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‘Enabling Microsoft Partners to build and deploy IP into Office 365 with no code required’

Teleios Systems is a technology services company, which develops and markets mobile, cloud and automation solutions for a wide range of customers. Teleios’ service provision extends across the Caribbean region and Latin America. The company, established in 1997, provides services that help its clients to quickly and effectively deploy business solutions that leverage the power of the internet and mobile communications technologies. Teleios Systems provides services that help its customers to quickly and effectively deploy business solutions that leverage the power of the internet and mobile communications technologies. Since its inception, Teleios Systems has developed expertise in the areas of scalable, distributed systems and today has systems that run 24/7/365 with 99 per cent uptime. In the Caribbean, Teleios serves customers across the government, energy, retail, finance and telecommunications industries.

A Microsoft Certified Partner

Teleios is a Microsoft Certified Partner with nineteen years of software design and development experience. The Caribbean’s first Microsoft Certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner, Teleios’ flagship Teleios MessageCentral™ (MessageCentral) mobile messaging platform software has been certified by Microsoft through independent testing. Teleios is recognised by Microsoft as one of the premier software development companies in the entire region and was the first company in the region to deploy solutions using Microsoft’s .NET, SharePoint and Windows Azure technologies. Teleios’ partnership with Microsoft extends over a number of years, continuously demonstrating the firm’s competence and pioneering initiatives particularly in the area of software development.

Teleios developers and executives have participated in many exclusive and “invitation only” sessions and technical seminars at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Teleios also works with Microsoft to develop and deliver numerous training sessions on Microsoft software development technologies in both public and private forums. Over the years Teleios has partnered with Microsoft in the area of software development training and technology evangelism. Teleios was the first company in the Caribbean to be awarded the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year which was awarded in 2010 and the Microsoft Partner of the Year in the global category YouthSpark Citizenship awarded in 2014.

A Leader in Cloud, Mobile And Automation Services

Teleios QuikWorx

Teleios QuikWorx is a no code platform that enables Microsoft Partners to build and sell solutions as a service for SharePoint Online. Partners could rapidly build automated solutions and deliver them to their customers in a matter of hours. QuikWorx has earned Teleios an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certification from Microsoft.  The company won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Application Development Award for Latin America and the Caribbean Region bfor the development of QuikWorx in 2016.

QuikWorx also allows clients to make an already developed solution into a template, allowing it to be sold to many customers and easily deployed into their environment. The functionality of QuikWorx and SharePoint can be further extended by integrating with other data sources and Line of Business applications via the use of REST and SOAP Web Services.

Teleios Cloud Services

A leading partner for Microsoft Azure products and services, Telios offers specific services and applications that make sense for your business.  Telios offers its customers system upgradation through the power of the cloud and virtual machines and servers to save clients’ high upfront costs for new hardware or training The company also provides backup services, website hosting, enhanced business intelligence capabilities and Sharepoint, Office and other productivity tools.

Teleios Mobile Services

The Teleios MessageCentral platform is the backbone of a messaging ecosystem, which fuses seamless integration of content provisioning, application development and network delivery, allowing each functional area to be developed, refined and executed independently.

The MessageCentral solutions designed around facilitating the delivery of large volume SMS to a database of mobile users allow you to maximise on this as a value added service. MessageCentral products also allow real time audience interaction, simultaneously providing a certain level of stickiness that encourages users to continue interacting with its customer’s’ network. MessageCentral applications also provide support for enterprise clients.

“It’s the relationships that are formed in that process. It’s the values that we learn from each other. That’s what the business is really.”

Meet the Master

Kevin Khelawan, Chief Operating Officer at Teleios Systems: Kevin is a co-founder of Teleios Systems and is currently the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Director Innovation & New Business.

Kevin has over 20 years of professional experience in the computer industry with an emphasis and focus on software development. Kevin graduated with a BSc (Hons) from Barry University in Miami, and over the years has been involved in developing software for multiple industries and with a wide range of technologies. Prior to co-founding Teleios, Kevin wrote software for the airline, media, agricultural and shipping industries in the United States and Trinidad & Tobago. As a co-founder of Teleios Systems, Kevin was responsible for the development of a number of the company’s solutions including the initial version of its flagship MessageCentral Mobile Messaging Service Delivery Platform and its pension administration solution. Kevin was also responsible the design and development of the company’s early distributed services architecture, the basis of which influenced the architectural considerations for all Teleios software.

As the Teleios COO and Director Innovation & New Business Kevin is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, product development and planning, marketing, innovation and new business strategies. Kevin also works closely with the CEO to plan and determine Teleios’ overall strategic direction.