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Outstanding data-driven personalized customer engagement platform for financial services: Personetics


Personetics is the leading global provider of data-driven personalization and customer engagement solutions for the Financial Services industry, serving over 135 million bank customers worldwide. Focused on enabling proactive engagement for banks, Personetics’ AI analyzes financial data in real-time to understand customer financial behavior in order to anticipate needs and act on their behalf. With solutions designed for the mass market, affluent, and small business customers, the technology enables banks to offer day-to-day insights, financial advice, and wellness programs.

Banks use Personetics’ agile tools to rapidly create their own personalization IP to serve the unique needs of their customers and differentiate them in a crowded market. With these advances, banks have transformed their digital banking into the center of the customers’ financial lives while also delivering significant business impact.

A Powerful, Growing Partnership

Led by a team of seasoned financial and technology entrepreneurs, Personetics strives to actualize a world of “Self-Driving Finance” where banks proactively act on behalf of their customers – a win-win for customers and banks alike. Headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices worldwide Personetics solutions in use with major banks globally, and has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor and a Top Ten FinTech by KPMG. It’s no secret that saving and debt reduction are becoming more and more complicated tasks for customers, particularly with the recent sharp cost of living increases and rising interest rates. It’s also difficult for customers to keep close track of their cash flow. Many simply do not have the right information needed to confidently set up recurring transfers into savings accounts.

This is a growing problem Personetics has been working with banks to solve, via Act, an automated self-adjustable, wellness solution. UOB, one of Southeast Asia’s most innovative banks, has recently begun leveraging Personetics’ Act capabilities in a program they call “Auto-Save,” on their mobile digital banking app, TMRW. It’s the latest chapter in the long and fruitful partnership between UOB and Personetics. Since 2018, Personetics has helped UOB to deliver more than 150 million personalized insights to customers throughout Southeast Asia and achieve an average year-over-year growth of nearly 30% in mobile login users.

A Win-Win for the Customer & the Bank

The benefits to the customer are obvious. Banks like UOB that have implemented Personetics’ Act solution have seen their customers grow savings by an average of ~ $3,700 per year.

As for the bank, automated savings helps on multiple fronts:

Improving Retention

When RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), another Personetics partner, took a closer look at their customers who were participating in their “Nomi Find and Save” program, they found this group had stickiness levels that were 4-5 times higher than other RBC customers. They were far more likely to use RBC products and far less likely to leave for a competitor.

Growing Investments

UOB TMRW has started by focusing on savings accounts, but other banks have tailored their Act instances to help customers move money into mutual fund offerings and managed portfolios, and even to nudge them toward meeting with one of the bank’s investment advisors.

Aggregation/Open Banking

With Personetics’ automated savings and open banking capabilities, customers now have a compelling reason to link external accounts to your institution. Doing this gives the customer more locations where unused money can be “found” and moved over to their savings at your institution. While those links help the customer save more, they also help your institution save – by removing the expensive task of trying to acquire those external accounts instead.

SMBs want financial advice and efficiency

Personalization and advice

Small business owners want ease of use together with personalized guidance, and are seeking the solutions that meet these needs. Until recently, small businesses were woefully underserved by banks that don’t understand them. A J.D. Power study found that too many banks use the same channels and tools for microenterprises as for individuals, which don’t provide the services a business owner needs.

Clean actionable data

Banks need to be able to bring together the data they collect from SMB customers to distill actionable and meaningful insights and share them with the customer in a timely manner. In the hierarchy of banking needs, “advise me” rests at the top of the pyramid. The Holy Grail for small businesses is a banking partner that alerts them to action items and suggests next steps, giving support in making financial and business decisions based on verified insights and serving as a trusted advisor for their finances.

Personetics’ financial data-driven engagement platform gives banks the tools they need to deliver the personalized insights and tailored guidance those small business customers are looking for. It’s comprised of Engage, which delivers financial data-driven advice, push notifications and alerts, and a personalized dashboard for each customer; and Act, which provides automated financial wellness programs that self-adjust to each customer’s needs. Additionally, Personetics offers an employee-facing solution that channels insights about each customer towards human banking advisors, so they can better serve small business customers.

Meet the leader behind the success of Personetics

David Sosna, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Personetics has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services arena. Prior to founding Personetics, David was co-founder and chief executive officer of Actimize, the leading provider of financial crime, risk and compliance solutions. Under his leadership, Actimize was recognized as a global leader in the financial services market and was acquired in 2007 by NICE Systems. Prior to Actimize, David founded Gilon Information Systems, which grew under his leadership to become Israel’s largest business intelligence company. David graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Ben-Gurion University.

“Guide your customers through their financial journey with personalized insights, advice, and automated money management.”