30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2023

PixelPlex – Helping businesses turn innovative ideas into competitive market-ready solutions through cutting-edge blockchain technology


PixelPlex is an award-winning custom software development company with a proven track record, a mix of broad technology expertise, innovative business culture and over 100 talented developers.

Founded in 2007, PixelPlex has delivered over 300 projects in Blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobile, Game and Custom Software Development. It can solve virtually any business problems by building robust, intuitive, and secure digital products. PixelPlex serves clients of all sizes, starting from small businesses and startups to governmental institutions and Fortune 500 companies. It designs, craft and deliver groundbreaking custom platforms and applications.

CryptoAPI: Blockchain API as a Service (BaaS)

Rely on a consistent CryptoAPI to connect your dApps to blockchain networks in a flash under zero commission. No matter your business logic complexity and target domain’s specifics, CryptoAPI helps your blockchain-powered apps run like clockwork. Whether you own a large business that runs on the DLT or build a career of an individual developer who focuses on blockchain engineering - CryptoAPI can well be a lightbulb moment for you.

OTC Hawk: Full-cycle Portfolio Management

Enjoy OTC Hawk which is the key to crypto trading platforms. Their wealth and portfolio management app can offer the clients an opportunity to reveal all cryptocurrency trading strategies, opportunities, signals and even more. Specifically, this impactful crypto fund manager software has a focus on dealing with pain points around crypto trading and managing high-risk and high-value assets. Via a sophisticated OTC Hawk suite, you can reduce customer churn and help your clients get extra value from their crypto or fiat assets.

OTC Hawk is meant for institutions and high net-worth individuals to tackle time-consuming tasks like creating dedicated trading desks and portfolios or monitoring crypto price alerts. With its focus on dealing with crypto trading pain points and managing high-risk and high-value assets, OTC Hawk is equally applicable to enterprise-scale businesses and their clients or partners. OTC desk boasts a powerful infrastructure that comprises multiple internal and external services and blockchain-enabled solutions. Depending on the client's requirements, OTC Hawk can be easily integrated with any of the listed services and with many others.

Arbitrage Solution Development

The crypto market isn’t the place to be taken off guard — been there, done that. Good news is they’ve got an adaptable back-end module to help you through the arbitrage intricacies. Time for having a big stake in your trade success — the plan is set in motion. To tailor custom solutions to your needs, they’ve built a proprietary technology able to collect and analyze massive raw data. It adjusts trading strategies and helps users make educated decisions while testing various configurations before executing actual trades. Underlying microservice architecture, their arbitrage back-end is designed for you to get well over the market value, whatever your commercial purpose. Based on your requirements, they integrate custom functionality, plug-and-play features, and new exchanges without wrecking your app logic.

Customize trading strategies and execute profitable low-risk transactions. With their API wrapper, your arbitrage bot will aggregate data from multiple sources. Grab day’s best arbitrage opportunities in the stats chart, calculate profit percentage, manage risks efficiently. The solution isn’t a restrictive ready-made system: your word is their law. You specify your needs — they undertake comprehensive R&D and provide exclusive design, customizable arbitrage strategies, and scalable support of exchange platforms, currencies, and crypto pair integrations. They will make your solution’s settings intuitive for you to deploy it easily. Active around the clock, your app will also have robust support.


DocFlow is blockchain-based document management software that digitizes the entire paperwork cycle and uses advanced smart contract mechanisms to guarantee uncompromised data security and authenticity. Now that the digital-first era leaves paper documents behind, secure and streamlined data workflows become not an option, but a rule. That’s why they built a universal business document management system that helps address the issues around electronic file turnaround and unleashes extensive opportunities for your enterprise progress. Whether you’re a global enterprise or a disruptive startup, DocFlow can help you become a visionary in your domain. Integrate it seamlessly, use it safely and securely, and access it from anywhere on any device. When comes to document management, PixelPlex puts the security front and center. They are proud to be able to say that their solution is underpinned by robust performance and enhanced resilience.

Alexei Dulub | CEO and Founder

Alex is the Founder of Web3 Antivirus, an innovative solution designed specifically for Web3. The product helps users navigate safely in Web3 and protects them from phishing websites, scams, and malicious activities.

Alex has been working with blockchain technologies since 2013, also focusing on ML and AI solutions development. He keeps abreast of all the latest technologies and integrates the best practices into internal development processes to make sure that the solutions delivered are time and cost-efficient and perform in the best possible manner. As an entrepreneur, Alex is focused on building team-oriented business culture and establishing strong partnership relationships with clients. He also continually provides value to the developer community by launching hackathons and blockchain schools and contributing to open-source projects.

Alex’s education includes a Master’s degree in computer science; Oxford’s Blockchain Strategy Programme; Oxford’s Fintech Programme; Oxford’s Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme; MIT Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application program.

“Boasting now 150+ in-house experts, PixelPlex has accumulated a terrific pool of cross-industry business knowledge. We’re proud of being trusted for our T-shaped engineering expertise, design talent, advisory vision, and partner approach.”