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Pioneers in Delivering Efficient and Simple Software Solutions: Credencys


Credencys was born to help enterprises in expediting their digital transformation initiativeswith agile work practices and design-driven approach. These initiatives often include adapting to the latest advances in emerging technologies such as mobile, web, cloud, IoT, and Big Data.Credencys as an organization has built itself on five core values viz. commitment, passion, innovation, fun, and transparency; all of which help the company in delivering efficient and simple software solutions. It strives to achieve the best in its work and responsibilities. Over the years, numerous enterprises have partnered with the company in its digital transformation efforts.

Agile Services for Continuous and Iterative Development

Strategy:A sound strategy is necessary for laying the foundation for any project. Credencys provides a platform to discuss with its experts to choose the right technology stack, define project milestones, and business goals.

Design: A properly designed solution enhances the customer experience, builds customer engagement, and increases customer loyalty. The clients can collaborate with the company’s software architects and UI/UX experts to create impeccably designed solutions.

Development:The clients can work with Credencys’ developers who follow best practices during the entire development process, ensuring code accessibility, and security at all stages.

Services offered by the Company

Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Mobile App Consulting:To address the clients’ business challenges, Credencys’ mobility advisory team understands their organizational vision, objectives, and business processes. It offers personalized app consulting to propose the right enterprise mobile apps for their needs
  • Mobile App Designing:The clients can increase customer engagement with interactive and compelling UI/UX design. It crafts world-class user experiences for their enterprise mobility solutions to drive better conversion rates, customer retention, and business monetization
  • Mobile App Development:Significant value can be added to overall outcomes by harnessing its expertise for enterprise mobile application development. It builds flawless mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Cross-platform by following the best practices for constrained memory, screen size, and network latency
  • Mobile App Integration:Business operations can run seamlessly leveraging mobile application integration. The company integrates the enterprise mobile app with existing business systems, 3rd party APIs, and the cloud for valuable business outcomes
  • Quality Assurance:Credencys improves user satisfaction by developing high performing enterprise mobility software solutions. Applying a range of rigorous testing methods, it builds quality driven mobile apps that work efficiently under different network conditions
  • Maintenance and Support:The company offers mobile application maintenance and support to keep the app up and running all the time

Internet of Things

One can make strategic business decisions faster with Credencys’ IoT enabled solutions. The clients can get profound insights about customers, remote operations, and industry trends by connecting end devices to their backend, and process the valuable data in real-time for actionable insights, heightened efficiency, and cost optimization. It helps to leverage IoT services to transform their business processes, create new business models, and offer distinct market differentiation through the clear value of IoT solutions. Credencys’ IoT solutions enable organizations to:

  • Build custom architectures that allow for real-time data exchange and integration among mobile apps and existing network infrastructure
  • Leverage quick processing, storage, and retrieval of data
  • Gain real-time data visibility through consistent, proven, and reliable connectivity among devices, gateways,andback-end infrastructure
  • Make better decisions with augmented and accurate intelligence
  • Minimize overhead costs and improve operational efficiency through scalable synchronization between devices and the back-end

Solution Domain

Retail:Using Enterprise Mobility for Retail can take the products to the customer’s mobile devices so that they can access the necessary information before they make the purchase. The customers can make an informed decision by viewing different product varieties and comparing different products on the move.

Manufacturing: With enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing operations, one can remain informed in regard to workshop safety, production information, andongoingoperations on the move so that the business can stay incident free and operational efficiency and production targets can be achieved.

Banking and Finance:Credencys is helping traditional and non-traditional BFSI companies excel in the digital economy.

Logistics: It helps to improve operational excellence and improve profitability with smart enterprise mobility solutions for transportation and logistics.

Meet the Leader

Sandeep Agrawal,Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credencys:

“At Credencys, our "Center of Excellence" in Mobility and IoT are pushing the boundaries of technology farther than ever imagined.”