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Pioneers in Customized, Cloud-based, and Managed Web Scraping Services: PromptCloud


Founded in 2009, PromptCloud is a pioneer and global leader in Data-as-a-Service solutions. The integral part of its work is web data extraction using cloud computing technologies focused on helping enterprises acquire large-scale structured data from the web. Currently, its big data solutions are enabling some of the biggest names from a range of domains including travel, finance, health-care, marketing, analytics, and more.Business success is dependent on up-to-date, enterprise-grade data that can help clients gain market share.

PromptCloud’s mission is to democratize access to big data solutionsfor businesses across the globe via vertical-agnostic approach andfoster a data-driven growth culture.

Solution Offerings

Site-Specific Web Crawling and Extraction Services: This is the ideal solution when clients are looking to extract a specific set of data fields from one or more websites on a recurring basis. It can deliver data from unlimited sites with any number of data fields at any number of data feed frequency.To make all this data ready-to-use right on clients’ screens, PromptCloud also converts this data into a structured format (XML, JSON, and CSV).They can download the data either directly with few clicks on CrawlBoard or via its RESTful API. It can also upload the data to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and FTP accounts.This is a managed data extraction solution which means it takes care of end-to-end maintenance to overcome structural changes in the website and all clients have to do is feed the data to their business.

WordPress Blog Extraction: WordPress is the go-to blogging platform of most bloggers and media companies around the world. If clients are looking to source blog content from the web around a particular niche, they need to look no further than PromptCloud's dedicated WordPress blog extraction solution powered by machine learning techniques. Having dealt with countless use cases where its clients wanted to extract blog data from blogs belonging to different niches such as health, fashion, food and technology, its WordPress blog extraction solution is built to meet the needs of any use case where the source sites are based on WordPress, which is basically majority of the blogs. Its WordPress blog extraction service packs some of the cutting-edge technologies in machine learning and web crawling to deliver robust and seamless data extraction from the majority of the blogs powered by WordPress. 

JobsPikr: Job feeds segregated by geographies and industries, continuously updated with fresh data. It is ideal for recruitment agencies, job boards and AI-driven job matching apps. Clients can generate high-quality leads by identifying the staffing needs of companies from various regions. JobsPikr providesa customized list of job opportunities to its candidates, use the insights from the job data feed to gain competitive advantage, and increase revenue. Its pool of company sites and job boards are regularly updated with new websites to give clients the maximum value out of the job feeds. Apart from that, it ensures that the job feeds contain only the active companies and leading job boards.

DataStock:DataStock is essentially a web store where clients can buy structured data sets from websites spanning across domains like Retail, Healthcare, Recruitment, Travel, Classifieds, and more. These data sets are a result of high-quality web scraping, refining,and structuring, which means the data they get is of top-notch quality.

Industries PromptCloud serves

E-commerce:Leading data analytics and business research firm for e-commerce and retail uses PromptCloud’s solution to access highly scalable data feeds.

Travel: PromptCloud builds web's largest review database by aggregating scattered reviews on hotels and destinations across multiple sources.

Finance:Financial Research Company signaling investment options accesses blend of market and social data in order to build a financial recommendation engine. It scrapes bank websites to power credit card comparison portal

Awards and Recognition

PromptCloud has been a proud recipient of many awards and recognition. Some of them are as follows:

  • PromptCloud has become a winner of these two awards after a thorough evaluation by the Finances Online experts: the Rising Star 2018 and The Great User Experience 2018
  • PromptCloud presented with Cloud Advantage Award for Best in-house Innovation (cloud)
  • PromptCloud was a finalist during the Microsoft Bizspark challenge 2013 that recognizes startups in cloud computing and mobility each year. The process involves submitting a business plan followed by a presentation to a select set of industry specialists.

Prashant Kumar, Founder, and CEO at PromptCloud:

“At PromptCloud, we try to gather data from various sources. We convert unstructured data to structured data so that our clients can do easy analytics on them.”

“At PromptCloud, we believe in the individuality of every team member and aim towards helping everyone achieves their best.”