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October Special Edition 2020

Penta Technologies, Inc. – Helping industrial contractors improve efficiency and effectiveness through world-class enterprise software and services


Companies from the construction and construction-related industry must prove themselves in a competitive and challenging market environment in which the use of material resources and a high degree of flexibility in project management are very important. Intense national and international competition, increasing administrative requirements, and high pressure to innovate require contractors to support advanced business solutions that can simplify complex and unique construction processes. ERP software offers various integrated solutions that support all aspects of the construction business, from planning, project control to the cost and revenue estimation. With the help of an ERP system, construction managers can easily monitor each project's status, create milestones, delegate assignments to the right staff, and keep track of staff timesheets with just a few clicks. Real-time data enables contractors to track each staff's time on each task, making it easier for them to bill clients.

Penta Technologies, Inc. is one such firm that develops enterprise construction software that helps construction, service, and engineering enterprises improve business performance. Its software incorporates enterprise-wide document, content management, and industrial-strength business process management capabilities beyond traditional construction ERP software. From integrated Multi-Company Financials, Projects, Service, Labor, and Equipment, to Analytics, Document Imaging, Workflow, and Mobile Field software, the firm helps ensure that engineering and construction firms' best practices are leveraged more consistently across their organizations proactively to help them do what they do even better.

Innovative construction management services furnished by Penta Technologies, Inc.

Construction Software: Reduce Project Risk, Increase Margins, and Maximize Resource Utilization with Proven, Integrated Penta Construction Enterprise Software. Penta Construction Software helps you manage operations with less effort, consistently execute best practices, and improve productivity by continually analyzing your performance. North American construction firms trust the software every day to unify construction accounting and project management in the office and the field. It simplifies multi and inter-company management and mobilizes construction field data collection. It also empowers decision-makers with daily analytics to facilitate payroll and labor management.

Enterprise Content Management Software: Woven directly into Penta, the Enterprise Content Management Software helps construction and service firms automate low-value, time-intensive tasks. By creating paperless work environments and streamlining workflow, Penta ECM and the ECM app can reduce costs, simplify compliance, and improve collaboration while boosting business performance. It reduces the costs of generating, storing, and distributing construction documents and other content while making audits faster, easier, and less intrusive. The construction document management software capabilities of PENTA Enterprise Content Management, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated imports, provide a scalable solution for centralized or distributed scanning.

Construction Project Management Software: Construction Project Managers play a more vital role in your projects' success than any other single staffer. Unexpected problems that threaten your project's profitability can arise from many sources, each of which the Project Manager must supervise. In an environment with multiple active projects, the possibility of costly issues multiplies quickly. Using Penta Construction Project Management Software, these jobs can be made more comfortable and efficient than ever in your construction enterprise. Enterprise Content Management helps construction firms automate low-value, time-intensive tasks. By creating paperless work environments and streamlining workflow, Penta ECM can reduce costs, simplify compliance, and improve collaboration while boosting business performance.

Crew-Based Field Reporting Software: As a front-line supervisor managing large crews, you need to manage construction work packages daily effectively. From the initial definition of the work package and its components to the daily monitoring and administration of progress and proactive risk mitigation, Penta's Work Package Manager is a set of apps that provides you the toolkit necessary to do so.

The Formidable Leader

Karl Koenig is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Penta Technologies, Inc. He has over 30 years' experience in the engineering and construction enterprise information systems industry, covering tenures at both System 5 and Penta Technologies. He previously served as President of System 5. Mr. Karl has helped the company grow into one of North America's leading enterprise software vendors to the engineering and construction industries.

"Our sole focus is on solving business problems for commercial and industrial contracting, engineering, and field service firms across the United States and Canada."