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Peloton Consulting Group Built on the power of connection and collaboration


We live in a fast-paced world where digital transformation is fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers. Digital transformation is also a cultural change that requires companies to continuously challenge the status quo, get comfortable with failure, and experiment. To assist companies in their digital transformation endeavor, consulting firms are now devising different strategies to deliver digital transformation projects with a strong focus on how to best serve the client and effectively embrace change. Globally there are various consulting firms delivering exceptional services but one that stands out from the rest is Peloton Consulting Group.

Peloton Consulting Group (‘Peloton’) is a leading consultancy that helps clients drive growth and enhance performance through digital transformation. The company has the experts, leading practices, know how, and capabilities to help clients realize the vision of digital transformation. Peloton believes that organizations that will thrive in the new digital age will provide value through hyper-connected capabilities that connect people, process, and technology which is why the company partners with its clients to design strategies, implement solutions, and enable digital transformation.

Responsiveness of a boutique firm and robust capabilities of a global firm

To connect its people and customers, Peloton has regional Hubs with dedicated teams across North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Peloton is committed to providing customers local service with connected global resources; teams connect with clients both virtually and face-to-face in order to build lasting relationships.

Peloton provides a differentiated customer experience by actively involving clients from the start. Leveraging Peloton’s Breakaway methodology, teams collaborate with customers to understand the unique challenges facing their business and work to align digital transformation objectives to industry-leading technology solutions. Throughout the project lifecycle, Peloton teams focus on driving end-user adoption as they link the business process to the developing solution.

Taking a customer-centric approach, teams work diligently to build trust-based relationships and have a sense of pride and ownership in their quality delivery to meet the client’s needs. Peloton embraces customers as extended team members to promote a strong sense of collaboration and investment in the final solution. The company is focused, committed, and passionate to demonstrate progress, measure results, and implement practical solutions that produce transformational outcomes.

Peloton is nothing without its people

“As a professional services firm, we are only as strong as our people. We continuously invest in employee training and evaluate internal processes to ensure we cultivate the top talent,” - Kristen Connell, Chief People Officer.

Peloton’s success is attributed to its talented team of professionals who balance innovation with business practicality. The company works hard to identify, recruit, and foster the very best talent, knowing that its exceptional employees are what make the firm special. The Peloton team rallies around a common mission and a core set of company values that foster an innovative and team-based culture.thesiliconreview-peloton-consulting-group-image2-20

Peloton offers outstanding career experiences for individuals to gain knowledge and expertise rapidly. The company strives for cohesive teams where each person understands the significance of their role and is encouraged to voice and share ideas throughout a project. Team members exhibit a “can do” attitude and individuals invigorate others by the passion and energy they bring to their work. The firm recognizes that results matter and that people working together are the key to results.

Celebrating achievements and sharing knowledge

“Fostering a collaborative environment where all voices are heard is the key to Peloton’s ability to deliver quality service to our customers,” - Ray Nieuwenhuizen, Chief Operating Officer.

Teamwork, service, voice, can-do attitude, innovation, and integrity are the core values woven into the fabric of Peloton. Employees are nominated on a quarterly basis by their colleagues for exemplifying core values and Peloton recognizes and celebrates both team and individual accomplishments. The sharing of these success stories throughout the organization are a great source of inspiration and help strengthen the familiarity of achievements across the firm. Individuals are encouraged to explore new technology and business concepts, leverage outside ideas and solutions, and bring an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to the organization and their work.

Peloton advocates for team members to share knowledge and ideas proactively and collaboratively. Employees have the opportunity to host a Weekly Vitamin Knowledge session to share and educate the wider organization on innovative and relevant ideas. In these sessions, individuals across the company share their own knowledge, opinions, points of view, and can challenge the status quo. Knowledge sharing topics span technology, business process, consulting skills, and leading practices.image

Company members praise leadership’s accessibility, the collaborative environment, and the way Peloton celebrates success. Senior professionals allocate a significant amount of their time to recruiting top talent, onboarding new team members to the Peloton way, and mentoring colleagues. Team members at all levels have explicit development goals, with a clear development path for advancement. Peloton maintains a constant cycle of learning and mentoring with quarterly goal setting and routine feedback which allows team members to challenge themselves and continue to grow as professionals.

Giving back: Peloton community service

Peloton employees are also inspired creatively and encouraged to collaborate through community service opportunities. Passionate about giving back to the communities they serve globally, Peloton donates time, money, and in-kind resources to underprivileged children and their families. Peloton Consulting Group funds the not-for-profit Peloton Kids Foundation to maximize contributions to kids through fun and exciting events. The firm partners with other promising, quality, and caring non-profit organizations who provide direct support to local kids and their families. The team understands that helping in a big way doesn’t always mean a big event. Year-round there are abundant volunteer opportunities to get involved in, which reinforce Peloton’s value of “Service” across Peloton’s clients, partners, and the broader community.

“We contribute to helping kids and their families achieve childhood school readiness, health and well-being, and family enablement,” concludes Senior Director Brian Deegan.

“Peloton is built on the power of connection. We value our ability to connect with our clients, helping them to modernize business processes with integrated cloud-based applications and analytics. We value connectivity, diversity and inclusion as a team and with the community – we are stronger together.”