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Employers face various human resource challenges. Enrolling the correct representative for the correct job is one of the most basic challenges, and that task has gotten more difficult with a global economy and an exceptionally agile workforce. Businesses can no longer depend entirely on the applicant interviews to settle on a sound recruiting decision. Pre-employment screening or check is a procedure that allows managers to confirm data, for example, education, and earlier job history and performance. What’s more, the screening procedure uncovers significant data about an applicant’s earlier conduct which can enable a business to evaluate potential hazards presented by the candidate. Earlier behaviors can incorporate substance abuse, financial record and bankruptcy, driving records, and criminal convictions, and common prosecution. You can bring down the odds of making a terrible recruit by conducting background checks verifications before you make employment offers to applicants. It will uncover any subtleties the individual may have hid or been unscrupulous about during the interview procedure so your organization just puts resources into honorable individuals.

Peopletrail is a PBSA-accredited background screening partner, delivering ATS-integrated solutions and accurate, trusted results. From decades of experience working with organizations across nearly every industry, the company has learned a thing or two about what it takes to make sound hiring decisions. Finding the right fit for a position can be challenging. Peopletrail strives to make the process as easy as possible providing you with fully-integrated solutions so you can carry on within your current workflows all the while receiving the best, most trusted candidate screening information available.

Navigating the Process of Onboarding for Employers

Criminal Background Checks: Many incidents of workplace violence, theft, or misconduct are carried out by individuals with a problematic history. Criminal background screening is an effective way to know who you are inviting to join your team. Moreover, when an applicant is aware they will be undergoing a criminal background check for employment, they are less likely to lie on their job application. Identifying and mitigating risky hires will help you protect your organization’s reputation, better secure valuable assets, and foster a feeling of safety among current employees.

Identity Checks: Identity verification is often the first step in the background screening process. Not only does a comprehensive identity check verify name, date of birth, and social security information, but it also uncovers aliases as well as address records that help to paint a full picture. This information can be used to uncover buried criminal data and cross-reference records that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to tie to the responsible party. While identity screening reports don’t include financial or criminal data, they provide the initial insights necessary to help you know who you’re hiring, making them a key component to any comprehensive screening solution. It’s commonly thought that background checks somehow verify a candidate’s identity automatically. In reality, verifying an individual’s identity isn’t always so simple. The information received from the candidate such as name, date of birth, and social security number is used as a reference to verify and screen out large amounts of data pulled from information repositories. Their expert researchers leverage technology as well as their expertise in order to refine this data and return complete, accurate results.

Drug Screening: Drug and health screening is mandated among federally-regulated organizations that employ individuals in safety-sensitive positions. However, even when not required, many organizations conduct drug testing for employment in order to mitigate risk in the workplace and improve team productivity. Whether you are bound by government mandates or dedication to safety, Peopletrail has the drug screening solutions you need. Most states have allowed testing of applicants prior to the final offer as long as there are proper disclosures. However, there are certain states that require a conditional job offer to conduct a drug test. Notification of the drug testing can be provided during the first interview or on the application form signed by the applicant. Peopletrail can help ensure that your organization has the proper disclosures and carries out appropriate drug testing protocol, staying compliant with screening regulations.

Form I9 Verification: Form I-9 verification is used for verifying the identity and legal right to work status of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must ensure proper completion of Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment, citizen or non-citizen. Peopletrail can make the Form I-9 process simple for your business. While this is a post-hire activity that requires employer action, Peopletrail has partnered with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to provide access directly through your ATS or the background screening portal where forms can be stored and managed.

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