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CIMtech Mfg: Your Partner in Manufacturing Innovation


Paul Ghotra moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1988 and started his manufacturing engineering career in one of the leading hi-technology companies in British Columbia, being a part of company that had a growth from 10 employee start up to 5000 employees in a fifteen year’s period. This enhanced his passion to continue to grow and push through the obstacles.

During his childhood, his father had great desire to educate him to become a pioneer in the engineering field. His father passed away when he was a young boy. Since then, he made it his lifelong mission to pursue this profession to fulfill his father’s passion for engineering. Paul was trained in one of top technical institute in precision mechanics, instrumentation, and manufacturing engineering.

Paul started CIMtech Mfg. two decades ago. The company’s objective is to design for lower costs. The cost being driven by time, so the design needed to minimize the time required to not just machine, but also optimize set-up time of the appropriate CNC machine being used.

Today, CIMtech Mfg. is leading the way for manufacturing, a company with a reputation for LOWERING YOUR PART COSTS. The company is one of North America’s premiere CNC machine shops and specialize in a full scope of services such as: CNC Machining, Prototyping Machining, Production Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Sub-Assemblies and CMM Services for Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Hi-Tech Electronics & Transportation sectors.

CIMtech has the experience, resources, and management capability to ensure the safe and successful completion of every job. One of its strengths is advanced manufacturing processes and techniques — but they tackle projects large or small, simple, or complex. “We utilize state of the art high-speed CNC equipment, and we are always focused on finding smarter and more creative ways to get the job done quickly and efficiently,” said Paul Ghotra, Founder and CEO of CIMtech Mfg.

DFM Services provided by CIMtech Mfg. sets it apart from its competitors. CIMtech Mfg.’s years of machining and engineering supports its manufacturing experts that assist machining projects all over the world. When you partner with CIMtech, as a client, you can utilize the company’s free manufacturing design feedback to help lower cost on their CNC Machined Parts.

“Whether you have a simple project or complex sub-assemblies CIMtech’s in-house resources and expertise will have the project completed on time with assured quality, every time. Our machining experts utilize latest CAD CAM software. After manufacturing, design feedback is approved by our customers, so that we can take it to the next phase and manufacture your parts and assemblies in-house,” explained Paul Ghotra. “Our state-of-the-art Hi-Tech manufacturing facilities will deliver your parts or sub-assembled units including all documentation.”

CIMtech Mfg. is committed to meet or exceed the customer’s requirements with focus on customer satisfaction through continual improvement processes.

The company uses professionally calibrated inspection equipment.

  • Canadian Controlled Goods Program – CGP Certificate: 27690
  • AS9100D Certified
  • Aerospace Quality Management System
  • Quality Management System


  • Modern Manufacturing Equipment
  • Advanced CAD-CAM Technology
  • 3D Measuring Systems
  • Optimized Operating Processes

Powered by ProShop Digital ERP System, CIMtech Mfg. can trace materials during manufacturing process, this ensures timely delivery as per customer requirements.

CIMtech Mfg.’s work culture is based on following principles:

  1. Economic Thinking: Paul Ghotra CIMtech Mfg.’s CEO, has worked on teaching every employee the basics of economic decision-making. CIMtech Mfg. employees are empowered to make decisions based on economic thinking within their role capabilities. “By having every employee understand the basics of economic thinking, we can discuss at any team meeting decisions from a shared objective viewpoint and compare alternatives in terms of their costs and benefits instead of using opinion and authority,” said Paul.
  2. Distributed Decision Making: According to Paul, big Distributed Decision-Making is opposite of hierarchical decision-making. And Distributed Decision Making requires three elements:
    a) employees that are smart, confident, and empowered enough to learn principles and be able and expected to apply them
    b) shared understanding of direct, indirect, and opportunity costs
    c) information sharing about current company revenue and expenditures to make contextually good decisions
  3. Act Like You Own the Company: Any decision must be rational and based on the best information you have now. The results of being trusted to make good, distributed decisions meant occasionally having to verify that your decision-making criteria was correct.
  4. Leadership without Management: In a traditional corporate hierarchy, managers try to create perceived value by holding information and making decisions for their team, as opposed to leaders who share information and are rewarded by their team being autonomous, learning from their shared mistakes and growing in scope and expertise.
  5. Commitment: Making a commitment is not about trust. It is a promise of delivery. At CIMtech, the team members trust each other to be honest and to do the best of their ability within the time and resources.

CIMtech Mfg. operated with stringent COVID safety protocols and it was highly successful in maintaining full staff during pandemic. Its business increased by 50% during the pandemic. “Our green energy customers serving large warehouses such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot had high demand for equipment manufactured by CIMtech Mfg. for their online sales growth during pandemic. And we delivered,” mentioned Paul Ghotra, Founder and CEO.

Looking ahead, CIMtech Mfg’s business growth is very promising as its major customers are growing rapidly in green energy equipment for warehousing and electric/ hydrogen powered vehicles in automotive and transportation sector.

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Q. Why Choose CIMtech Mfg.?

- One company. Single point contact. Customized solutions. CIMtech Mfg. provides Manufacturing Engineering Support during product development to lower your part CNC machined part cost.

- Complete turnkey solutions for multi axis high speed CNC Milling, CNC turning, Sheet Metal fabrication, Sub-assemblies, and fabricated units. Quality assurance with fully traceable digital manufacturing systems.

- CIMtech Mfg. expertise in cost reduction techniques can assist you to define alternative manufacturing processes to lower cost of machining for prototyping and production.

“ CIMtech has the experience, resources, and management capability to ensure the safe and successful completion of every job.”