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PickTrace – Revolutionizing the industry with a complete farm management solution that genuinely solves growers’ urgent problems


Present-day farm operations are becoming more and more business oriented. Farming is more than just producing crops, it requires farmers and landowners to address profitability, fertility, conservation, and tax issues to name just a few. Being a good producer is no longer good enough to remain in business. The key to becoming a successful farmer today is being a good producer as well as a good farm manager. Harvest management is one of the most important resources in operating farms. Harvest management determines how the farm-life will be organized, resources allocated and activities performed. It deals with various strategies and methods to keep a farm productive, sustainable, resistant and profitable. It helps farmer engage in strategic, tactical and operational planning. It also works towards a much higher degree in organization, assessment and optimization of performed work on the fields. The farmer becomes equipped with a tool which puts all of his field work and paperwork under unified control simpler than ever.

PickTrace is a fast-growing software company that provides workforce and harvest management solutions for large-scale farms. Founded by brothers Austin and Harrison Steed, PickTrace is building the farm management system of the future. PickTrace’s powerful technology helps agricultural producers thrive in a time when regulatory, labor market, trade, and environmental pressures are increasingly challenging. The software provides growers with real-time insights so they can improve their operations’ efficiency and compliance. Their customer obsession ensures that they solve real pain points, modernizing and transforming the world’s oldest and most fundamental industry – agriculture. Today, PickTrace serves some of the largest berry, citrus, and apple growers in the United States, as well as in Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Australia. Their software is used by tens of thousands of farm workers each day, whose handiwork feeds millions of people around the world.

Onboarding Solutions: Make your life easier, let PickTrace do the work. Just fill in basic information and PickTrace will automatically generate and store necessary documents. Simply upload the employees directly into your payroll system, removing unnecessary and error-prone double entry. PickTrace integrates with most common payroll software. Stay audit ready with the ability to easily print documents or specific pages, reducing your compliance liability. Users can onboard English and Spanish speaking employees seamlessly with the click of a button. Re-entering information for an employee that already exists in the Payroll system (i.e. re-hire) is inefficient and slows down the hiring process. Generate new documents for returning employees with existing profiles quickly.

Time & Productivity: PickTrace makes it easy to track time and productivity, enabling you and your team to feel confidence in your payroll compliance, access real-time labor costing, and make informed decisions. PickTrace’s proprietary Wage Engine does all the heavy lifting for you: piece paid breaks, NPT, OT, and DT, generating accurate gross payroll calculations to help keep you compliant. PickTrace integrates with popular agriculture payroll providers like Famous and Datatech and most other major payroll providers. Keeping track of your team’s performance is crucial – especially when working piecework. Give your supervisors and managers insight into performance metrics with a customized data experience. Keeping track of your team’s performance is crucial – especially when working piecework. Give your supervisors and managers insight into performance through PickTrace’ Insights app, available on the play store and app store. From onsite implementations to 24/7 support, PickTrace knows the importance of having the right help when you need it.

Paycard: Easily pay and retain your workforce with the hassle-free PickTrace Paycard, a reloadable debit card with a convenient mobile application that delights your workforce. See your balance, transactions, and send money all from one, easy to use application. Send money directly to bank accounts or for cash pickup straight from your phone with industry leading exchange rates. Monitor the delivery status of your bank transfer or cash pickups right from your phone. Receive your paychecks – cut the line and check cashing fees with direct deposits. Use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted in US and Mexico with zero foreign transaction fees. With the PickTrace PayCard, save money and time both for your organization and your employees by eliminating paper checks. As the only solution in the market with both Time & Productivity and PayCard products, PickTrace provides a streamlined card issuance process that is integrated into your existing employee creation process. As the only paycard offering with full digital end to end card activation, quickly streamline Digital card enrollment, activation & PIN setting into the employee hiring process, removing burdensome activation process or missing PIN setup. Pay your employees via direct deposit directly to their card – no employee bank accounts needed. Eliminate the time and cost of paper check printing & distribution. No more unclaimed checks, guarantee payment to employees, wherever they are.

Joel Zemer | Chief Executive Office

"PickTrace is an YCombinator backed company and just raised a large round of financing from a long-term oriented investment firm with a track record of building multi-billion dollar software companies."