other years. It’s incredibly important to be well prepared for the audit. You want to enter the meeting with organized ledgers and backup documentation to support the deductions on the return. It’s better to have someone who’s been there and done that than try to go it alone. Owner Brad Paladini has a Master of Laws in Taxation from a top 10 tax law program. He worked at one of the largest and best tax controversy firms and handled some of the most complicated and risky audits. Brad has a perfect client score on AVVO. He has also dealt with enough IRS auditors to know what approach works and when. If you hire Brad, he takes over the case completely. Let an experienced tax audit lawyer handle all communication with the IRS.

Federal Payroll Taxes: Owing payroll taxes to the IRS or State differs from owing most other types of taxes. This is because payroll taxes consist of money withheld from employees’ earnings. This money does not belong to the employer but rather is withheld by the employer for the employee to be paid over to the IRS. Not timely paying the payroll taxes can have series repercussions, including civil and criminal penalties. There are many actions the IRS can take if the business owes payroll taxes. Some are more severe than others. The severity of the IRS’s action is almost always in proportion to the amount of taxes at issue, the number of tax periods not fully paid, and the effort or lack thereof of the taxpayer to pay the back taxes. Payroll tax problems should not be handled alone. The potential civil and criminal penalties are too steep. If you’re a business in New Jersey who owes payroll taxes, you should contact an attorney before it’s too late. Paladini Law has experience handling payroll cases with the IRS, and the firm will work tirelessly to reach an agreement you’re satisfied with.

Brad Paladini | Owner

It doesn’t matter the tax issue: audits, collections, appeals, cryptocurrency, nonfilers, international disclosures—I enjoy fixing tax problems. Most clients I deal with have had reoccurring tax issues for years. They’ve either tried solving the issue themselves or ignored it completely. My goal is to resolve the issue quickly, so you can move on with your life.

For a lot of my clients, I’m the first lawyer they’ve ever needed. And they hope I’m the last. I work hard to fight against lawyer stereotypes and make an unpleasant tax problem as pleasant and stress-free as possible. So far, it’s been working—I have a perfect client rating on AVVO. But every case and client is different, and I continually adapt my approach to fit the needs of the client.

"At Paladini Law, our firm practices exclusively in the area of tax controversy. Fixing tax problems is all we do."