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PerfectServe – A unified platform for clinical communication and collaboration that helps improve patient care


Whether via a phone call or a chance meeting in the hallway, clinical communication can become compromised if important information is not recorded. Clinical communication platforms can help in this process by keeping all relevant information in a single tool — messages, EHRs (electronic health records), call logs, and any notes among providers. While investing in technology is essential for any healthcare team, it’s important to understand the strengths and downsides of clinical communication platforms to see how to ultimately improve patient care.

PerfectServe® was born in 1997 from a nurse’s experience managing patient messages, a tedious process that frustrated doctor, nurse and patient alike. Using technology from the interactive voice messaging industry, their founder, Terry Edwards, invented a medical answering service alternative that saved time and reduced mistakes. PerfectServe accelerates speed to care by optimizing provider schedules, streamlining clinical communication, and engaging patients and their families in the care experience. Their cloud-based software simplifies complex clinical workflows and schedules with secure and timely communication by dynamically routing messages to the right person at the right time. The company drives more efficient care collaboration in all settings to improve patient outcomes and bring joy back to caregivers. PerfectServe has more than 20 years of experience and is a trusted partner to more than 500 hospitals and 30,000 medical practices.

Robust Solutions for Unified Healthcare Communication

Clinical Communication Solutions: PerfectServe’s goal is simple: Deliver the right information to the right care team members—regardless of device or location—to help achieve better outcomes for patients. Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms are secure messaging solutions that integrate with clinical systems to improve communication for physicians, nurses, and other care team members. Clinicians can access these solutions from their smartphone, desktop, or within the EHR environment. CC&C platforms are an evolution of secure messaging solutions, which focus mainly on texting in a HIPAA-compliant manner, or one-way unsecure paging systems. Where a secure messaging solution traditionally provides HIPAA-compliant texting and voice communication, a CC&C platform brings in patient data from the EHR to show clinicians their patient list and all care team members. CC&C platforms also have the ability to message all care team members and give clinicians access to the patient’s date of birth, location, and other critical details from a smartphone.

Provider Scheduling Software: Support providers' work-life balance while improving operational efficiencies with a provider scheduling solution that considers thousands of variables to create the best possible schedules—every time. Reduce physician burnout by ensuring their schedules accommodate as many requests and preferences as possible, are equitable and provide transparency. Free up valuable time for schedulers by automating schedule creation. Ensure provider preferences, department rules, legal requirements and organizational needs are considered with every schedule without manual intervention. Minimize physician turnover and improve their work-life balance with an optimized schedule accommodating both their needs and the organizations'.

Patient Engagement Solution: It supports patients before, during, and after care using secure tools for virtual and in-person patient visits. Avoid admissions and readmissions by providing continuous support to patients in their health journey. Make every touchpoint a patient has with your organization exceptional—no matter where or how it takes place. Reduce no-shows and help guide patients through simple, successful encounters with your providers. Maintain a safe and comfortable connection with patients throughout their visit by helping to minimize germ exposure and discomfort. Enable ad-hoc connections to become income generating telehealth visits with multiple ways for patients to connect with providers—text, call, and video. Keep approved family members in the loop during patient care and post-discharge, despite geographical barriers or visiting restrictions. PerfectServe simplifies sending Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Event Notifications to patients’ primary and family providers for enhanced continuity of care.

AnesthesiaGo: AnesthesiaGo is the first and only solution that automatically matches available staff with the best daily case schedule to save time, minimize human error, and allow you to focus on patient care. AnesthesiaGo is designed to disrupt outdated processes for building daily case assignments, which typically involve a senior anesthesiologist poring over a case list by hand to dole out assignments the night before or morning of surgery. AnesthesiaGo automates the case assignment process with a powerful rules-based algorithm that eliminates inefficiencies, double bookings, and undesired pairings while reducing the time required to build a functional schedule from an hour or more to mere minutes. Their program ensures that assigned anesthesiologists have the appropriate specialty qualifications and facility credentials for their cases. If manual changes are made, validation checks alert the user if any rules are violated. AnesthesiaGo supports teaming (or best matches) between credentialed doctors and surgeons, which improve satisfaction and wellness, facilitate continuity of care, and reduce burnout. If you know and like whom you’re doing surgery with, the whole process is bound to be smoother and more stress-free.

About | Rodrigo Martínez, MD

Rodrigo Martínez, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer of PerfectServe. In this role, Dr. Martínez helps to guide and develop the direction of the company by providing clinical expertise and thought leadership that ensure PerfectServe’s solutions consistently meet the ever-expanding care coordination needs of healthcare organizations. He also serves as a key liaison with customers, partners, and prospects, helping to thoroughly communicate the capabilities and value of PerfectServe’s mission and technology. As an authoritative clinical voice, Dr. Martínez fosters deep employee understanding of patient and provider needs and brings extensive knowledge of best practices, trends, and use cases of clinical communication and provider scheduling technology across the care continuum.

"PerfectServe’s mission is to remove one of the most common obstacles preventing doctors, nurses and other care team members from providing high-quality care."