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30 Best Small Companies to Watch 2020

PeopleTec, Inc. – Providing an exceptional customer support by employing and retaining a highly skilled workforce


Small businesses account for the vast majority of all US companies, and employ nearly half the private workforce, reports the Small Business Administration. Surprisingly, businesses with fewer than 100 people on their teams have the largest share of employment. Small companies are an anchor of the economy, creating job opportunities, and driving innovation—entrepreneurship benefits both individuals and communities. Owning a small business can be an opportunity to grow professionally and reach your full potential. This journey can teach you new skills while allowing you to achieve significant financial rewards. At the same time, you have a chance to contribute to society as a whole and help others better themselves. This process also gives you a deeper understanding of your business.

You get to know your customers so that you can meet their expectations. Over time, you acquire the skills needed to communicate clearly with your team, lead a significant change process, and achieve organizational goals. Good management requires more than strong leadership skills. Successful entrepreneurs build and manage relationships with shareholders, suppliers, and potential partners. They also keep an open mind and implement new technologies to drive productivity and efficiency. They know when to take risks and are willing to learn from their mistakes.

PeopleTec, Inc. is a growth-oriented, employee-owned small business founded in Huntsville, AL in 2005. Its founding principles are to provide exceptional customer support by employing and retaining a highly skilled workforce, meeting or exceeding customers' expectations through disciplined program execution, and applying innovative business processes to enhance cost efficiency. The name PeopleTec was deliberately chosen with the intent that it would continue to remind the firm their core value system that is centered on its people. The firm was built on a dedication always to place employees and customers first. Maintaining this focus has created a company with the best and brightest who can provide technical excellence to its customer base.

Exceptional Solutions and Services Offered by PeopleTec, Inc.

Diversified Engineering

PeopleTec's Diversified Engineering experts provide industry-leading research, development, and engineering essential to the nation's missile defense, space and aviation programs. PeopleTec's extensive engineering experience and broad expertise provide a strong foundation for the rapid application of the resources required to meet customers' challenges.  Disciplines within PeopleTec's Diversified Engineering competency include Systems Engineering & Analysis, Business Process Engineering, Software Engineering & Integration, Test Facility Design, Development & Operation, Test & Evaluation, and System Architecture.

Modeling and Simulation

PeopleTec develops engineering-level physics-based models and uses computational tools and architectures to provide high-fidelity, realistic simulations of DoD and commercial systems in stand-alone and distributed, real-time network architectures. It expertly applies these tools, models, and simulations to reduce system design cycle time significantly, cost, and risk, assess design and performance trade-offs, optimize human-machine interfaces, and enhance training effectiveness.

Cyber Security and Intel

PeopleTec provides specialized cybersecurity support to US Government customers with Computer Network Defense (CND), Space Operations, National Cyber Exercise Support, Cyber Training, Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA), and Cross Domain Solutions (CDS). The highly-skilled, experienced, and certified analysts collect, process, integrate, analyze, and interpret actionable intelligence data that more effectively enables customers to make strategic decisions for the prevention of attacks in today's electronic battlefield. The firm applies these industry-leading solutions to enterprise computing environments to ensure secure, reliable computing infrastructures to meet the Cyber challenges of today and tomorrow.

Rapid Prototyping

PeopleTec's rapid prototyping capabilities include engineering, development, integration, test, training, and logistics support. The military experience, combined with superior designs, yields innovative solutions focused on mission dominance. By applying ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System, products function with high operational availability ensuring reliable performance for the Warfighter.

The valiant leader behind the supremacy of PeopleTec, Inc.    

Ms. Terry Jennings is the Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of PeopleTec, Inc. Ms. Jennings' professional career has spanned many facets of corporate administration and employee relations. She has over 25 years of experience in the defense services industry. Prior to joining PeopleTec, she was a corporate Vice President of Administration at SAIC, where she oversaw administrative operations for the southeast region. From 1995 through 2003, Ms. Jennings was the Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Secretary, and a Director at Quality Research, Inc. She was responsible for corporate administration, including Human Resources, Security, Facilities, Technical Publications, and Corporate Information Systems. Ms. Jennings attended Motlow State College in Tennessee.

"We nurture an exciting and enjoyable environment to attract the most qualified, skilled, and dedicated professionals that apply their skills and competencies to our customers' needs."