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Phrasee® – Providing the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting technology on the planet


The way human beings communicate with each other is transforming at a breakneck pace. Emojis, abbreviations, and new colloquialisms emerge by the day and are quickly adopted by the digital masses. Experimenting with your brand's marketing copy on actual consumers can be an arduous and tricky task and well-suited to AI technology. AI's transformative ability to generate and test linguistic variants on audiences at scale to determine what works (and what doesn't) on a particular audience segment is unmatched in the current paradigm of human-only copywriting. Effectively developed AI copywriting technology generates marketing copy at a scale that adheres to your brand's unique tone of voice, protecting the valuable relationships you've built with your customers from off-brand language.

Phrasee® is one such firm that empowers brands with the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting technology on the planet. The company has developed a world-leading natural language generation system that can write marketing copy that sounds human and fits your brand's voice that boosts marketing performance, revenue, and careers. The firm has helped to optimize marketing copy  for some of the world's most recognized brands, including eBay, Groupon, and Virgin, from Australia to America in over 20 languages, from English to Japanese. The firm is specialized in language generation for marketing copy. The company has developed a world-leading Natural Language Generation system that can generate millions of human-sounding variants at the touch of a button.

Phrasee®'s AI Ethics Policy

Artificial Intelligence sometimes gets a bad rap because it can be used for good, but it can also be used for evil. At Phrasee, they believe that AI should be used for the product. As one of the fastest-growing AI companies globally, they think it's their responsibility to put their money where their mouth is.

No one has done what they're doing at Phrasee before, so there are no open standards for them to follow. And as the widespread use of AI is such a new thing, there aren't many examples for them to learn. So, they're just going to do what they feel is right and be open and transparent.

Most astonishing products offered by Phrasee®

The Phrasee® Phormula

Imagine laboratory scientists in white lab coats experimenting with different elements to discover something powerful. Once confident in their discovery, they take their findings and apply them to the world at large. Phrasee® is a laboratory for the language you use in your marketing campaigns. No more guessing about what works. No more arguments about that's right. No more opens, clicks, and conversions lost to bad language. You get a copy that works when you need it at the click of a single button.

Phrasee® for Email

For far too long, email marketers chose their subject lines by trusting their gut instinct or following the status quo. Now there's a better way. Forget what you thought you knew about email subject lines. Say hello to the future. Phrasee® is AI technology that uses your email subject lines as a language laboratory. Linguistic elements combine to discover a language model that's tailored to your brand. Then, the AI applies your unique language model across all your marketing campaigns from Email to push, social to display, paid search to the web.

Phrasee® for Facebook and Instagram

Phrasee® for Facebook & Instagram is built on its core technology from email product. It makes it even easier for customers to test AI-generated language at scale in Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, which means more engagement clicks and more conversions.

Phrasee® for Push Notifications

The company's AI-generated language resonates with the audience to drive higher app opens, clicks, and operates for your brand.

The passionate leader behind the success of Phrasee®

Parry Malm serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Phrasee®. He is a well-known digital marketing leader. Mr. Parry has worked with countless brands and media outlets to help them optimize their online results and is one of the world's leading experts on email marketing. He started his career coding middleware for CRM software, and then sent out millions of emails for global brands, before running the strategy department for an ESP. He holds a BBA (1st) in Marketing & Statistics and is a chieftain in an Excel-off. On weekends, he helps wayward youths see the error of their ways through the magic of interpretive dance.

"Phrasee® has a history of revitalizing results and delivering business success. The world's biggest brands have used Phrasee® to pivot and ramp up performance."