10 Best Management Colleges of the Year 2019

Paving the way for the future of Hotel & Tourism Management education: AIM Paris

thesiliconreview-dogramaci-osman-managing-director-aim-paris-19Ideally located between the only Parisian campus (Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris - CIUP) and the Montsouris Park in Paris, AIM has consistently ranked among the best hospitality management schools. Future managers of leading hotels and luxury establishments of the world are trained through its Bachelor and MBA programs in hospitality management.

Thanks to the school’s thoroughly modern design, students can enjoy the best possible learning environment. At the start of their studies at AIM, students receive an annual card allowing access to the CIUP library, the Campus Langues and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The card also entitles the holder to benefit from student rates at the CIUP university restaurant and cafeteria. Thanks to its program taught in English and its international outlook, AIM attracts students from all over the world, providing multiculturalism that adds to the school’s rich cultural life and its solid reputation. This unique melting pot also allows students to develop lifetime human values such as solidarity, sharing, dialogue, and teamwork.


The school offers three hospitality and tourism management training programs: Bachelor of Sciences (3 years), candidates who hold a high school diploma are eligible to apply, Bachelor of Arts, admission after a 2-year associate degree, an MBA, admission after a 3-year degree. Such a curriculum allows students to discover all of the various educational pathways through the explanatory schema. Graduates who have completed a 3-year degree, regardless of the discipline, may apply for the Master of Business Administration specializing in Hotel and Tourism Management (MBA Professional).

This intensive and demanding higher education program taught through English provides students with a wide choice of far-reaching career prospects. Over the two-year period, students acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise to equip them for management roles in the hospitality and tourism sector. The managerial skills acquired are also relevant to any other industry necessitating staff supervision, team coaching, accounting skills, etc.

AIM's MBA graduates are equipped with a solid and well-recognized degree, a good command of English and industry experience acquired through internships in management roles in France and abroad. As a result, they are in the best possible position to secure employment in the months following graduation with employers guaranteed that they are recruiting a high-quality candidate who is ready for immediate operational.

Specialized professional training in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The institution’s specialized professional courses in hospitality and tourism management meet the demands of employers and continually updated and adapted to current labor markets. These courses have been designed to allow candidates to apply, upon completion of their studies, for immediate employment in hospitality management roles.

Two very distinct programs: Financial Management and AMS are adapted to the needs of candidates who wish to retrain or specialize in hospitality management.

In ongoing close collaboration with leading hotels, reflected in internship offers or organized tours and seminars, AIM draws on its industry-specific knowledge and wealth of experience in order to continue providing high-quality education. Candidates undertaking CongéIndividuel de Formation (individual training leave or CIF) or Compte Personnel de Formation (personal training leave or CPF) are eligible for this course.

AIM students benefit from free annual membership to the library: a membership card delivered at the start of the academic year gives them full access throughout the year.

Located in the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris’s “Maison Internationale”, the Central Library contains huge collections with 50,000 books, 316,000 e-books, 1,900 periodicals (including 1,550 in electronic format) and 57 databases. It provides access to a range of services to help students with their university work:

  • Online dictionaries and encyclopedias,
  • Online French and international press,
  • Periodicals,
  • Internet access,
  • On-site consultation,
  • User training,
  • Printing, photocopying, scanning, and binding of documents.

The EspaceLangues, a multimedia self-learning center, provides facilities to improve in French, to learn 26 other languages, and to participate in conversation groups (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc.)

A message from the Directors of AIM

At AIM, we have educated and helped to launch the careers of promising managers and directors for major players in the hospitality and tourism industry since 1992.

The following key elements of success were:

  • Our program - shaped after one of the best professionally respected hotel management schools in the world, Cornell University in the USA. We have further enriched and infused this successful basic framework with our European culture and savoir-faire.
  • Our curriculum - concrete, precise, and practical. The subject matter and the way it is taught have been designed to provide future managers the knowledge and understanding needed to fulfill their duties. These same classes are also regularly offered to working professionals in prestigious hospitality companies as part of their professional training.
  • Our faculty – carefully selected and trained in world-renowned companies, our staff is composed of remarkable hospitality experts and education specialists whom we are sincerely proud to present to you on this website.
  • Our teaching process – we use the best academic and pedagogical methods available, ensuring our students' breadth as well as depth of knowledge, acquired efficiently and enjoyably.
  • Our partnerships – academic, professional and technological and we invite you to discover them on our site.

“We have designed this Académie for those who desire to work and hold positions of responsibility as administrators, organizers, and managers of high-end international hotels and tourism companies.”