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With an experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados, Perfect Corp. is propelling the growth of the beauty tech segment by leaps and bounds


Digital technology has had significant effects on the modern day consumer experience across all sectors, and has been especially transformative in re-imagining the beauty shopping journey. A couple of years ago, when beauty companies decided to make an investment in AI and AR try-on-tools, they did not anticipate that virtual try-ons might become the only way customers could test and experiment with products. Even more apparent during the world’s current pandemic, brands that offer unique, touchless omnichannel shopping solutions are being prioritized more than ever.

An innovator who completely revolutionized the beauty segment with its award-winning digital-first solutions, is Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp.. The company is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider, offering innovative AR+AI beauty solutions to help beauty brands, retailers, and content creators seamlessly integrate an extensive selection of B2B and B2C services and solutions to drive business. Perfect Corp. serves the greater beauty industry with unique solutions that fit across a range of Omni-channel touchpoints and play to an enhanced consumer experience. The B2B services include a selection of custom enterprise solutions and subscription-based SAAS solutions for indie, small, and medium businesses. These solutions help brands re-imagine the consumer beauty shopping experience online and offline through advanced AR and AI beauty experiences that help to deliver a most consumer-centric journey for shoppers and drive business. From the seamless web, integration to introduce virtual try-on to a brand website, experiential in-store digital experiences, and advanced AI-based product and shade recommendation solutions, Perfect Corp. has a solution to match every brand, budget, and touchpoint. The B2C side of the business offers complimentary and premium app subscriptions for the YouCam suite of apps. The interactive virtual apps span from beauty experimentation in YouCam Makeup to photography editing in YouCam Perfect, and deliver on unique, hyper-realistic effects for consumers to discover, try, create, and shop with ease from their mobile device.

Perfect Corp. was founded in 2015, and has headquarters in New Taipei City, Xindian District, Taiwan with regional offices all over the globe.

A conversation with Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp.

Q. What is the current market landscape of beauty/cosmetics industry?

The global pandemic has brought with it a need for new experiences to speak to the digital shopper and ease the concerns of in-store experiences through touchless/contactless experience to replace the product sampling of the past. Additionally, the pandemic has brought with it a surge in online shopping, which has challenged the team to quickly identify unique ways for brands to enhance their web shopping experience. As more beauty consumers are shopping online than ever before, we are challenged to deliver hyper-realistic virtual effects—that rival physical try-on—to speak to the modern-day beauty shopper who is browsing at home on their computer or phone.

Q. Do you think it is mandatory for cosmetics/beauty brands to embrace AR/VR for better customer experience?

Absolutely. Brands must quickly adapt to evolving consumer behaviors and recognize the spikes in online shopping that has resulted. The more consumers try, the more they buy—this has been a proven concept for centuries, and virtual try-on beauty experiences have helped consumers try and experiment with more products than ever, all in a matter of seconds. By embracing beauty technology like AR and AI, brands can enhance their online beauty shopping experience through interactive virtual try-on and product matching solutions that drive business, with proven increases to 2.5x conversions. Brands and retailers need to open their minds to the possibility of what beauty tech can offer their consumers, including an 8% decrease in returns, further proving the benefits of this enriched consumer shopping experience. Additionally, as retail stores reopen, brands must quickly embrace AR and AI solutions to create interactive in-store experiences that curb global health concerns post-pandemic.

Q. Do you have skilled/qualified individuals who can help you give your best always?

Perfect Corp. has the most talented team globally, with top talent recruited from all over the world. The technical talent pool is rooted in the Taiwan headquarter office, where Chang is constantly challenging engineers and R&D, to accomplish the impossible. Every time she has one of those “Alice wish” moments, no matter how hard it is, the engineering team always delivers. Our developers continue to amaze with unthinkable innovation, proving the impossible it very achievable. Of course, no success would be achieved without hard work and contribution from other departments. Our RD, design, marketing, and business development teams all work tirelessly toward a common goal. Great teamwork truly makes anything possible.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Always! With the rise in online e-commerce, brands are challenged to find new ways to enhance their online shopping experience. As a result, we have worked hard to amplify our web solutions to help brands boost their e-commerce experience. This includes online virtual beauty consultation through Perfect Corp.’s Web Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 service and the integration of interactive content directly on to a brand’s website with services like Web AI Live Casting. Additionally, we believe AI will bring the next big upgrade to the consumer digital journey. Technologies such as AI ShadeFinder can help users find their exact shade match when shopping for foundations. AI Skincare innovation can help consumers track their skin health and browse personalized product recommendations that match their target skin concerns. Advancements in AI innovation make personalized recommendations possible and will be the key for next-gen virtual try-on experiences both online and offline.

Meet the leader behind the success of Perfect Corp

Alice Chang is the definition of an innovator and a trailblazer. Her ability to quickly pivot and seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing consumer beauty landscape is something that has kept her ahead of the pack for decades. She isn’t afraid to try the never-been-done-before and it’s this mindset that motivates and challenges her team to ‘always be innovating’. Before technology, Chang was working in the financial sector in the banking industry. This was during the early 90’s, when the internet was introduced into our daily lives and Chang identified a myriad of possibilities in the online realm. Sparked by curiosity and opportunity, she jumped into a career in the IT industry where she recognized the power and opportunity presented by technology and lead Cyberlink as CEO to help advance technology for the enjoyment of people. Nearly two decades later, Chang recognized the practical application of AR and facial recognition technologies in the beauty space. It was in June 2015 that Perfect Corp. was born with the focus of re-imaging the consumer beauty experience through advanced technology that help individuals discover, try, share, and shop for beauty, completely re-imagining the consumer beauty journey.

“Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a re-imagined consumer shopping experience.”