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Pickaxe – Leveraging the most powerful query, visualization, analysis, and insights tool, built exclusively for executives


Businesses are moving at neck-breaking speeds and so is their competition. For these businesses to have an edge in the market, every decision they make must be informed. Irrespective of the industry, every business has access to a lot of data that they can leverage to their advantage. But unfortunately, very few do. Business Intelligence (BI) helps these businesses to use their data to their advantage by presenting the otherwise unusable pile of data into an understandable and interpretable form. BI enables you to combine the power of technology and business expertise to make fully informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Having a great business intelligence system is quite essential for every business these days. Having an active vigilance upon the company’s internal processes and its external health is critical for today’s fast-paced businesses. Leveraging data to improve the company should be integral to the business’s core values. Data is considered the oil of the 21 century and BI acts as a lamp, providing value from it.

Pickaxe is one such company that primarily solves clients most difficult challenges, deliver best-in-class data warehouses, analytics and automation, launch amazing new products, and radically improve martech stacks to optimize every dollar spent. The firm brings a deep understanding of business and technology, with a team that helps bring focus and clarity to your problems and opportunities, and they know that it's never one-size-fits-all. Pickaxe is also the creator of the Pickaxe Insights Platform - the leading codeless data platform powered by AI. It offers services such as automated analysis, insights, anomaly detection, and predictions, all-in-one easy to use platform that will speed up every aspect of your business.

Building Powerful Insights Tools for Marketers, Product Leaders, and Executives

Martech and Data Optimization: Eliminate data bottlenecks and stop having to ask your data team to build queries or do analysis for you. Every answer you need at your fingertips. Pickaxe helps companies implement the world’s best martech stacks. Their Marketing Systems Optimization practice includes everything from improving attribution to fixing data silos, and from aligning KPIs to resolving reporting conflicts from ad networks. The company can help you improve how you acquire and retain customers, how you engage them through omni-channel messaging, and how you learn and grow. They can help make sure your data and martech systems are optimized, attribution is handled properly, and your approach to measurement and media mix is benchmarked against best-in-class marketing and data system design. The team has the technical knowledge to do the job, from querying languages to how to setup processes and workflows in a warehouse and how to create visualizations for the data.

Decision Science and Data Engineering: Pickaxe helps companies solve their biggest data challenges, and find new opportunities to grow through data science, econometrics, statistical analysis, and more. With their unique understanding of key business problems, from marketing to product analytics, from audience segmentation to content investment, they can help you find the big answers hidden in your data, and tell the future. Whether you need to expand your data capabilities, develop custom ML models, or analyze big sets of data, they approach every question with a strong business background and focus on context and outcomes. Pickaxe is more than just data engineers. They know how to ensure the data you need is structured, prepped, and delivered just how you need it, when you need it, and where you need it. No matter the data source, they can help you access data in a way that makes it immediately actionable and available in all the places it is needed.

Attribution and Media Mix Modeling: Measure the true impact of your marketing and advertising campaigns to determine which spending contributes most to your goals, and drive more conversions. Don’t waste money trying to figure out how to optimize your spend by wasted trial and error – Pickaxe's playground will let you predict exactly what will happen. Their advanced machine learning approach includes combining your first party data with all of your paid media performance so you can get the most accurate picture of ROAS and CPA and create the optimal budget. Their models calculate and predict channel performance based on a range of factors, taking into account the historical channel performance, your overall spend mix and patterns, diminishing returns, and more. The calculators automatically show you baselines for business decisions that matter most. And the advanced machine learning takes into account things like how much diminishing return there is if you keep spending more on a channel.

Joshua Dern | Co-founder and CEO

With over 20+ years of leading digital strategy, content, and transformation in emerging technologies at leading major media corporations and building startups, Joshua loves figuring out the hard stuff. Formerly he was SVP/GM Social Media @Viacom Media Networks/MTVN, CPO @Bedrocket Media Ventures, award-winning product head @Huge for HBO GO, TMN, and more and former VP Digital @Atlantic Records / WMG.

Joshua lives in the intersection of design, content, technology, and strategy, and he's proud to have overseen so many products that people love and use every day. In his off time you can find him skateboarding, mountain biking, making silly movies, and otherwise spending time with his dog Shmee, and his wife and son.

"From enriching data in your data warehouse, to generating beautiful dashboards that your execs will love, Pickaxe's Insights Platform will help you leave spreadsheets and complicated markup languages behind forever.