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November Monthly Edition 2022

Equipping companies to break away from legacy security tools and helping businesses meet the cybersecurity requirements of the future: Perimeter 81


With world increasingly going online, cybersecurity is of utmost importance to protect businesses and individuals. It is crucial because it safeguards all types of data against theft and loss .Globally, there are various companies providing excellent cybersecurity services, Perimeter 81 stands out among them. Perimeter 81 radically simplifies cybersecurity with the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform. As a holistic, cloud-based solution, Perimeter 81 allows organizations of all industries and sizes to support the immediate desires of digital nomads with a purpose—while still granting IT teams the ability to manage it all safely.

The company was founded in 2018 by two IDF elite intelligence unit alumni, CEO Amit Bareket and CPO Sagi Gidali, and is based in Tel Aviv, the heart of the startup nation. Perimeter 81’s thousands of clients include SMBs to Fortune 500 businesses across a wide range of sectors, and its partners are among the world's leading integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers.

Technology and SaaS

Perimeter 81’s network security platform offers Technology and SaaS companies the ability to easily meet compliance standards, secure their cloud and on-prem resources, and offer employees low-latency access from anywhere. A transformation in security is necessary in an era when the traditional network perimeter has also transformed. As resources move to the cloud, workers have gone remote and access to the corporate network occurs further than ever and across more endpoints. Under these conditions, legacy security solutions fall behind and Perimeter 81 pulls ahead. As a SaaS service, the company understands exactly what kind of security you need. With Perimeter 81 you can protect your cloud environments, servers and users with total ease. Perimeter 81’s cloud-based service seamlessly integrates with major cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It provides cost-effective access control, total visibility and monitoring across all environments. Employees connect from multiple devices, and from various locations during all hours of the night and day. Perimeter 81 allows employees to securely access the organization’s private network through the internet and share data. Simplify the stack and reduce tool sprawl with a unified array of security and networking tools. Perimeter 81’s platform lets IT create access policies and traffic rules which can be easily changed and applied to new assets as the organization grows. Its unified software-based solution helps IT and Security professionals eliminate the considerable time and cost involved in orchestrating multiple networking and security solutions together.


With full network visibility and policy enforcement, Perimeter 81 secures protected health information in the cloud, on-site, and in transit allowing you to meet HIPAA requirements and better protect PHI. Healthcare providers handling Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) must balance the need to be HIPAA compliant with the need to support cloud-based solutions that help them better serve patients. Unfortunately, the complexity of securing a multi-cloud environment often risks compliance – but not anymore. Perimeter 81 helps healthcare providers meet the steep compliance requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 and more by providing their IT teams with a powerful array of unified networking and cybersecurity tools. With a multi-layer approach and single portal for administration, Perimeter 81 makes it easy to protect patient data. The average healthcare organization relies on a mix of cloud services, some of them unbeknownst to the IT department. With Perimeter 81, you can assess potential risks to your organization, gain insight on how to combat them and secure PHI. Perimeter 81 prevents data loss and unauthorized access to your network, allowing you to enforce strict policies to data in the cloud, ensuring that protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive data is not stored or shared in the cloud in violation of policies.


Keep vital customer and financial data safe against cyber threats, by securing access to your firm’s critical on-premises and cloud-based resources. Financial firms are increasingly moving their workloads to the cloud, and allowing user access to occur outside the traditional network premises. A unified and visibility-focused solution brings security in-line with these trends for financial institutions, and reduces the attack surface. Perimeter 81 unifies the networking and security tools required by IT into a single cloud platform, and helps financial services companies to implement more thorough user- and device-centric access policies. As the number of devices and resources inside the network increases, so does the attack surface – a serious headache for many CIOs. Per-resource access rules in this environment need to be designed not on credentials, but on role, device, location and other identifiers. As organizations continually adopt security solutions, tool sprawl and alert fatigue leave teams frustrated and distracted. It’s important to be able to manage, monitor, and analyze network changes in real time, while also easily enforcing security where appropriate.

Meet the Leader behind the success of Perimeter 81

Amit Bareket, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Perimeter 81. Amit is a cybersecurity expert with a poker face that’s great for keeping secrets or for deadpan humor. He holds eight patents for storage, mobile applications, and UI. After working as a software engineer for IBM XIV Storage and BigBand Networks, Amit decided to start SaferVPN, a consumer VPN service, with his not-so-old university buddy, Sagi Gidali. Following the sale of the business to J2 Global, they established Perimeter 81, where Amit leads all the tech, infrastructure, and business relationships. He served in the IDF’s Unit 81 elite cyber intelligence group and graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

“Perimeter 81’s network security platform offers Technology and SaaS companies the ability to easily meet compliance standards, secure their cloud and on-prem resources, and offer employees low-latency access from anywhere.”